RUMOUR: Sonic Generations Coming to Sony’s NGP?

PlayStation news website PSPgweber has published what is apparently the launch line-up for Sony’s Next Generation Portable (final name now rumoured to be PS Vita) and Sonic Generations is among the titles featured. The website also claims the title is coming to PC, a platform SEGA themselves listed in a recent financial report before being later removed and unheard of since. No other info is given, but PSPgweber says to expect details to be revealed during E3.

The full list of titles includes:

Uncharted NGP
Little Deviants
Call of Duty
Lumines NGP
Sonic Generations
Mortal Kombat
Lego Harry Potter (5-7 years)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2012
Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition
F1 2011
Hot Shot Golf Next

Nintendo Power recently unveiled a Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations, so could the NGP and PC be two more mystery platforms for Sonic’s big 20th Anniversary game? E3 is just around the corner, so if the game is coming to those platforms, we should definitely find out there.

Source: PSPgweber

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the heads up!

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  1. These rumors are coming out of the woodworks aren’t they? The more the merrier!

    1. i dont think so, even though this is just a rumour, 3ds version was also a rumour and now its confirmed, but i dont see the wii anywhere, i really think SEGA is absolutely not interested on generations in the wii

  2. No SEGA! Don’t do it!
    There is already 3 maybe even 4 (if PC Version is true) so don’t make MORE of them!
    Just stick to the ones already announced and make them better!

    1. OR they can port it to different stuff and have another team use the same story and concept with exclusive levels for the ones that can’t be ported so they can be good AND more availavle.

      I’m just not a selfish psycho who doesn’t want anyone else to be able to play it but me. I want others to be able to play it. :3

  3. Anyone think this is possibly going to come out on the wii 2?

    That may be a ignorant comment because I haven’t researched the system much.

      1. This whole time I’ve been thinking that PC doesn’t stand for Personal Computer, but rather for Project Cafe. It would make since why they would remove the info.

        1. SEGA had other games listed as PC for computers on that financial report. I seriously doubt they meant Project Cafe when the codename Project Cafe hasn’t been officially announced like the NGP codename has.

  4. It wasn’t on the financial report and yet the 3DS and PC versions were. That should tell you everything you need to know.


  5. Whoa….will there be enough time to make this version though? D: since they are already 3 versions comming out….I wonder if this is really true….well we can’t be sure yet but we will see what happens…Wow a lot of versions comming out of the blue…I don’t know if I can take much of this….Isn’t the NPG still in development/works?

    1. It’s possibly that the NGP will be able to hold the exact same game as the HD versions, thus being able to be ported. o.o

  6. The rumors are coming down to us like a line of dominos.

    Since the PC AND NGP/Vita can support HD, it’s most likely that they are both getting a port of the game.

    Lol this year really sucks for the Wii xD

  7. E3 needs to hurry up and come. These rumours are crazy. As fun as speculation is, I want to know what’s true and what isn’t! xD

    1. That’s be awesome! =D At least then it wouldn’t be a waste getting multiple versions! lol

  8. Another Sony handheld? Pif, good luck. (a little cheesed that they’re doing this instead of a smaller, non HD version for the Wii)

  9. SEGA, honestly, I hope this isn’t true. I mean I get why SEGA would wanna do this, because its Sonic’s 20th, so SEGA wants the game to be on every console/handheld possible. But SEGA, think of the Xbox and PS3. Those 2 were the primary consoles that you thought of SEGA. Instead of making more versions, why don’t you just work on the xbox/ps3/3ds to make it better? Please I hope this is fake! Because I have a feeling SG for xbox/ps3 will only have 15 stages altogether 🙁

    1. This is supposed to be THE longest Sonic game ever made! SEGA, you have NEVER dissapointed me before in a Sonic game, and you never will. However, if SEGA does not have more stages than ANY other Sonic game, SEGA will surely have a dissapointed Sonic fan this year 🙁
      Oh well……at least I can rely on The London Games, because I never got the Summer olympics! 😀
      Oh ya, I can also rely on Sonic 4 ep. 2 too! :DDD

      1. The NGP version would probably be co-developed by Sonic Team and another studio, just like the 3DS version. I wouldn’t worry at all about other versions affecting the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, as they’re being developed entirely by Sonic Team. The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions obviously aren’t the 2 primary consoles for the game as you call them. Just because they announced those 2 formats first doesn’t mean the 3DS version and any other versions they announce haven’t been in development for ages, too. SEGA has just decided to market the 3DS version and any other versions separately that’s all.

        1. Ok, I get it Shadzter. Thanks for clearing that up, what you said makes me feel a lot better about the game! What does co-developed mean though? Does it just mean Sonic Team is just “looking over” the game?

          1. Co-developed means two studios are working on a game. Both Sonic Team and Dimps are working on the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations. Takashi Iizuka in his interview with Nintendo Power says that Tetsu Katano, who directed Sonic and the Black Knight and was a main programmer for Sonic Adventure, is the director for the 3DS version of Sonic Generations.

      2. you stole my last comment. I say since its sonic anniversary i hope that sega will make the game longer than anyother sonic game and that has lot of levels

        1. Ummmm, sorry for stealing it? 😛 Looks like there’s 2 of us that agree haha. Let’s not worry though, I mean its SEGA! If its one thing SEGA knows what to do, its making superior graphics and making a TON of games in one year. Back then, SEGA was able to make up to 4 games a year! Nintendo would only make up to 1 or 2 a year. Back to what I was saying, this game is bound to have lots of levels, as well as cutscenes. I mean its not like SEGA is going to reveal every Sonic character in like 4 cutscenes. It will take SEGA numerous amounts of cutscenes to have ALL characters shown. The point is, no matter how many stages there will be, we can always have fun! Not to mention that we will also be getting DLC! Let’s just wait till E3 and see how SEGA shows their stuff off! 😀

  10. @haloteen100
    It stands for Next Generation Portable and is supposedly the PSP successor.

  11. I think I’ll pass, that is unless Sony decides to put a video out port on the “PSV”, which they already stated that they wouldn’t do. There is the option for me to get both the PS3 and PSV versions, though.

  12. Whoa, whoa, whoa… You mean to tell me Sony is continuing they’re portable line? When will they learn that Nintendo has a iron grip on that market? xD

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