Nintendo Power Sonic Generations 3DS Details

As revealed yesterday, copies of the new issue of Nintendo Power have been delivered to subscribers, which unveil a Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic’s big 20th Anniversary game Sonic Generations. Details from the issue have been shared by Sonic Retro forum member Effexor, and it appears this version of the game will be very unique and not just a port.

Here’s all of the main details:
* The Nintendo 3DS version is being co-developed by Sonic Team and Dimps.
* The director of the 3DS version is Tetsu Katano, who directed Sonic and the Black Knight.
* 2D side-scrolling gameplay for both Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic.
* Momentum based gameplay and platforming are fully featured in the Classic Sonic gameplay.
* Modern Sonic plays a lot like the Sonic Rush games and Nintendo DS version of Sonic Colours.
* Nintendo 3DS version will have exclusive stages and boss stages.
* Green Hill Zone will be the only shared stage in both the HD console version and Nintendo 3DS version.
* Casino Night Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is confirmed for the Nintendo 3DS version.
* Story has some differences between the console and Nintendo 3DS versions, but will be fundamentally the same.
* Console version will have many characters, but the Nintendo 3DS version will only feature the ones who are integral to the story.
* There is no Wii version. Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka says this is because “The primary goal for the console versions of Generations was reimagining the series’s classic zones in vivid, high-definition graphics.”
* Sonic the Hedgehog 3‘s Launch Base Zone ‘Big Arm’ boss fight is in the game, which suggests that stage is also in the game.
* Classic Eggman appears in the above mentioned boss.
* Exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS version are challenges that you can unlock via StreetPass or Play Coins.
* The game also features an exclusive two-player race mode via local wireless connection.
* Modern Sonic stages take advantage of the 3D feature more than the Classic Sonic stages. An example shown and detailed is a part in the Green Hill Zone where Modern Sonic smashes through the bottom of a giant totem pole. The camera then moves to the front of Sonic and lets you see the rest of the pole collapse behind Sonic as he escapes.
* The 3D depth is also highlighted when Modern Sonic occasionally moves between the foreground and the background.
* Jun Senoue and his music team are working on the music for the game.
* Nintendo Power thinks the handful of tracks they’ve heard so far are “fantastic”.
* Special Stages are confirmed and are designed in Sonic Heroes style. As expected, you earn Chaos Emeralds from these stages. Whether or not Super Sonic will be your reward for earning all Chaos Emeralds is unclear right now.

For more information, screenshots and interviews with Takashi Iizuka and Jun Senoue, pick up a copy of Nintendo Power when it hits retailers later this week.

Thanks to Blue Blood for the heads up!

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  1. Hmmm, seems like it’s going to get old really quickly due to being limited to just 2D gameplay, but I never judge intill I see gameplay.

  2. HHHECK YA! SO. MUCH. WIN. ALL OF IT! I’m especially excited for the awesome music, can’t wait to get my hands on the OST!

  3. Just when i think Sonic Team has finally nailed it this happens <.<! Give Sonic to Nintendo already dammit!

    1. i still think that sega is not going to give sonic away to nintendo. you guys may realise this that sega and nintendo are both friendly rivals. they keep making sonic games for wii and ds. Think for a moment……. sonic is working with nintendo and mario appear and said what are doing here. sonic: nintendo now owns me now. Mario: hmmm i wonder who will be sega’s new mascot? sonic: What ?! BILLY HATCHER!!! I want sonic and Mario stay in there own companies. This is my point to each who say that each people that want sonic to be with nintendo. It wont be good seeing that both greatest platformer characters in the planet have to be in the same company. I rather let them both stay in their own companies.

    2. im not a nintendo hater, but i really think nintendo wouldnt do a good sonic game, even if they make good games, with sonic they would screw up everything, if sonic team has the chance to make sonic appear in every console they shouldnt give it to nintendo, so that sonic is more popular.

      1. There is more variety though and most of sonics fans are 100% nintendo console fans so this in reality os good it’s also sonic first appearance on the 3DS.

  4. haha now i wish i’d have 3DS.. πŸ˜›
    ah well, still got 360 for a console version!

  5. NOOO DIMPS why ;__: not to start a war or somting but still dragonball burst limit SUCKED unleashed ps2/wii could be better sonic 4 physics are bad i wonder what bullshit we get this time …sonic the werehog breath fire and fart sugar cookies?

      1. I don’t have a problem with Dimps, I find that they did a great job in Sonic Advance, Rush, and Colors DS

      2. sonic advance never played it dident really like the rush series and colours ds ..meh i still dont think dimps really gives that nostalgia feeling

  6. Still wont buy 3DS for that I expected brand new game and I think Sonic Team dont have any other things for us this year.

    One more thing I am not Nintendo hater but why they cant make multiplayer for SG on consoles like in SA2B but they can on handeld it doesnt make sense.

    1. Well, this just backs up SEGA’s comments they made late last year about realising that they’ve been bringing too much Sonic to market and not focusing enough on quality. SEGA’s already working on Sonic Generations, Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games and Sonic 4: Episode 2. Another Sonic game while these titles are in development would be overkill and take more staff, money and resources away from those other games.

      1. Sorry bro but I am not english or american and I am still learning english I am trying hard and sorry if its not enough for you.

  7. this makes me want to buy a 3ds, even though i have a ps3 and im getting that version

  8. I don’t get it? why do they always have to make it 2d for the ds versions, it kind of defeats the purpose of the whole modern and classic difference. This is why I can’t stand Dimps

    1. I can see Iizuka’s point in the interview about Modern Sonic in the 3DS version being based off Modern Sonic in past handheld games like Rush and Colours DS. That version of Modern Sonic suits the handheld version of Generations better than console Modern Sonic. I wouldn’t be against console Modern Sonic being in the game, but I understand what Iizuka’s talking about.

      1. yeah I guess that makes sense. That should also mean that the 3ds version will have stages from rush, while the console version will have stages from unleashed.

        1. That’s exactly what I was thinking. Classic Sonic’s stages were already 2D so they can be in either. But there’s 2 kinds of Modern Sonics. The console ones in 3D and the handheld ones. Since the 3DS is a handheld game, it’d make sense to mix Classic Stages and Modern handheld stages while the console one mixes different classic stages with Modern Console stages.

          That’d be interesting and make the games the same concept but still completely seperate games in just about. lol

      1. For the 3DS version, will both classic and modern sonic have the same level design? or different for each?

        1. Well, judging by the screenshots in the scans, the stages look a little different for both and Modern Sonic’s stages have sections that make use of the 3D effect. Hopefully SEGA will release a trailer soon or at E3 for the 3DS version, so we can see how different they are.

      2. I’m guessing that means that Casino Night isn’t in the console version. That’s okay! Here’s to hoping for possibly seeing Carnival Night Zone in the consoles then? As much as I love Casino Night, you gotta admit that Carnival Night, even the wayi t already is, looks like it’d fit as an HD level and already has sections for Modern Sonic to boost around on. Most of all it’d be interesting to see in an over-the-shoulder camera angle for Modern Sonic too, running down giant candy-cane patterned cylinders. lol

        I guess that means no Launch Base Zone in HD either. But maybe that gives Ice Cap Zone a chance still! :3

        1. The one thing I don’t get is that there’s suppose to be dreamcast stages. I don’t see classic or modern sonic going through those at all.

      3. thats the reason why i hate when sega make different versions for sonic games. Why cany the hd and handheld systems can have the same thing. i hope the hd consoles will have alot more stages than the 3d or i will be mad!

  9. I think it’s more likely that the Special Stages will be different for each emerald… it would be strange for Generations to have them all ENTIRELY in Heroes style…


  11. I saw the pictures for the 3DS version. Im not going to say anything about the gameplay, but i just wanna say the graphics look awsome! Thanks for getting my hopes up SEGA! πŸ˜€

  12. Wait a minute!!!

    Do you guys maybe think that the HD version (Console) of the game will show only levels frmo the console Sonic games and the 3D version (Handheld) will only show levels from handheld titles??

    Also, this is like Sonic Colors backwards whereas in Sonic Colors on the Wii it had only 6 Major characters and no others but in the NDS version it showed pretty much every Modern Sonic character.

    I wasn’t so excited about this when I first got the news but now that I know 3 of my favorite stages are gonna be playable once more makes me wanna run naked through Mall of America.

  13. It all sounds pretty interesting, I shall admit I was quite pleased when I saw ‘casino night’. then I remembered I’m rubbish at that level ahah!

    As long as they fixed the Heroes special stage physics (or lack thereof) I don’t have any qualms against those…

    Different stages across the versions? Does that mean PS3 nad 360 versions will be different for once, or is it just a difference between HD consoles/3DS I wonder?

    Finally: YEAHHHHHHHHH CLASSIC EGGMAN πŸ˜€ I wonder if he can still outrun Sonic XD

    1. The difference is only between console and 3DS versions. PS3 and 360 versions will be the same.

      EDITED: Meant to put 3DS version, not PC version lol!

        1. Woops. Just realised I stupidly put between console and PC versions lol! I meant the difference is only between console and 3DS versions. PS3 and 360 versions will be the same, while the 3DS version will have different stages. Green Hill Zone will be in both the HD and 3DS versions though. If there does end up being a PC version, it will likely be the same as the PS3 and 360 versions.

    2. In the Sonic Heroes special stage, I hope they replace thoses ‘spheres’ with rings, fixed the goddam physics, add a icecap level in that game and SEGA got themselves another happy customer.

  14. “The Nintendo 3DS version is being co-developed by Sonic Team and Dimps.”

    Hold right and boost to win confirmed for modern stages?

    1. well technically you don’t NEED to boost to win, it just lets you go faster. So really it’d be “hold right to win”.

      I’d laugh if only that joke had any truth to it. XD It’s starting to sound more like a joke making fun of peoples’ ignorance over the games. lol Not to sound mean or offend anyone. XP

      1. Well it makes sense, seeing as the console version will follow a similar philosophy:
        “hold boost button to win PLAY” lol :p

        But nah, all the Advances and Rushes shouldn’t get bad mouthed: When the conssole games started floundering, it was “dumb, stupid” Dimps who kept Sonic relevant with good handheld releases. They weren’t triple A titles, but they were not as trashed as the consoles Pre-unleashed. However, because a Nintendo system has never been used by graphic whores and people who want to use expensive technology to overcompensate for their impotency, they’re all relegated to insults and obscurity πŸ™

        Remember, HD is the new sports car πŸ˜€ BE A REAL MAN, GET A PLASMA SCREEN TV ;p

        1. The music was good, but they were NOT enjoyable, they were a pain in the arse. I almost lost my sanity trying to get the emeralds.

          1. I figured they would go with a half-pipe kinda deal since it’s been used the most over the years. I was kinda hoping it might be closer to Sonic 3D Blast on the Saturn, the 3D style half pipe with the springs and upper and lower sections and stuff.

          2. I disagree With you and agree on some levels

            The Music is really pumping and the first emeralds were easy….

            However the Last Chaos Emeralds…..D:….Same goes for Sonic Rush D:

  15. This is the 3DS I wish for this game to look entirely different and mid-what similar to the 360 versions for the 2D levels. Plus this is the 3DS I dont want 2D side-scrolling levels, some kids only copy what other people say. I want 3D level environments for the 3DS Version.

  16. Uh why isnt Casino Night Zone in the Console version ???? Hmmm?????? Thats the definitive casino themed zone of the entire franchise. No other zone can take its place. A Casino level is a must in a sonic game and damnit was Casino Night Zone the right pick for HD consoles. Maybe they can throw in Carnival night zone or Casinopolis, but neither of those are as memorable or as charming as the original casino stage. πŸ™ I just want the console version of the game to be perfect and this kinda hurts its chances.

    1. It’s more of the “fancy festive” styled zone.

      They either have to do with casinos, amusement parks or pinball.

      Spring Yard Zone
      Collision Chaos
      Casion Night Zone
      Carnival Night Zone
      Casino Park/Bingo Highway
      Circus Park
      SEGA Carnival
      Starlight Carnival

      lol :3

      1. Yea I know. My point is that Casino Night is the most iconic of those types of levels and IMO the best of the best should be on the consoles version not the 3DS. Out of all the zones in the series, Casino Night Zone is probably in the top 3. So im just shocked it wasnt saved for the Primary HD version of the game…

        1. idk, perhaps to you, but to me Casino Night and Carnival Night are probably equals. I think it depends on the person.

          I always thought either Casino Night or Carnival Night Zone should be in the game and if this is confirmed for one, then I think the other should be Carnival Night Zone, which actually probably suits the HD world and is probably easier to remix in style for Modern Sonic.

          As long as it doesn’t rule out Ice Cap Zone just cuz it comes right after Carnival Night Zone. :U lol

          1. Id be fine with it if they revealed some elements from casino night. Such as the pinball and slot machine sections and maybe a couple barrowed enemies. I also would like to see Twinkle Park. Thats a personal favorite of mine and i think it could represent the “festive night” theme extremely well. When i think of sonic adventure as a whole i hear twinkle park music.

          2. And Dont Worry about ice cap. I think me and you and most of the fan base can agree that that is the best and most iconic of ice stages. Also some of the best stage music in sonic history

    2. What?

      Doesn’t Barrel of Doom from Carnival Night Zone Act 2 ring a bell…? That was extremely memorable… |:

  17. I’m starting to like this dual game thing going on. How it seems that Sonic’s recent major outings were split across two different versions.

    Reminds me of the first and second 8-bit games, actually.

  18. Unlikely Sonic Generations 3DS story will have Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Eggman and others while
    XBox360 and PS3 version story will have large cast of Sonic characters.

    1. We don’t know the story’s entire details. For all we know, Sonic’s most common friends will be important in a “Tails in Sonic Colors” type of way.

      And why the heck would Eggman be missing? This very magazine confirms Launch Base Zone’s boss with Classic Eggman piloting it.. But even without that, you expect the new big bad to just replace everything?

  19. DIMPS….
    Hum… I guess we’re going to have a new Sonic Rush game for the modern part… again. (3.5 games with the same (bad) gameplay ? Wow, I would say bravo !)

    WhatI find prodigious is that Classic Sonic seems to be “new” for me unless I knew him with my Megadrive. Modern Sonic has the same gameplay since 5 years now. Rush, rush, rush, rush…

      1. Ah, you’re right.
        DIMPS made a good work with the Advance series. But now, we have the rush…

    1. And Classic Sonic had the same gameplay since Sonic CD. The only time when the gameplay changed “critically” in Classic Sonic games was CD and 3.

      And still, Classic Sonic barely had games to begin with. -_-

  20. So basically, games that didnt’t make the cut into the HD consoles, will somewhat turn out to be in the 3DS! πŸ˜€ of course not EVERY single level, just the cool ones πŸ˜›

  21. sounds pretty cool! tho I wonder when it comes out. you think maybe they will make DLC for the console verisons for possibly stages that were on the 3DS? or even more stages from past games?

  22. Can’t say I’m too impressed with the 2D gameplay for both Sonics but the other features more than make up for that

  23. I just hope it won’t be like Colors where only the DS version had the Super Sonic final battle. It was disgraceful to the Console version. Sonic Colors was a main game of the series for crying out loud.

      1. What? When Eggman was trapped in Space for a LOOOONnG time? XD “Push HARDER! I already have my next revenge planned-out, and next time I will NOT FAIL!” Lol that Eggman ya gotta love him πŸ˜›

      1. Personally <_<;; I was expecting a new transformation with a combination of all the aliens :U Meh, we got 90% of nice things out of Sonic Colors ;D including that final rush down to earth.

    1. Am I the only one who thought playing the final boss as normal Sonic was pretty cool in Sonic Colors? Kind of meh towards Super Sonic lately.

    2. I think the reason they did that was to stay more true to the Genesis games, where collecting the Emeralds was only an optional portion of the game.

      to be honest, the Super Sonic thing is getting overused for it’s own good, and I’m glad Sonic Colors for Wii only added Super Sonic in as a “braging rights” thing. πŸ™‚

  24. I’m probably going to get this, just for MOAR CLASSIC SONIC GAEMPLAY.

    But I’ve already played Rush before, so the modern Sonic stuff will be easy.

  25. < < Kinda figured Classic Eggman would be in this with modern Eggman, but I'm more curious if hes really the mastermind. Also, Sonic Heroes style special stages. YES~ <___< looks like I am buying a 3DS this summer….

    1. Well the magazine mentions what every other preview has said so far, that there’s a new enemy that’s destroyed time and space. So it’s looking like Eggman will be in it, but this new enemy will probably be the main culprit and final boss.

      1. lol I bet it’s a new enemy that wants to get rid of all Sonic characters, good and bad. XD idk I’m just spitty stuff out lol

          1. i think its metal sonic because he was a liitle difficult in the old days! i bet that we will see classic metal sonic and modern sonic O-O!!!!

  26. Nintendo Power seems to only recite what is already known, only they just add the 3DS into it.
    Is SEGA of Japan really that secretive with their secret Sonic game?

    Also what Sonic game will SEGA of Japan publish for the Wii then? Remember that Nintendo is the publisher of the Mario & Sonic games in Japan.

    β€œ* Console version will have many characters, but the Nintendo 3DS version will only feature the ones who are integral to the story.”

    The console version will have many characters? That doesn’t sound like Sonic Generations, at least not the one that SEGA of America kept on promoting.

    What game are they talking about anyway?

    β€œ* Green Hill Zone will be the only shared stage across all versions.”

    This make it sounded that there are actually 3 versions (PS3/360, 3DS, and ?) instead of just 2 versions (PS3/360 and 3DS).

    1. They mean as in the story, not in playable. As for the shared stage thing, that’s not a direct quote and I should have probably typed it out more clear. There’s 2 sets of stages, one for the HD versions and one for the 3DS.

  27. Sonic Rush features a more faster game play while Classic is more platform. That’s all I have to say, but still…

    1. Don’t worry, Blaze will be playable in Mario and Sonic 2012 Olympics and she will appear in story of Sonic Generations Xbox360/PS3

  28. I really hope SEGA will add files to this! I dislike how they ALWAYS have only 1 file. Please have more than 1 this time!!

  29. …I’m pretty sure Metal Sonic is the culpret behind all the time things. For example, at the end of free riders, he left Eggman to plot a scheme.

    1. thats I WAS THINKING ABOUT TOO but its not free riders he also said something in at the end of the credits in sonic colors he says he already had something plan out for sonic while the 2 robots was pushing his eggball or machine lol in space.

  30. is it just me or does the GHZ from the 3ds version look a lot more like the original

  31. sonic rush 3D lol. i might get a 3DS, if i do i’ll pick it up. but i’m looking foward to the ps3 version more.

  32. Ugh… why does SEGA try so hard to get me to buy Nintendo consoles? I might wind up buying a 3DS after all depending on how this turns out.

  33. My hemorrhoids are about to explode.

    Did I just read Dimps is co-developing this? Gotta lay down the steak sauce. Omen.

    Did I just read that Classic Sonic will have his Classic Gameplay, same as in HD, but the Modern Sonic is pretty much the same, but just a lot more catastrophic? Omen.

    Did I just read that Green Hill Zone is the only shared stage between HD and 3DS, since 3DS will have its own exclusives, which probably suck when comparing to PS3 and 360? Omen.

    The music is composed by Jun Senoue and his music team? And the guys down at Nintendo Power said it was fantastic? *facepalm*

    All in all, this sounds horrible. I know what I’m gonna get, and it’s the PS3 version, thank you very much.

  34. Sonic CD and Knuckles Chaotix had the best special stages. But alas, everyone just forgets those classic masterpieces…

  35. some people might know whos the culprit is! i say its metal sonic because he always wonder how to beat sonic at his own game. He tries to fight him in sonic the hedgehog 2 in the last stage didnt work, fight him again in different areas in sonic the hedgehog 3 lol, he fight him again in sonic the fighters lol and failed, he try to fight him in different forms in sonic heroes and he challenge sonic to a race in free riders which is shame for him call himself a lord lol, and he wanted to find a way to how beat sonic again, he had a plan , so he took something from eggman without tellling him, so he warped sonic and his friend back in time to team up with his former selves actually . All the creations that eggman made out of metal in the past were failures but have you ever tried teaming up with 4 of your formal self. So this time i think hes going to challenge sonic in battle with his old classics ( i hope sonic and classic know how to hadle a fight to eggman and classic eggman? classic EGGMAN!!! sonic got his hands full in this generation lol

  36. Maybe I’ll get this…I don’t have a 3DS, but my dying Lite has served me well. I hope it can be played on the Lite.

    I’ll be getting this for the 360, no doubt. Unleashed had fantastic graphics, so I’m excited to see how they push the graphics further in Generations.

    1. 3DS games can’t be played on the DS, DS Lite, DSi or DSi XL. 3DS is an all-new handheld, like how the DS was the next handheld console after the GBA.

  37. That’s it! That’s offficially it! That officially FREAKIN it! I’m buying a 3DS!

  38. God Damn it. Can Sega afford to split their resources for to separate version of the game? Thats what messed up Unleashed if you asked me. I couldn’t care less about the 3DS. But this 3DS version sounds good and is taking the motto from my beloved 360 version =( Separating the zones is interesting. Dibs on City Escape!

    1. Because apparently in this day and ages its all about hurr durr graphics and visual…= = thank god I brought a 360 when Unleashed came out. Need a back up for when a Sonic game isn’t out on the wii…and the DS speaks for itself..

      1. i got a ps3 at christmas time, this will be my first experience seeing sonic real speed. i also have a wii and a ps2. i was aliitle disappointed in sega because they make different versions better in the consoles.

  39. I like to see Stardust Speedway Zone (Sonic VS. Metal Sonic) for Xbox360 and ps3 and Metallic Madness Zone for 3DS.
    Cutscenes will be longer like Sonic 06, Sonic Adventure 1-2 and Sonic Unleashed.
    Many characters will be in this game: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Eggman, Metal Sonic, Chaotix and many more! ^^

    1. i cant wait for this game now, i had the ps3 since christmas just in case like this may happen. i was mad because sonic the hedgehog game was only for ps3 and xbox360.

      1. Who said the Console versions would have more levels? Nobody said that, and you shouldn’t be giving people false information.

  40. I’m excited. I’m totally getting this version and the xbox version of this. Although I’m king of disappointed that the modern game play is 2D… I mean if they could put LOZ: Ocarina of Time on the 3DS then I don’t see why they can’t do the modern game play in 3D game play. Oh well. At least there will be a totally different collection of levels. I’m more excited about the classic game play anyway. xD

    1. I find it a little odd myself. I mean, purely 2D gameplay on a device called the “3D”S? But if they’re only using stages from 2D games for the 3DS version (<- although that hasn't been confirmed, and I'm hoping it's not true, I have a pretty good feeling that's the case), I guess it makes sense.

      And if I'm right that DIMPS is working primarily on Modern Sonic's gameplay, and the one time they attempted to made 3D Sonic gameplay was subpar (Wii version of Unleashed), that's one reason why.

      Nevertheless, I would have been more excited for this if there was 3D gameplay. It still looks good, but I'm a bit disappointed.

  41. Am I the only one who thinks Sonic Team is going to work mostly on Classic’s gameplay, while DIMPS works mostly on Modern Sonic? It would make perfect sense! Anyway, now I really hope I’ll get a hand on a 3DS.

    I just hope that everyone saying that the 3DS version is going to have less zones, less features, less “everything”, is very, very wrong. I was disappointed by the Wii version of Sonic Unleashed, and I don’t want it to happen again with the 20th anniversary game. πŸ™‚

    Obviously all the zones are probably going to be from 2D games, but it would be interesting to see 2D incarnations of stages from one or two 3D games.

  42. I meant to say sonic rush not sonic usb just to let everyone know why do you guys like carnival zone it was the most annoying time-consuming level of them all tails always glitched on that level

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