Rumor: New Sonic Game Announced in Nintendo Power Next Month

Earlier today, TSSZ reported that the latest issue of Nintendo Power hints at a new Nintendo-specific Sonic game being mentioned in next month’s issue. They don’t go into any specifics, we do know that there’s already a Mario and Sonic preview in this issue so it cancels that out as a possibility.  It could be Sonic Generations on Wii, a new 3DS Sonic title, or something else entirely. Guess we’ll have to wait until early June to find out.

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  1. Hmm…I own a Wii but I kinda don’t want Sonic Generations to be released for Wii cuz I have decided to buy an Xbox 360 in summer and if it’s released for Wii, I’ll be confused. Hehehehe…
    Of course, it’s least likely it’s gonna be released for Wii as the important thing about Sonic Generations is past levels shown in HD.
    It’s probably a 3DS game.

  2. it wont be sonic generations for the wii as they have said its xbox 360 and ps3 ONLY!!! so its gonna be a new game all together!

  3. I’m placing my bet on a 3ds sonic game, it seems the only reasonable argument.

  4. It’ll be a 3DS game. I really hope it’s another Rush game, or at least something that uses the system’s gimmick as little as the original Rush did with the original DS. *notabig3Dfan*

  5. Dude… a Sonic 2/3 3D remake is a MUST HAVE! Wait whattabout Adventure 2 in 3D
    Or yeah
    A game similar to Mega Drive games but with its own original Zones IN 3D
    BUt soundzz like Sonic 4 episode 2 though without 3D

    1. You may be right, and if anything, it might as well take place in Ancient Greece, with Sonic wearing the Sandals of Hermes, as he uses them in a Flight-based levels. He’ll encounter Heroes and Gods, like Tails as the crafty, and ingenuitive Icarus (minus the wings, because he learned from flying too close to the sun) Knuckles as the Mighty Hercules, Dr. Eggman as either the King of Gods, Zeus, and maybe Silver as Jason, and Blaze as Medea, or at least the Goddess Athena (should AMY be Medea, instead), and maybe Shadow as another god, or a hero.

    2. They’ve probably left that sub-franchise to die after The Black Knight bombed in all ways.

        1. Odd, I rather enjoyed Black Knight. Didn’t like Secret Rings though.

          Then again, I’ve always been the type to love weapons…Nothing like obliterating someone who’s annoying you.

    3. I hope not. I’m tired of the storybook games, plot and gameplay-wise. It always consists of Sonic running straight like a bullet and moving side-to-side and moving backwards in order just to backtrack. I miss the REAL platformer Sonic from the Adventure days.

      Instead of borrowing plots from ancient storybooks, the series should introduced new playable characters or short-lived old characters from the 2D days, or characters that haven’t been playable in a very long time.

  6. With the new nintendo console right around the corner I think its safe to say it’ll be a 3ds game

  7. I bet it’s Sonic 4-2. That would be the third and final big Sonic project for the year.

    1. Sonic 4-2 is not Nintendo-specific. And do not expect it before 2012. This game is at an early stage of development. In 2011, retro fans will get SG.

  8. Here’s my new Sonic storybook game idea for Nintendo Wii.
    Sonic and the Little Mermaid: SEGA and Sonic Team

    Sonic and Amy

    Sonic and Amy went on a date on the beach, but they saw a princess mermaid (Blaze), Sonic thought she looks like Blaze. Mermaid’s love interest Prince (Silver) was kidnapped by Usula (Rouge), King Triton (Eggman) sends Sonic and Amy to save prince Silver from evil Usula Rouge. Sonic and Amy need to help his friends like Tails, Knuckles, Shadow and many others in undersea.

    King Triton: Eggman
    Eels: Metal Sonic, Egg Pawns
    Mermaids: Cream, Tikal, Shade and Marine
    The Little Mermaid: Blaze
    Prince: Silver
    Uslula: Rouge
    Flounder: Tails
    and Omega

    1. dude… shut up! sick of reading your crap sonamy ideas everytime i want to pick up some sonic news!

        1. Heheh, just ignore him guys. Ryan is probably just a little kid with a lot of imagination 🙂

  9. UPDATE:
    Here’s my new Sonic storybook game idea for Nintendo Wii.
    Sonic and the Little Mermaid: SEGA and Sonic Team

    Sonic and Amy

    Sonic and Amy went on a date on the beach, but they saw a princess mermaid (Blaze), Sonic thought she looks like Blaze. Mermaid’s love interest Prince (Silver) was kidnapped by Usula (Rouge), King Triton (Eggman) sends Sonic and Amy to save prince Silver from evil Usula Rouge. Sonic and Amy need to help his friends like Tails, Knuckles, Shadow and many others in undersea.

    King Triton: Eggman
    Eels: Metal Sonic, Egg Pawns
    Mermaids: Cream, Tikal, Shade, Wave, and Marine
    The Little Mermaid: Blaze
    Prince: Silver
    Knights Mermaids: Knuckles, Shadow, Jet, Storm, Big, Espio, Charmy, Vector and Omega
    Uslula: Rouge
    Flounder: Tails

    It will be like 10 stages and 11 bosses.
    The other characters besides Sonic and Amy will be playable in muitiplayers like other Sonic storybook games.
    It will be CGI Sonic film like 11 minutes long about Sonic and his friends at the beach, and battle Eggman in CGI Theater.

    1. Dude, heheh its so funny everytime I read something like this, then when I look at the name, its you again Ryan XD and I hope in generations amy at leasts gets kidnapped or hugs sonic 😀

      1. Wow Ryan let me ask you this have you ever made any other comments which do not involve the idea of Sonamy? XD I agree with Rickyrick this always brings a smile to my face and I just laugh XD You sure do have a creative mind Ryan I admire that XD

  10. Again, I don’t see how making up for Generations not being on Wii leads people to think a new game for a non-Wii console. I mean it could be 3DS, but wasn’t the point supposed to be that the Wii owners wouldn’t be left out? Having a Wii doesn’t mean you have a 3DS. It’s not like all the consoles are the same just cuz they’re all Nintendo.

    As for the new console, why even think about that? They’re still making the darn thing. I dont’ expect announcements for ANY game on that thing anytime soon. It won’t be out til NEXT year.

    Sonic 4 ep 2 was already announced this year and it’s not Nintendo-specific. It could come out next year but I’m thinking it’ll be out this year. I thought I remembered them saying that somewhere.

    Mario & Sonic are out of the question.

    So yes, it’s an all new game, possibly for 3DS but likely for the Wii. I’m doubting the Storybook series because they might save that for the next wave of Sonic games. This is the anniversary, there’s probably SOMETHING symbolic about the game like the other 3.

    1. Could be something about a launch title perhaps?
      True they are still working on it but apparently its pretty far in development.

      It’s going to be available to play test at this years e3 after all.

  11. This will definitely be that new 3DS game SEGA was talking about. We already got Ep.2, SG, and finally that 3DS game. Id say that 3DS game will either be Rush-related, or it can be the sequel to Chronicles. I honestly like the Mario and Luigi titles better then chronicles because its 2D, and its just more fun XD let’s hope for the best SEGA!

  12. But probably SEGA will just make a SG for that Nintendo console coming in 2012. If SEGA does that, not only will they make money, but will also get them to a good start for that next-gen console!

  13. bet it’s sonic 3DS…they DID say they were working on one….
    BLASST. now i’ll have to buy one.
    oh well :).

  14. I’ll take my bets on a 3DS.

    That system certainly is in need of a good game. x_X

  15. Maybe we won’t see Sonic Generations on Wii, but what about Nintendo’s new, unannounced system? Maybe the game will be on that one, and wll be announced along with the system.

  16. Ideas?
    Sonic generations for nintendo cafe
    Sonic 4 episode 2
    Mario and Sonic adventure, and London olympic is only a bad dream.
    Not more storybook series plz, are so shitty…
    Well, thats all.

  17. My vote goes to Generations for Wii, but realistically, my guess would be a new story book game.

  18. YAY! Not only I could get the new Mario and Sonic, but I could get a new Sonic game for the Nintendo^^

  19. Who knows what it could be, i hope its not a storybook game because thous are really bad and lazy, and mkaes the sonic series look like a joke, there the types of games that prove sega are out of ideas so just copy and paste sonic and friends in book storylines etc.

    Generations will prove what sonic is all about, then again colours almost proved that anyway lol.

    It could be a sonic 3DS game or a all new sonic game thats its own version of generations.

    Im guessing Sonic Rush 3-D or Sonic generations completely new version, or a possibly colours 2.

  20. My vote is on a 3ds game.
    Am I the ONLY one who is looking majorly forward to Sonic 4 episode 2?
    Even more than generations… that sounds crazy but I am.

  21. Should we not clear something up a bit?

    It doesn’t hint at a new game, it says that theres going to be something that fans old and new will like, a celebration of 20 years of Sonic.

    Whilst I do think it might be a new game, lets not get our hopes up too much.

  22. How many times can you people say the same thing?

    Oh by the way, I BET ITS A 3DS GAME!

  23. Well everyone seems to think it’s going to be for the 3DS. I have a Nintendo DS so if the game does come out for the 3DS then I will have to buy that in order to play the game. I hope it isn’t though, so I can actually get the game without having to buy the hardware in order to play it. Still atleast I’ve got Sonic Generations to look forward to.

  24. Would it be easier if it were a remake of Sonic 2006, only watered down, with the Amigo System removed, and the hub worlds omitted for space?

    Or how about a remake of both Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, with a Sonic Advance Collection for the DS, so you can have the Tiny Chao Garden!

    1. Amigo System removed?
      I would hope for a remake with BETTER Amigo system.

  25. It’s not Sonic Generations.
    SEGA – Sonic Team has always been specific about which platforms they’re releasing the games for.
    If in a trailer appears PS3 and Xbox360 it will remain like that until a port appears (if it is the case).
    Anyway, it’s too soon to be a port, don’t you think?

    So it’s another game. It must be that Sonic game for the 3DS named long time ago in a leaked game list.

  26. The 3DS Sonic game probably is a remake of a Wii Sonic game.

    But which Wii Sonic game that they choosed as the target for a remake?

    The image of Sonic at the iPhone case at the farthest right might offer a clue.

    It’s the top secret Sonic game from SEGA of Japan’s Research and Development Departement.
    So top secret, they even used Sonic Generations as a diversion from it.

    It probably will recycle things from Sonic Adventure 2 (15th) and Sonic the Hedgehog (15th), and pretty much a lot of things from the second decade of the series’ life.

    In short, this is the main 20th anniversary game, at least for SEGA of Japan.
    Don’t know though if they will have it for the 360 and the PS3.

    Sonic Generations is probably the work of SEGA of America’s SEGA Studio USA, who worked on the last two Storybook games.

  27. Wii is at the brink of its lifetime. Nintendo is going to present a new console at E3 probably aiming an early 2012 release. If this game launches in the end of the year (as Sonic’s usually do), they are making a game to an outdated console. Not interesting.

    My bet, like most people here said, is some kind of Sonic 3DS. Adventure 2 3DS would be a sure buy, as a new title.

  28. I thought Mario and Sonic game would be party crossover – Sonic Shuffle/Mario Party game called Mario & Sonic Party for Nintendo Wii instead 2012 Olympic London Games! Damn you SEGA and Nintendo!

  29. I believe it’s going to be the sequel to Sonic Chronicles. After all, the ending pretty much gave it away that there would be, and Bioware themselves stated they’d love to make another. The game didn’t sell too badly either, and considering it was Sonic’s first RPG adventure, that’s pretty good.

    I certainly enjoyed the game.

  30. I’m gonna take a stab and say this mystery game is SA3. simply due to the amount of fans out there who are clamoring for a third entry in that series. Now would be the perfect time for such a game to be revealed and also this would also be sonic adventure 2’s 10th anniversary. Another thing is the sonic adventure games came onto the Nintendo systems first which would make sense to create the third game for that console as well. ATM the Wii needs games in order to survive until Nintendo next home console hits shelves next year, and this game would definitely help it do that at least by attracting plenty of those die hard adventure fans including myself. If it wouldn’t come out for Wii I’d expect it to arrive on the 3ds as a SA type game would greatly benefit the whole depth perception is greater in 3D concept. This only my speculations based on what the current situation is. Plus 360/ps3 owners get generations. Seems only right for Wii owners to get a game of equal status. As the Adventure name brand last i checked sold quite well during it’s age and i think it deserves a revival or something that pays homage to it at least.

  31. I really want to see,and i have the title:

    “Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
    All new generations graphics”

    Taht could be: Good, Great, Awesome, Out Standing, Aazing!!!
    Sega must made it tru.

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