Sonic Free Riders U.S./EU Website Opens Characters Section

Sonic Free Riders U.S./EU Website Opens Characters Section

SEGA has today opened the characters section of the U.S. and European official Sonic Free Riders website, revealing new artwork, small profiles and a new music track from the game. The only characters unlocked at the moment are Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Jet, Wave and Storm, but the website states more are “Coming Soon”. Thanks to Gamespot’s exclusive demonstration of the final build, we currently know of 17 characters, which include Metal Sonic, Vector and a blue E-series robot likely called E-10000B that are new entries to the series, so we can expect plenty more profiles to be featured on the site.

Check out the rest of the new artwork below:

Source: Sonic Free Riders U.S. and EU official website

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the heads-up!

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  1. Holy crap. The music in the “Media” section is just plain awesome. xD

    I’m glad they’re still keeping their game up when it comes to Sonic’s background music!

  2. @sonic4fan

    You mean Tails? o.o I think he does a pose like that in Sonic 3 as well. But both are different. In Sonic Heroes his hand is stretched up more. (Why do I remember this? >.>; lol)

  3. Good to see they made their designs look less deformed than the first two Riders games.
    Seriously, in those games it was like they all grew at least 2 feet taller.

  4. @Burtzzman: Yeah, I think everybody else character designs in the other Riders games is the worse especially Sonic. He has a long stretched out torso with HUGE hands and feet. I’m glad that it looks like they’re using the Unleashed designs for them in this game.

  5. Finally, they made the two tails on Tails look like what they’re supposed to look like, instead of being shaped like two balloons coming out of his butt like for the last four years. Now that I have mentioned it, you’ll all start to see it in his design from games like the first two sonic riders and 06.

  6. I’m loving the music in the “Characters” section. It really sounds great. Another Sonic title with (possible) stage lyrics.

  7. I hope they do Amy Rose next her profile says: Amy Rose was Sonic’s girlfriend, she chasing after Sonic alot. But now she will win the EX World Grand Prix to make Sonic more happy and go out with her…Maybe he will watch her for win. Or he did? Look out Amy has new Team Rose with Cream and Vector.

  8. Interesting to note that Tails’ bio describes him as “a young kit”. I guess Tails being a kitsune is now official.

  9. @TheHumbleFellow

    Omigosh.. *sigh

    “kit” means child fox! Sort’ve like puppy is a child dog, kitten is a child cat, calf is a young cow and a baby dolphin is ALSO called a calf. x_x

    Kitsune usualy refers to a human/fox mix (also known as a “foxboy” or “foxgirl”) SOMETIMES they call foxes kitsune depending on the type. Since Tails is an anthro, in a sense he can be considered a kitsune, he is even often called “foxboy” like as a reference.

    The same goes for Shadow. His design suggests he was originally going to be a tenrec instead of a hedgehog (tenrec’s look like hedgehogs, but some have twisted quills and are black with yellow stripes) Shadow’s concept actually reveals he was originally going to be a tenrec named Terios. Now the reason I bring this up is because out of “Terios” and “tenrec”, one of those 2 words actaully also means “fake hedgehog”, and just like they’ve made a reference by calling Tails “foxboy”, they’ve done the same with Shadow when Sonic says to him “You fake hedgehog!”. (Afterwards, they both call each other faker but only a couple of times)

    I just remembered my own username is “FoxBoy”. XD; That’s a coincidence tho. OvO;

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