NYCC: Interviews With Sonic Artist Pat Spaz and Writer Ian Flynn

This interview is a dream come true, in all honesty. Patrick Spaziente is a very difficult man to get a hold of. He has absolutely no online presence, and hasn’t done an interview of any kind since 2005, at least from what I’ve been able to find. Spaz is famously reclusive, and until now I didn’t even really know what he looked like. The fact that he was actually at the con is remarkable in and of itself, since Spaz rarely ever even goes to conventions. The fact that he was even there is the whole reason I even asked Selinka to cover the con for us. Even more remarkable is the fact that he let us conduct a video interview, since Mr. Selinka was originally told by Spaz that he wanted to remain “an enigma”. This interview is a huge score for us all, and I hope you will all enjoy it.

We also have another man in this interview, of course. He is bearded. He is mighty. He is the enemy to all Drago fan everywhere. He is also an awesomely friendly dude. He is Ian “Potto” Flynn, writer extraordinaire. He got the Sonic comics out of teen drama, endless love triangles, convoluted solutions to simple problems, and Tommy the Turtle, and into high flying action, adventure, humor, and Bean the Dynamite Duck. We got an interview with him too. Not as awesome as Spaz, I agree, but he just kinda wondered onto camera, so Selinka thought “why the heck not?”

This epically awesome 3 part, 34 minute HD video interview is brought to you by Thomas Selinka, better known around the Sonic fandom as “Illustrous Q”. He’s got a comic coming on ECC this week. Thank him by reading it. Now, without further ado…

Coming later tonight, we’ll have the complete Archie panel in HD video for your viewing pleasure, and tomorrow, the most awesome interview of them all….John “Dubs” Gray!

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  1. Spazzzzzzzzz! Can’t believe he actually did an interview!

    And I can’t wait for the Dubs interview, that’s gonna be AWWWE-SOOOME!

  2. I am marking every “1st comment” I see in my articles as spam. Post enough and you’ll end up getting banned automatically from having so many marked that way. So please, everyone, stop posting “first comment”.

  3. @espioofchaotix

    LOL fail.

    Awesome interview, Patrick was awesome, and ian was just halarious. But im really excited for the new stuff both of them will be throwing out there.

    😀 Thank god sonic select is back.

  4. Being a Bumbleking member myself, who is more than familier with the inside jokes, I know the Dubs interview is gonna be veeeery interesting 8)

  5. I know this is a Sonic Site, but I’m really looking forward to a Megaman comic. My best friend used to play it and sonic on our old Gameboy Advances. It’s gonna be AWESOME!!!

  6. Now, just to clarify, the question where we claimed we where the biggest Sonic site was NOT written that way. It was supposed to be Sonic news site. Honest mistake on Q’s part, but that position is still very strongly held by

  7. OMG I am so looking forward to the Mega Man comics, it is like a dream come true for me, I always wanted an actual comic that based every aspects from the actual games story and character design. I can remember back in Junior High School I started working on a Mega Man comic of my own but didn’t quite finish it unfortunately.
    Great news I’ve heard all day, keep up the good work guys ^_^

  8. Loved it. Only gripe is that the videos cut off in odd places–the first break got Spaz right in the middle of a sentence. Other than that, it was great. I’m excited.

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