Gamespot Demos Sonic Free Riders Multiplayer

Gamespot Demos Sonic Free Riders Multiplayer


Gamespot has released the latest episode of their On The Spot show and featured in the show is the second part of their Sonic Free Riders final build demonstration that they promised last week. This time SEGA’s Fabian Doehla and a fellow colleague show how the co-operative Tag Mode works, while also showing a new track based in a city at night.

Tag Mode sees you and another player join hands and work together as one, but you are able to separate during a race and change to a split-screen view. If you want to rejoin each other, the further ahead of you can wait at certain points in the track for the other to catch up and sync back up with you. When asked about photo features, Doehla says you’ll be able to take photos of yourself and put them on the in-game billboards. The demonstration also features plenty of voice clips from Sonic and Tails’ new voice actors.

Thanks to Hero of Legend at the SSMB for the YouTube conversion!

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  1. Sonic’s voice sounds awfuly close to the so called edited alton towers clips and tails still has girlish features to his voice just sayin

  2. at 17:48 i heard Sonic’s voice actor! it sounds pretty good to me but i’ll have to wait till colors though to make my final judgment.

  3. It’s nice to hear Sonic’s voice having some charm to it again. To me, anyways. Everyone can feel the way they want to feel. Hating something for what it isn’t, or liking something for what it is.

  4. He doesn’t sound like the edited Alton Towers voice to me but I can’t hear him too good cause of the people talking over it.

  5. Wow. Sonic and Tails sound awesome! Cream sounds the same, but her voice doesn’t have much variety to it anyways so it’s always been the same. Maybe it’s the same but less annoying. XD

    I usually say I don’t care if I look stupid as long as I have fun but… even in this co-op mode, which should look even more stupid… for some reason I don’t think they look that stupid at all playing it. o.o Especially knowing they’re just playing a kinect where they gotta do that stuff anyways. It looks fun. =D

    I want this game. XD

  6. Well its obvious that they recorded the same lines the previous actors did, as I heard Tails say, “Come OOON… YEAH!” And Kate sounds similar to Palant from what i cud hear, Roger well….

    Anyways, this is gonna sound weird but I swear I heard a voice, and it sounds SO much like Colleen O’Shaughnessy… I got $5 shes voicing one of the characters! Im thinking maybe wave! But I know I heard her voice!

    I think we also hear a bit of Amy around 16:16 or so, shes like screaming, “Go!”

  7. Wow! This actually looks like a lot of fun… I didn’t really want to get the Kinect… but… I think I do now! 😛

  8. Looks like it could be awkward if you dont like to touch or be touched. I’m still waiting to hear what the storyline will be.

  9. @amiterisu
    Oh man, if i was single id so invite some hot chicks over to to play video games and id be like
    Yeah lets play Sonic Free Riders
    Girl: Oh whats that Daniel we have to hold hands?

  10. I dont know why, i just have a bad feeling of what sonic is going to sound like in sonic colours, judging on what i’ve heard here.

  11. God dangit man. Bleh, Roger sounds really weird. It’s like he’s trying to do a more SA2 Ryan Drummond voice. Which happens to be my least favorite voice acting for Sonic in any game.

    Bleh, hopefully he sounds a tad better in person or with less chatter.

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