More Sonic Extreme Gameplay Videos & Information Revealed

Following Saturday’s discovery of the unreleased game Sonic Extreme, ProtonX has released more gameplay footage, including a full race mode video. Information about who this lost game was developed by has also come to light, along with footage of another cancelled and similar looking game on ProtonX’s Xbox dev kit that the same game developers created.

It appears Sonic Extreme was outsourced to Visionscape Interactive, who were responsible for PS1 game X-Bladez: Inline Skater, Xbox game SeaBlade and canned Xbox, PS2 and GC game Rocket Power: Zero Gravity Zone.

Cancelled Xbox game Tech Deck: Bare Knuckle Grind (yes, those fingerboards), another title developed by Visionscape Interactive was also found on the Xbox development kit, and looks strikingly familiar to Sonic Extreme. As you can see in the below video of TD:BKG, the stage, engine, gameplay, text and actions are exactly the same, leaving no doubt that Visionscape Interactive were behind this.

More gameplay videos of Sonic Extreme are available below:

Now you’ve seen more of Sonic Extreme, who was behind it and their game development history, are you glad the game was scrapped, or do you think it should have seen the light of day? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Source: ASSEMbler Games Forum

Thanks to Gamerguy21, Shaddix Leto Croft and Hogfather at the SSMB for the heads up!

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    1. It’s a demo, though. Development wasn’t completed so it was bound to look bad. Even Ocarina of Time, which is critically rated the best game of all time, would have looked crap at first.

  1. Im 100% glad that this game was scrapped. It would’ve made Sonic’s history worse! And by the way guys, THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS “THE SONIC CYCLE.” Stupid fans made that up. It was never real. So quit saying ” YES! THE SONIC CYCLE IS NOW BROKEN. or AWW THE SONIC CYCLE IS BACK.” No offense but most of u arent that smart.

    1. To be fair, no-one has mentioned “The Sonic Cycle” …yet anyway, so it’s not really right to go throwing a comment like that out there, especially one telling most of our readers that they aren’t that smart. Come on man, you’re better than that. 🙂

      1. I’m sorry, I was looking at these comments on Youtube on Sonic Generations, and omg those people, their totally insane. They kept saying negative stuff on the game, and otherstuff like yes this is gonna break sonic from the cycle! And other stuff…they just made me like extremely mad, and gave me 2nd thoughts on the game. I still think the game is amazing, and no one can make me change my mind, but then I kinda took my anger out that comment. And yes, that was wrong of me. To say the fans aren’t smart, or the Sonic Cycle. I’m sorry Shadzter, I’m sorry everyone, I will never act like that again

          1. I agree with your Rickyrick but don’t worry it’s already been explained anyway sorry I’m just really in a bad mood today 🙁

        1. Youtube comments are the concentrated stupidity of the internet, filtering out all intelligence that isn’t disguised by sarcasm or wit. So don’t worry, we understand.

    2. Yeah, well, most of us can spell and clearly, the Sonic Cycle exists. I’ve seen it. It’s out there. If we’ve seen it, it must physically exist.

    1. NO! don’t say that, now that youv’e said it it’s going to come true

    1. Yep! Those models are AMAZING! Much better than Sonic heroes “shiny” models

  2. If it played exactly like Bare Knuckle Grind, it’s a good thing it was cancelled. I had the PC version of BKG, and it was awful.

  3. I’m a little so-so in this…. it looks kinda fun, but in the end, it would have been another crap pre-unleashed game.
    I’m sorta glad this wasn’t released, but i kinda want to play this. would anyone be kind enough to get this and dump it? you know, for the good of the community.

  4. It looks okay. I’m getting a very Sonic Riders and SA2 boarding vibe from these videos. Maybe now that the news is out Sega will finish this thought that is probably wishful thinking.

  5. If I was to choose over Riders or this I would choose Riders. Just for me Riders seems more interesting, but this wasn’t a bad idea if it was more polished

  6. God the models look good but it seems kinda like a dumbed down version of Sonic riders

  7. After seeing more videos, I realized that this could have worked, if they added more characters and a plot objective.

  8. I’m certain this would have been probably the worst Sonic game. it looks very very poor..

    1. You seem to not realise that ‘the worst Sonic game’ is actually one hell of an achievement for anything made so far. Consider the current title-holder.

  9. TBH I’m glad they didn’t release this it looks pretty sloppy and bland like I said

    Both Sonic Riders Games beat this by far 😛

    It looks worse compared to the other titles this would really have made things worse and leave a big hole I agree with some of the above comments

    The old RD voice clips get annoying too >_>

    On a positive the side the models are uh…Decent I guess -_-

  10. okay this is very off topic but on tssz there is a french interview about sonic generations. but the awesome part is this…David Corless pretty much said in his part of the interview that this game is celebrating all sonics history all the way to colors. “and sonic generations the game that which were seeing now which celebrates every thing from the original games al the way through to colors.” Watch the video and go to the 3:00 mark he starts saying the good stuff there. he also says it will implement colors gameplay.(or tweak it to be more awesome.)
    Back on topic i kinda am a bit interested in sega’s idea on this game. if sega would like to make this a completely new game on it’s own in hd they would have to do A LOT to make it worth the purchase. does anyone have any ideas…?

    1. I don’t really see the difference from the colors gameplay from Generations gameplay(modern sonic). I know we only saw GHZ, but it looks like the only tweak SEGA made, was the “spin-dash” everytime you hit a dash panel. So it doesn’t really look like a difference, but I hope I’m wrong haha. But then again, I don’t think Sonic will have any power ups, SEGA said there will be no special power-ups or anything. Bummer.

      Btw, do any of you guys watch Sonic X? I’ve never seen the episodes, so I’m gonna watch all of them on youtube 😀

      1. here’s what i have to say about x.
        about the english dub…..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! lol. 😀

        1. and about the gameplay it looks to me more like the unleashed boost to win gameplay. but this is the first level so sega prove me wrong! 🙂 it could have more challenge in later level.

          1. Haha, yeah….and I’m in no rush to see more gameplay. I can wait till June 7th 😀 E3

            And I wonder if SEGA is going to do the same thing they did with colors as E3 went by, as gamescon went by,etc. Like remember in E3 how when you pass a Sonic Colors level? It didn’t do the “slow-motion” thing as it does now. Then as more months passed by, at Gamescon, SEGA added that cool “slow-motion” effect!

            I hope SEGA does it with SG…..for example, maybe when you get the goal ring as modern sonic, the game just fades to black and says thank you for playing! And then at Gamescon, when modern sonic hits the goal ring, few sonds later, it will show a results screen! See what I’m trying to say? SEGA will continuously add stuff to make it look cooler! 😀

  11. All I could say Tech Deck maybe got framed by Sonic extreme if they were in development before sonic extreme was. Don’t get mad at me but it could be possible. Never know… Anyways Tech Deck would get kicked off because Sonic Extreme would’ve been beter since more people like sonic. I’m sorry if this post is offensive.

  12. I’m extremely glad this was scrapped. It looks like a bad Tony Hawk spinoff, with twice the bad mechanics. I much prefer Riders.

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