Press Release Confirms Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games For Wii & 3DS

After all of the rumours, it appears Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games is officially confirmed, thanks to a press release posted at Czech website The press release confirms the game will be released for Wii and 3DS, with a release date unconfirmed at present, but will be revealed later this year.

Sports announced are athletics, water sports and table tennis, with new soccer and riding events appearing to be exclusive to the Wii version. The 3DS version will feature more than 50 original Olympic sports, which will be playable in single and multiplayer modes. The press release says the 3D feature of the 3DS will make for “plenty of new and interesting ways to compete for the coveted gold medal!”

Check out the press release in full below (translation by Google Translate):

Sega announces the continuation of the popular series, Mario & Sonic, this time at the summer Olympic Games in London 2012

SEGA and Nintendo have announced that after many years of partnership Mario and Sonic, once again join forces. The legendary series that have sold over 19 million, now will head to London for the Olympic Games 2012, the official name of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games on the Wii and also the very first time on a revolutionary portable Nintendo 3DS.

Many new and exciting sports like soccer and riding, which will debut on the Wii version, will appear alongside the traditional Olympic disciplines such as athletics, water sports, or table tennis. The new sports will certainly further encourage sports enthusiasm among the players in both single and multiplayer modes!

For the first time Mario & Sonic introduces the portable Nintendo 3DS. Version will contain more than 50 original Olympic sports, playable in both single player and the multiplayer modes. Moreover, revolutionary watch 3D images without glasses bring the world of Mario and Sonic entirely new and unique control system, ensuring plenty of new and interesting ways to compete for the coveted gold medal!

Like its predecessor, Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games for Wii and Nintendo 3DS developed by Sega Japan. “Mario & Sonic series has always been extremely popular and we are very proud of this partnership that we can resume with Nintendo for the Olympics in London in 2012.” Commented Naoya Tsurumi, President of SEGA of America and Sega Europe. “It’s really exciting to be able to create interactive entertainment titles based on the Olympics and also with figures of Mario and Sonic”

“The Olympic Games in London 2012 will showcase sports and we are delighted that Mario and Sonic may be yet again, this time with the largest number of Olympic sports ever” said Raymond Goldsmith, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ISM (International Sports Multimedia).

“These games join two most popular figures in the history of the videogame industry,” said the president of Nintendo America, Reggie Fils-Aime. “As a veteran of video games and the Olympic Games Mario & Sonic arrives in London as an unparalleled team of impressive, offering plenty of entertainment and sports activities for all who want to have fun.”

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games will be available on the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS. Release date and other information, we will learn later this year.

We expect SEGA to make a proper official announcement soon, so check back with us. We’ll keep an eye out for more details and media.


What do you think of this new entry in the Mario & Sonic series? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Having some new sports thrown in the mix is somewhat tempting, but still I was expecting more for the Wii this year after how much I loved Sonic Colours 🙁 It could be good if they modified the controls for the original sports this time around to make them a bit more challenging or different, though…

  2. Sigh, was hoping for an actual game of Sonic for the 3DS. Or at least a port of all things. Oh well, I guess I’ll keep Generations to hold me over until then! <3

  3. Great, lets just make a “Mario and Sonic cycle”

    Mario and Sonic Game rumors -> Claimed to be non sport related -> Sells less than the previous Mario and Sonic game.

  4. Maybe with MotionPlus and Balance Board, we can finally have Boxing and Dream Boxing on the Wii Version! It can happen! We can see Knuckles fight Donkey Kong!

  5. “Many new and exciting sports like soccer and riding,”

    Does anyone know what SEGA means by “riding?”

  6. On the plus side, at least this version will have the new better Sonic Voice Actors, not the 4Kids ones, bar Eggman, haha. :3

    1. I totally agree, this may sound dumb to some people but i never purchased any of the other olympic titles due to the fact they had many bad voice actors, unfortunately voices can break a game for me, although gameplay is obviously more important, any bad element can truly dumb down an experience.

      1. Meh I disagree personally I don’t really think the new voices are much better I preferred the previous ones a lot more (4Kids ones) but meh only just a couple of lines
        I’ll switch to Japanese VA or have a mute button in the next main Sonic game 😛

  7. It’s kind of a disappointment that the first 3DS Sonic game is just another Mario & Sonic.

  8. Oh and what new characters will be added to the roster this time around? Diddy Kong? Espio? Rouge? Bowser Jr? Omega? Jet? And a buncha koopas? lol

    I want them to make multiple branches of the “Mario & Sonic” series. Like Mario & Sonic Olympic Games series, Mario & Sonic Melee Madness series, Mario & Sonic All-Stars Racing series, Mario & Sonic Adventure series, etc. :3

    1. Bowser Jr. was in Winter Olympics.

      My guess will be Diddy Kong and Rosalina for the Mario side, and Rouge and Omega for the Sonic side.

      1. In the trailer it confirms Bowser Jr. I really want to see Diddy Kong in this game and I hope they end up adding him. DK needs a partner! And I also want Toad to be a playable character. Toad was in almost every Mario sport game, and in most of them, playable. So I think he should be in. Toad needs to represent Mario! He’s one of the coolest characters! And maybe if they add Toad they’ll add Chaos too.

  9. Pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffttt.

  10. Well,i guess i should’nt be too surprised,we did have colors which was a hit on the wii,i was kinda hoping that sega would give us wii owners something similar to generations or a separate game with the colors/unleashed playing style,oh well, i guess its about time for the ps3 and 360 players to have an exclusive sonic game of their own,especialy since sonic 06 was a bust on the two systems.

  11. Wow, so much negativity for a game that has yet to have ALL of the details released.

    Ladies and gentlemen, the Sonic Fanbase!

    1. Oh, you’re so original.

      The fanbase has a right to be weary of yet another Olympics title with the 20th Anniversary around the corner. Perhaps we’ve all got high standards, and could do without another arm-flailing party game? And try not to group the whole fanbase into the “negative-nelly” category just because of us miserable bastards. 🙂 That makes you look very silly.

      1. Oh yes. Because we should totally judge something before there is more information released about it.

        You are the one who is looking totally silly here.

  12. I was really hoping their next game together wouldn’t be a sports game… are they gonna make a Mario & Sonic game every time the Olympics comes around? They’ll stop getting so much money from it eventually.

  13. No more Olympic games, segas been milking these things 3 times now, just for freaken money.

    They should just make them Online based so its like real Olympics, you vs people around the world, because single player there boring.

    sametime im getting bored of seeing sonic and mario together now, before it was something speical now its a joke. 2013 probly another Mario and sonic olympics then 2015 another one then 2017 another one….

  14. theres still one more game to be announced this year we’ve had the 2 early ones

  15. Glad there’s a third title….I’ve enjoyed them a lot especially Winter Olympics

    But um you say this is comming in 3DS as well as Wii?

    Hmm…. so does this mean there are 2 Sonic games comming out on the 3Ds or is this the one that was announced earlier? O_o

    1. We don’t know yet if this is the Sonic 3DS game listed in that leaked document from E3 last year or not. We’ll just have to wait and see if SEGA announce a 3DS-specific Sonic game or not. Even if this is that game, SEGA’s bound to make a 3DS specific Sonic game sooner or later.

  16. Team Sonic: Jet, Rouge, Cream, Espio, (Wave, Storm, Omega, Gamma, Charmy, Big)?
    Team Mario: Birdo, Diddy Kong, Rosalina, Koopa/Gomba, (Dry bones, Dry Bowser, Toad)?
    They also could have altenated costumes like in Sonic Rivals: Metal Sonic 2.5 & Classic Sonic for exemple

  17. Does it really take a mob with picket signs outside SEGA’s HQ to get them to realize that we don’t want another freakin’ olympics game? Besides, it costs a MAJOR amount of cast to get access to the olympics trademark.

  18. I might buy this game. 🙂
    I really love the Vancouver one, so this one will hopefully be just as good. xD
    I’m hoping that there might be more characters added.
    All the characters from Mario and Sonic should be in it. Not just 10 from each series. 🙂

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