Sonic the Hedgehog 2 in 3D

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 in 3D


YouTube user Eyspire has uploaded a video of a project in the works involving Sonic the Hedgehog 2 zones in 3D, and judging by the video, it looks amazing, but would you believe this is being made for satire use?

This is the result of many hours of persistance during my spare time over the last fortnight. As I played through the original Sonic 2 on a genesis emulator, I snapped screenshots along the way, and recreated the levels in true 3D. using textures from the game. Imagine if the Sonic Team made something along these lines!

This is a fan-made animation. It’s part of a satire series i’m working on, this is just a segmented portion.

Great work Eyspire! We’ll keep an eye out for the final product.

What do you guys and gals think of Eyspire’s work?

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  1. Humuna humuna. I tried something similar to that in college ages ago. I did a 3D model of the Labyrinth Zone.

  2. Half of those don’t even look like they’re in Sonic 2.

    But I personally think it looks okay at best. I wouldn’t be too hopeful for the final project.

  3. So… some guy took pictures of Sonic 2 stages, slapped the environmental sprites onto 3D blocks as textures, and… that’s it? I’m sorry, but this is pretty lame.

  4. How wonderful. This is amazing, it looks nice and smooth. Hopefully, in Sonic 4, there’ll be a stage like mystic cave zone. I always enjoy that zone. Once again, Nice, reall nice.

  5. @brianzilla, Well why don’t you take the time to show us your amazing contribution to humanity then we can see if it’s lame in comparison.

  6. It’s a great production, but not necessarily a great game remake. You might as well just play the original game or wait for Robert Medina to put out another beautiful 2.5D rendering of a Sonic stage. It’s not like this would make a game worth playing.

    “Hey, look, it’s a 2D game in 3D! Only the 3rd dimension’s completely useless and serves only to extend the depth of the foreground and its distance from the background(s)!”

    Satire series, guys. Play along.

  7. @Casanova

    This is great. It’s been a while since I’ve been subjected to the “put up or shut up” line. What can I say? I don’t know a thing about 3D modeling. Of course, with that in mind, it wouldn’t be incredibly hard to use an emulator, perform a screen capture, and use those screens to pull sprites with which I’d texture cubes and rudimentary character models. This is all a strawman argument to begin with, since whether or not I can do what this person did is irrelevant to the fact that I still find it fairly unexciting. I mean, he didn’t even give us a truly 3D, 360-degree vision of Sonic 2. He has parts of the level visible at anything from a 45-90 degree angle. So what? And sure, some segments are large, fully-realized 3D cubes, but a lot of what we see (characters, circular platforms) is more akin to text on paperback books that pops out a little bit. Sonic doesn’t have his proper set of spikes because the sprites don’t offer the required textures. If you take a profile picture of somebody, it’s impossible to get a full 360-degree vision of them, even if you mirror the image and slap it to the other side of a 3D model, which I’d wager is exactly what the creator of this video did.

    Of course, ignoring my comments altogether here, I can’t help but think you’re holding this fan video to rather lofty regards. I mean, you require an “amazing contribution to humanity” from me in order to compete with this? Even if this were a full-fledged 360/PS3-quality graphical overhaul of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, would that be an “amazing contribution to humanity?” Is this really so amazing to you that you throw this in with the likes of the polio vaccine, Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech, the cell theory, the Declaration of Independence, and invention of the wheel, and so on? Obviously you wouldn’t, but the implications of having this go head-to-head with an “amazing contribution to humanity” are just… wow.

    What I don’t understand is why you cared enough to aim a negative comment at me. I gave my thoughts on the item, and it apparently offended you (or threatened you) enough to make you feel the need to try to shoot me down. Fine. You missed. Better reload.

  8. @suddes

    Looks like you managed to make me sigh and roll my eyes. If I tell you that a movie sucks, it’s a fact. The movie, from my perspective, sucked. It is IMPLIED by the very fact that it is based entirely on opinion, and literally cannot be objective. Likewise, if you followed up with “the movie was great,” that would also be fact, because you’re telling me that the movie is great. People cut out the middle man all the time in speech. Contractions (don’t, I’m) are a perfect example of this. As I said, it is literally impossible for how I feel about the movie to be anything more than an opinion, so what exactly is there to wrap your head around?

    By the way, if you played the game yourself, you’d know that one of the ‘opinions’ is stated as follows: “His pants are amazing.” Apparently even infants that play this game have a better grasp on reality than you do. Oh, the irony.

  9. Haha, wow. I should proofread my stuff more often. Everything from “If I tell you…” to “…the movie is great” can be disregarded as stupid babbling on my part. >_<

  10. @ Treleus and Brianzilla2004:
    The whole thing is being made for a satirical animation series, so it’s not supposed to be taken very seriously at all. It’s not being made as a 3D remake fan-game or any kind of fan-game. I’m very curious to see what Eyspire has in-store.

  11. @Shadzter

    I was not aware that there was anything more to it. With that in mind, perhaps the other elements will be strong enough to make this worthwhile. Thanks for the info. 🙂

  12. Okay wow people are really salivating over this piece of work which is, on it’s own, not all that impressive. (not that I could do any better)

    I’d really like to see what this satire series is about though.


    Mushroom Hill Zone guy did the 3D transition 721369070x better. This just….looks all “herp derp here’s some 3D textures to old sprites that I just learned how to make.”. It looks bland, and….not alive. Sure it looks neat but it’s nothing to really sneeze at.

  14. Do I need to remind folks again that this is a SATIRE series and not a fan-game, so isn’t supposed to be taken so seriously on a technical level? The interesting part of this is how it is going to be used.

  15. It’s really nice to see someone do like this in his spare time. But i’ve got to be honest i’m really not that impressed, you still need alot of work to keep this thing looking great.

  16. It’s basically the same concept as the Green Hill Zone stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Same textures as the original stages, but 3D models.

    This video looks nice, but it’s not like it hasn’t been done before. The Mushroom Hill Zone video was cooler, by virtue of containing real 3D rendering AND actual gameplay.

    (I’m using that 3D Sonic rendering as my wallpaper right now, BTW). 😉

  17. This.. is a little disappointing. Nothing to really put up as a bulletin for “Sonic News” I’ve seen much better recreations made through stuff on Second Life. In fact I even sometimes make a few out of boredom.

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