Have You Seen This Chao?

Text reads:

Age: 3
Color: Made out of REAL Sapphire.
Height: 2 foot 5
Last seen: Hanging out with over 9000 mudkipz

He’s a real good kid, he doesent do drugs, or heroin hes not in a gang, but I think those mudkipz did something to him, I’m really worried about him, you can never tell about them mudkipz in groups of over 9000

With ANY info please e-mail skwiigo@hotmail.com No you can’t call us, we’re poor and nasty and can’t afford a phone yo, reward is very handsome, over 9000 pennies to who ever finds him.

Credit goes to Skwiigo at the SEGA Forums.

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  1. Your Chao is in my hands now!

    If you want to see him again you must deposit fifty billion mobians into my off shore bank account before midnight!


  2. Hahaha, that’s the best thing I’ve heard all day! I’ve got to remember that one. (Couldn’t resist 😉 )
    Anyways, in all seriousness, I really do think it’s the best thing I’ve heard all day. So cute :3

    A little off topic, but someone should do one asking if they’d seen Sonic, and make it look like Amy wrote it 🙂

  3. About time you reopened the account. Should’ve used a friends email just get them mad lol. Good Trick though.

  4. Hrrrmmmm I wonder who would do such a thing Skwiigo would hellz yeah.

    twotailedfox, I’m glad I you like it.

  5. A Chao missing….Hmmm it’s been 2 years since chao have been reported missing…Another chao dissapearance perhaps Eggman Nega is behind all of this….Although Sonic,Tails,Knuckles and Rouge haven’t noticed all this time that Nega was pretending to be The real Eggman in disguise as Sonic ,Blaze,Tails,Cream,Amy and Knuckles encountered them in the Rush battle I must say He’s a great Eggman voice impersonator after all they are related somehow…However Shadow and Silver discovered Eggman Nega was pretending to be Eggman and Apprantley Silver already knows Nega and so does Blaze yeah yeah blah blah blah etc etc moving on Espio discovered this aswell as two years passed by…Shadow. Metal Sonic and Eggman worked together to stop Nega too however Eggman teams up with him at a few times but that’s all changed

    After a long Evidence…It must be Eggman Nega He’s turned people and objects and other sources into cards, Captured the Chao,Taken over both Sonic and Blaze’ s worlds and he also awakened a beast previously named as The Ifrit Then it ended with the heroes winning and Nega being trapped in The Ifrit’s dimension but what if he escaped…DEAR LORD It’s time to……wait a minute Nega could be typing as HogFather in disguise aswell the first comment… – Calling Shadow…Shadow Do you read me…Shadow… Shadow?

  6. I just hope he finds his Chao. I remember the one time my Chao ran away… scared me half to death! I had all my friends and neighbors helping me look, but it (luckily!) turns out little Sky had just learned to fly and was high in the air anytime I’d look around for her!

    Hahaha! This is very adorable and clever! 😛

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