Pardon the Hiccup

Well, it only took a week and a half, but we’re back online! I want to thank you guys for your AMAZING patience here – we had heard comments for months about how sluggish TSS was becoming, so we decided to do something about it. As you can see, the site’s loading a lot quicker now, so we can resume our usual, mental, Sonic fanatical service. Yeah! High five!

While some of the slowdown problem seemed to be with missing entries in the database (leaving WordPress to FOREVER check for the existence of such entries), there was also issue with the site’s design, that I introduced on TSS’ 10th Anniversary. I’ve taken the liberty to tweak it a bit, which has done the trick. What do you think? There’s still a ways to go – some archive pages look a bit generic and I’d like to get a link to the SSMB up there somewhere – but you get the gist of what I’m trying to do. I quite like the dropdown menu. Very nice.

So it’s a good thing we decided to do this now, when the Sonic world is but a dust bowl of news and information. I have a SNEAKY FEELING that this won’t be the case for much longer. Stick with TSS for all the latest news, information and ultimate fandom.

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  1. No problem at all It’s fine I heard the news I read on the SSBB Forums We all understand It’s just good to be back now 🙂 and Hey I’ve noticed a few changes here Nice work guys This great really no Doubt 😀

    Just Glad were back to basis now and then again.

  2. Sneaky feeling? 🙂

    The site is running a lot faster. It used to take a few minutes for the homepage to load for me, definitely better now.

  3. Finally, I’ve been checking the site several times a day to see if it was back. Luckily my 3DS has been giving me something to do. Now I can finally start lurking the archives again.

  4. Loving the new design =D

    Except… YOU KILLED BIGNEWS. *Dramatic music plays*

  5. It was pretty funny though because I lost my internet,Then as Soon as I get it back, I go on TSS and I see a white screen, some writing and a running Sonic animation…

  6. Actually, THIS is the April Fools prank. The site will be running sluggish again tomorrow. XD

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