Sonic Generations Announced For Japan, 2 New Screens & Artwork

Andriasang reports that SEGA has announced that Sonic Generations will be released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in Japan this Winter. Along with the announcement, SEGA’s shared four screenshots (two old, two new) and a piece of artwork featuring both Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic. You can check out the new screenshots and artwork below.

Source: Andriasang (via CVG)

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  1. My feelings are mixed, but I’ll still be getting this, if for nothing els, for the classic little blue dude. =)

  2. This Winter? Then that definately means that it will definately come out much later than Sonic’s birthday! Good thing Sega’s taking their time & not repeating the same thing as ’06! =)

  3. I wonder if there’s going to be acts in the game…if not, then it’ll probably just be one stage for every level.

  4. They better release SOMETHING on June 23…. But, better a good game late than a crappy rushed one on time.

  5. hmm well better better than never, right? well i dont mind about sonic games :3 im not fussy about them
    but i only one thing that i would againsy sega.. i was hoping that samba de amigo would have new stuff in it so do billy hatcher
    sega are so forceable onto sonic, geez he’s popluar already! so do mario as well :/why they simple cant do other game?

    well this is my say (indeed it is) anyone agree with me or disagree?

    1. come on, man! its sonic’s 20th birthday! they want to do it BIG! besides everybody says that sonic has been in problems, and mistakes, (i dont agree with that, i think that all games are great), they are trying to put sonic back to the throne.

    2. The only logical way to celebrate Sonic the Hedgehog’s 20th anniversary is to come out with a new Billy Hatcher game.

  6. the Classic sonic picture looks like a new area i haven’t seen in any of the videos. it could meant more act’s in each level for both sonic’s.

  7. I’d happily take Episode 2 in June! They’d better release something for his birthday :O

  8. you guys think that sambe de amigo or billy hatcher or other sega icons will make a special appearance in this game or have a stage as dlc for both sonic’s to play in. i mean they did say throughout SONICS HISTORY, that doesn’t necessarily mean only his games. hmmm… :I

  9. Honestly, I hope that they’ll remake at least one stage from Sonic 06, just to see how 06 would have been if it was good.

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