Sonic 4 iPhone Price Drop In Halloween Sale, ChuChu Rocket Out Now

Sonic 4 iPhone Price Drop In Halloween Sale, ChuChu Rocket Out Now

SEGA Europe has announced that the classic Dreamcast puzzle game ChuChu Rocket is now available to download from the App Store on the iPhone/iPod touch at €3.99 /£2.99 / AU$5.99 and in HD – on the iPad for €5.49 /£3.99/ AU$8.99. In other news, a Halloween Sale has been announced, with discounts across five titles, including Sonic’s latest classic revival Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1.

Here are the full list of titles and prices:

Shining Force
Was: $2.99 £1.79 Now: $0.99 £0.59
Ecco the Dolphin
Was: $2.99 £1.79 Now: $0.99 £0.59
Streets of Rage
Was: $2.99 £1.79 Now: $0.99 £0.59
Sonic 4 Ep 1
Was: $9.99 £5.99 Now: $6.99 £3.99
Football Manager
Was: $4.99 £4.99 Now: $2.99 £2.99

The sale is only for a limited time, so grab those bargains while they’re there.

Source: SEGA Europe Blog

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  1. Awww man, I bought 24 copies of this for my iphone and now it gets price dropped, BOGUS!!!
    Im blaming Jason Griffith.

  2. @ TheDanimator: 24 COPIES??!! O_O Why did you buy that many copies? Is that actually possible on one device? Aren’t you limited to 1 purchase per account like on consoles? I don’t have an i-Device, so I don’t know :p

  3. *gasp* Chu Chu Rocket!!? 8’D I never thought I’d see you again!! XD As a Chu Chu would say, “YEAH BABY!” lol

  4. Aww, man. I probably should have waited, I haven’t beaten it on my iPhone yet! It’s not that I don’t like it, I just don’t have the time…

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