F4F Metal Sonic Statue Limited to USA & Canada, Now Available to Pre-Order

F4F Metal Sonic Statue Limited to USA & Canada, Now Available to Pre-Order

First 4 Figures has announced that pre-orders are now open for its new Metal Sonic statue, which comes in both standard and exclusive models at 3kg in weight. The exclusive Metal Sonic statue lights up and costs $174.99, but like its Super Sonic counterpart it is very limited at just 350 of them produced. The standard Metal Sonic without light up features costs $20 less at $154.99 and isn’t as limited at 1,500 produced. Both statues will be available Q2 2011.

There has been a snag with this announcement though, because the statue is only available to USA & Canada residents right now. First 4 Figures has explained on their Facebook page that this is because their European license with SEGA has expired and talks to renew it before Christmas didn’t achieve anything. The company said they will be meeting with SEGA in January in hopes to renew their European licence and said they will keep everyone posted. If you live outside of the USA and Canada and have placed a pre-order, F4F say that you can hold on to your pre-order for now, because they don’t charge until the product is ready to ship.

Here are quotes from their Facebook page for reference:

@Europe – Our EU license has run out but we are trying to get an extension for the resins. We will update when we hear something in early Jan.

We will be giving out an update for non US residents in early Jan – we hope Sega will grant us an extension. We will keep you all posted.

@Non USA/Canadians – Keep you orders – we dont charge in any case until the product is ready to ship and please keep a look out our FB/Website for more info after our meeting with Sega.

We were hoping for an update prior to the holidays but didn’t get it in time.

As part of the update, First 4 Figures released fourteen photos of the exclusive Metal Sonic Statue and eight photos of the standard one. Check them out below.



First 4 Figures newsletter
First 4 Figures Facebook page

Will you be grabbing this statue? Do you live outside of the USA & Canada and feel a bit miffed? Speak out in the comments.

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  1. Living in England, this pissed me off. That said, I preordered one just in case anyway. Should that fail, I have a friend in America who will get me one.

  2. I’d buy the light up Super Sonic and Metal.. but yeah, hefty hefty hefty!!
    … and Super Sonic looked kinda… chubby.

    It all sounds pretty shonky.. what kind of company produces something first then checks with licensing second?
    Could go either way.. either talks failed before Christmas or there wasn’t enough time to properly discuss the situation

  3. man, that is a nice rendition of Metal Sonic ( I was just looking at his wiki page on Retro earlier today). Its too bad its a bit overpriced for what it is.

  4. Looks awesome but I don’t think I’m going to buy one anytime soon. I’ve ordered the exclusive Super Sonic figure (the one that lights up) a few months ago and that should be coming out real soon early next year. I’m happy with that one right now.


    Yesterday I got a wii and SONIC COLORS finnaly!!! muahahaha, SEGA should make the next Sonic a thing just like Unleashed and Colors but with Metal Sonic as guest appearence, boss and playable eheh 😀

  6. kl theres smoke with the exclusive one but still i really want one cause metal sonic is cool and i want all of the statues

  7. Normally I’m not that bothered about figures, but this one’s got me. That light-up one looks awesome, although those images do look rather jazzed-up, but since they’re trying to sell something so expensive, I don’t blame them for doing that.

    Still, I’m trying my luck, living in England, I’ve placed a pre-order and hopefully they’ll get their license sorted. So I’ll either get an awesome Metal Sonic or I’ll save a load of money.

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