Nintendo Power Confirms Sonic Generations For Nintendo 3DS

The above alleged front cover of Nintendo Power’s upcoming issue has hit the net, which if real confirms past retailer and SEGA earnings report listings for Sonic Generations on Nintendo 3DS. At the moment though there are no scans of the article, just the magazine cover, and while we can’t post article scans here, if we see anything more we’ll update with all of the details.

Source: Neuro at Ninstation forums

Thanks to Hero of Legend at the SSMB and damnhedge in the TSS comments for the heads up!

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  1. glad i could have helped guys ^^ and looks like im buying 3 versions of this game (if the pc one is true and really a computer)

          1. I don’t think it seems like a bad idea comparing all different versions seeing which one fits you better…seeing which one you prefer or like more are the advantages 😀 also you can be able to do all different kinds of fun onlnie stuff 😛 But I’ll admit there are some disadvantages but not a lot…

        1. I have a feeling that each couple of versions will be the same as the other. PS3 being the same as 360, and 3DS being mostly the same as PC. Kind of like Sonic Unleashed having a PS3/360 version and a Wii/PS2 version. So if I were you, I’d just get one HD version, and one… SD version, is it?

          1. Yeah, SD. Well, maybe a little below that, but 3DS is close enough, it’s a bit lower resolution than PSP. But I think the 3DS version of Sonic Generations will be worth owning more than the Wii/PS2 versions of Unleashed, considering how it is both portable and in 3D. Not to mention, it could be a very different experience, made specifically for the 3DS. We’ll see its worth as details come up.

          2. That doesn’t make any sense. Why should the PC version be based on the 3DS version when today’s mid-range gaming PCs are perfectly capable of running ports of PS3/360 games even better than the consoles themselves…

          3. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve read. Why would the 3DS be the same version as the PC? It’s completely akward.

            If there is a PC version, it will be the same as the Xbox360/PS3. It’s obvious.

          1. he’d probably get the 3 because he would want to play a console version, have it on the go to play(maybe a different style game) and have mods.

      1. Yes!
        Xbox 360 / PS3 : “Main” copy.
        3DS : Portable copy
        PC : Moddable copy 🙂

  2. Um cool I guess, I still think the game will look better in HD but the idea of an actual fully HD game like Sonic with polygons and epicness hitting a Nintendo Handheld console is way too good to be true.

  3. Eh, I’ll stick with my Sonic Generations preorder for my PS3 . If the 3DS version has different game play like Sonic Colors Wii and DS, then I’ll pick up a copy for my 3DS for on the go.

  4. Oi. Here I thought it was going to be the next Sonic Chronicles :/ Eh, who knows. I’m getting Generations for my new 360 anyway <3

  5. ok nice! But still no word on the PC version? Come on SEGA please make it available on PC otherwise I won’t be able to buy it.

  6. I’m assuming it’s a lower res port with 3D, but what if it was like the DS versions of the past Sonic games and was different. What if the 3DS version had the best levels from Sonic’s handheld games instead 😛

    1. That would be stupid.

      I’m gonna go like a little fanboy and say that….


      1. Wouldn’t that be cool if the 3DS had different stages, than the 360/PS3? THEN I WOULD BUT BOTH! 😀

      2. Well, Radical Highway was very awesome…Not to mention the very first level Shadow was ever playable in (no, the boss battle with Hot Shot does not count. Sillies). I’m with you on that one…Although I never count myself as a crazy fangirl, thank heavens XD

    2. Also, if its the best levels from his handheld games, Classic Sonic would have no reason to be in the game at all since there hasn’t been a lot of classic handheld Sonic games.

      1. I would have thought the Master System/Game Gear versions of Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic Chaos, Sonic Triple Trouble and Sonic Blast would have been more than enough to pick some levels from for Classic Sonic, for a handheld version of Generations, take two from each game and you have 10 classic levels right there. Plus add some Modern Sonic levels from Sonic Advance/Sonic Rush/Rivals series and bam you have a game. I’m not saying its a good idea, i am just saying it could be done. Like i said i am fully expecting a lower res port in 3D.

        On a side note i would be surprised if Radical Highway was in the game, sure it was a cool level, but it was a Shadow level, if they were going to have a highway type level Speed Highway or Stardust Speedway would probably suite the whole “Sonic’s Anniversary” type deal better, being actual Sonic levels, just my opinion.

  7. I thought SEGA said that SG is going to be a FULLY HD game? Anyway Sweet! 😀 I hope we see some screenshots soon in the June ONM 🙂 I can’t wait! I’m getting both versions!

    1. LOL, well, only the versions they were allowed to talk about. And most HD games out there aren’t full 1080p, even alot of ones that advertise it on the box, lol.

  8. SWEET 😀 I’ll be getting The Xbox Version as well as this version of Sonic Generations…so that’s both versions for me XD Can’t wait….now I can’t wait for the other previews and short gameplay videos… soon we need to hear A Proper release date DX

  9. If PS3 is the lead system, there could very well be an NGP version, right?

  10. Guess it’s time to stretch the budget even further and pick up a 3DS :S
    Only because it’s Sonic’s 20th.. only because.

  11. Awesomeness!

    But do you know what I’m wishing for in this game? 3D truly plays like Sonic Colors cause I think they can do it with the 3DS tech going on in it. 2D should be just as awesome.

  12. Then PC port is possible 😀

    But yeah, it’s nice to hear that 3DS owners can get Sonic Generations too ^^ I guess a friend of mine wouldn’t mind buying it to his 3DS now |D

    But I’m still hoping for PC port, like few have said, it can have even better graphics and other stuff compared to consoles… But whooo knows, Sega really seems to not like PC gamers |D

    1. SEGA loves PC gamers. Their Football Manager and Total War games get extremely positive reviews and sell millions. The Sonic series has always sold much better on consoles and not too well on PC, which is probably why they don’t release many Sonic games on that platform. It’ll be good if they do release Sonic Generations on PC though. With this being the 20th Anniversary, how great the game looks, as well as its broad appeal to classic and modern fans, it might just make some good sales numbers on PC.

      1. This. I will buy a PC retail version if it eventually comes out, since I don’t have an Xbox 360 or a PS3.

  13. This is the first 3DS game I’ve seen that I’m interested in that isn’t a franchise reboot (Kid Icarus: Uprising) or a re-make (Ocarina Of Time, Starfox 64.) but I’m not sure if I should get it since I’m planning to get the PS3 version.

  14. Hm…it would be cool if the 3DS version has some different levels. Like, considering it’s handheld, maybe some remade ADvance levels, Rush levels, or even Rival levels. Either way though, Going to get 3DS and 360 Version!

  15. I guess it wont be for the Wii. Another reason to get the 3DS (I will have to eventually).

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