Sonic Colours Preview Round-up and New Info

Sonic Colours Preview Round-up and New Info

Some new previews of Sonic Colours on Wii have hit the net and they’re all very positive, making a change to the usual reception 3D Sonic titles receive from critics.

Spanish gaming website Meristation believes that SEGA has listened to the fans requests and taken on board past mistakes:

An interesting proposal
Though still several weeks for the release of Sonic Colours in our country (not arrive until Nov. 19), and although it has largely remained quite hidden from your ad on arrival to the store just half a year passes , the truth is that things are looking very well. Sega’s blue hedgehog is showing signs of taking good note of all that its supporters claim on his adventures, and this new release is getting to attract more attention than Sonic 4, becoming the focus of all international fairs in the past months.

The very attractive story mode, which offers similar gameplay to the stage of Sonic Unleashed day but with the addition of the powers of the Wisp, there is also an interesting cooperative multiplayer that not only lengthens the life of the title but challenges and complexity also promises enough to have users who enjoy the challenges demanding. All with what promises to be a very worthy technical finish, both Wii and DS, and in the case of the first without having much to envy of its own productions in high definition consoles. Sonic and Sega are willing to redeem the mistakes of the past, and if things go wrong at the last minute, it seems that going in the right way to do this.

Full 2 page preview in Google Translator

In their preview, Dealspwn saw a clear emphasis on speed as well as platforming and thinks Sonic Team are truly trying to bring Sonic back to gaming fame once again and are “going the right way about it”, they add.

It’s telling that when pressed on what his favourite title of the series, Iisuka leans towards Sonic Adventure, and equally important when he notes that the great desire for Colours is to ‘introduce Sonic to a whole new audience, building on the success and publicity garnered by the Mario and Sonic titles. Hopefully, with the emphasis set on speed and core platforming, along with the new Wisp elements, it will be a game for old fans and newcomers alike.’ Colours is absolutely a statement of intent, to propel Sonic back into the big leagues and, on this evidence, he’s going the right way about it.

Full preview

NowGamer notes that the game has been given a lot of love to it’s production and is a very enjoyable experience, but they remain cautious in case any Werehog type gimmicks are added before release.

That Sega is releasing Sonic Colours solely on the Wii and DS, without making any promises about quality or appeal, is admirable but perhaps slightly misjudged. Although the build we played featured three of the available planets, we felt content that Sonic Colours is a solid, enjoyable experience with strong production values and a refreshing lack of fluff. Then again, we haven’t seen the whole game yet, and much like Sonic Unleashed’s Werehog debacle, there’s still time for Sega to spring some unexpected gimmick on us. We remain cautiously content for now.
Final Summary
We’re surprised Sega isn’t making a bigger song and dance about this surprisingly polished, charming Sonic title.

Full preview

The Sonic Stadium founder Svend “Dreadknux” Joscelyne has put out a new preview over at SPOnG, a gaming website where he works. It’s a good read and very in-depth, since Svend clocked-in 25 hours of play before writing it out. We won’t spoil it here for you, so head over to SPOnG to check it out.

Svend also responded to questions about the game at the SSMB today, with the below list of information:

* You can HA some badniks, note I said ‘you can’t HA most badniks’ in the preview Buzzbombers in Sweet Mountain and Crabmeats in Aquatic Park are two examples of classic badniks that can be HA’d.
* Spiny’s and Motobugs can’t be HA’d. Neither can underwater badniks. You only encounter Burrobots while drilling, so you obviously can’t HA those either.
* 3D underwater areas don’t equal ‘sudden death,’ mostly because there are no real 3D underwater areas to speak of. All underwater activity is done in 2D.
* [In response to a question about instant water deaths in 3D Sonic games] To the above point, if you mean like in Unleashed where Sonic will instantly die if he touches a foot of water during the 3D segments, you don’t need to worry. Bottomless hazards are always identified as bottomless pits, there are no watery quagmires that will suck you in. In Aquatic Park, when you come up to an area of water in 3D, the camera automatically pans back round to 2D view. You can boost along like Jesus, or fall and plunge into the water.
* There are ways of getting around the uncurling – the easiest (and probably most fun) is to stomp. But it can be a pain in the arse when underwater and you want to bop a Chopper, and you uncurl just before you land on it.
* No side-missions, no mini-games. The only thing you’ll be playing are Acts within worlds, or the Game Land/Sonic Simulator (which is essentially the same as the 1-player Story levels anyway). There are no other gameplay mechanics besides bosses.
* You can play Sonic Simulator on your own. Pressing the 1 or 2 button (in the Wii Remote + Nunchuk configuration) will allow you to switch between ‘RoboSonic Player 1’ and ‘RoboSonic Player 2’ (not official names). That’s what the red ball is, following you around – it’s the other ‘RoboSonic’.
* Although you can get pushed off the screen in multiplayer mode, you can escape death and the loss of a life by pressing the 1 or 2 button (Wiimote+Nunchuk config) – you’ll turn back into a spinning ball and follow the remaining player around the level, until you press something and jump back into the action.

Two more quotes from the game have also been revealed today at Sonic Wrecks and the official SonicGames Twitter:

“Ouch! I think I gloated so hard I pulled a muscle!” – Dr. Eggman, Sonic Colours

“Hasta la bye-bye, suckers!” – Dr. Eggman, Sonic Colours

What do you think of such positivity for the game from the critics? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I’d say Sonic Team finally has it right this time. From all the positive reception for the daytime stages in Unleashed, I knew it would only be a matter of time ’till they continue from that same formula. I just hope the won’t be anything too repetitive or lackluster.

  2. Yay, more very positive. Sega/Sonic Team should feel proud. 😀 I’m very confident in this game now.

    BTW, how come nobody’s previewing the DS version? That version needs some love, too.

  3. So, any videos with these reviews? I’d really love to see some new content, like the Starlight Carnival. Or Aquatic Park.

  4. SEGA, this game is perfect, just by seeing those 3 worlds, im gonna buy the game!! plzzz no gimminks in the end!! :}

  5. There hasn’t been any negative Previews for this game.

    It’s wired how I’m more interested in Colors than Sonic 4(I’m an old Sonic fan)and yet my little brother is more exited for 4 than Colors even (he grow up with the adventure games).

  6. Whaa?! When my friends or friends of family who only speak spanish are leaving we mix it up and say goodbye in many ways, me saying some in spanish and them in english. We say “bye, adios, hasta la vista, seeya later, hasta manana, hasta luego” and then I say a combination I made up cuz it makes people laugh for some reason and say “Hasta la bye-bye.”

    I’ve never heard anyone else say that before (though I’m sure someone has)
    And now Dr. Eggman himself is saying it. I feel so pround! 8’3

  7. So happy Sonic is finally getting some positive recognition. All-Stars Racing got overall positive reviews, but it didn’t seem to be enough to fix Sonic’s image. Sure hope Sonic Colors will put Sonic back on top.

  8. I still very cautious mainly because of the purple wisp. I kinda have a feeling that it will turn Sonic into the werehog again lol. I dunno thats just me.

  9. That’s a shame. Though all these levels looks gorgeous in screenshots, they truly shine what we have video of them. I hope we get new video soon.

  10. It’s official. This game WILL be better than the 2-D ones. I think SEGA and Sonic team have out done themselves this time. Plenty of people seem to be easy with what they’re playing. Of course no complaints from me. I knew this game was going to be ace from the first trailer. Eggman is still as funny as ever I see. Well all that’s left now is to wait for more gameplay videos and the final product.

  11. @Model M

    We’ve already seen what the purple wisp turns Sonic into. We just haven’t seen what it does. (idk which is which, but violet I think is the one that’s DS exclusive and purple is Wii exclusive? There were images of Sonic in both forms tho. One looked like a dark even energy ball and the other like a purple version of the fire Wisp, possbily ghosting ability?)

  12. @Kalion I’m very surprised to hear anyone say that, considering the mission concept has been mostly frowned upon for a long time. Personally, I feel that missions are a nice side-challenge, much like their function in SA2, but I don’t like the way that most of the past Sonic games have approached it- additional bulk to a single act. I think that missions would work far better, especially with an interesting powerup system like the Wisps.

  13. These writers…
    For the love of god let them stay.
    This game shows so much hard work and love it’s awesome.
    Truly Sonic reaches out for the stars once more, and it looks like he’ll do it this time.

  14. I know this is off topic but I found a Role of Roger’s that I know will be Sonic go to youtube and Search digimon world data squad kagura Roger plays kagura and sounds just as Sonic would

  15. Boost along like Jesus…. oh lol.

    Nice to know you won’t die if you touch water. That was a bit annoying in other games.
    I think we all know that for this game, Sonic really will reach the stars!!!!

  16. @Ryan
    Seriously do you have to post your stupid Sonamy fantasies on EVERY SINGLE NEWS UPDATE of this game @.@ NO ONE CARES.

    Anyways it’s definately nice to see that there is almost no skepticism or negative previews for this game! I’m super hyped! I really like how they’ve subtly incorporated elements of the classics into this game. Like the old skool Badniks and the Game Land level design.

  17. I agree with SiLeNtDo0m. I’m an SonAmy fan too and even I think it’s annoying cause that don’t have nothing to do with the news update.

  18. Hmm, Ryan seems troll-y.

    …Anywho, thumbs-up so far. It certainly does look promising, but I’m holding in everything I have to say until the proper time comes. I always think SEGA have been listening, it just takes time to get these elements right and there were so many voices coming from the fandom it was probably a question of what they wanted to try first over what suggestions to take seriously (Let’s face it, there’s been some stupid suggestions) So… We’ll see. Looks good!

  19. It’s funny now how alot of people are looking forward to Colors instead of Sonic 4. Oh, how the tables have turned.

  20. It’s so relieving to finally have my favourite game franchise get positive criticism. The Sonic series has been in a rut for so long, thankfully Sega never gave up, even with the annoying fans who whined constantly. Noe Sonic can shine at the top like he used to 😀

  21. @Ax
    The ghost idea sounds pretty neat but if you look closely at the ghost-like wisp render, you’ll see that it has fangs which is why I presumed that it would turn Sonic into the werehog. Sounds rediculous but man I just can’t imagine the uproar of the community if that were true.

  22. Still dont get too excited, nearly all games that get hyped turn out to be massive flops due to the hype,

    plus way back in 2005 shadow the hedgehog kept getting postive previews same goes for sonic next gen and they got hyped and were poor.

    im just worried colours might get repeative in the gameplay, because most levels look like the same design doing the same thing, but for kids they wouldnt mind doing the samething over and over.

  23. @SK72: Yeah, you’re right. Sometimes the people who is getting way too overly hyped about a game is the ones who ends up feeling really disappointed in the end cause the game isn’t what they expected

    I’ve learned my lesson after Sonic 2006. I was really looking forward to that game that I’ve watched every single preview, read every interview,I’d knew that Sonic was going to die in the game cause the script was leaked, etc. The game is suppose to be special cause it’s the 15th anniversary game, trailers and screenshots for the game looks good and Sega said all tis good stuff about it. The game isn’t what I expected at all

    Colors looks great, though. This is everything I wanted from Unleashed minus the werehog. I have a good feeling this will rrecieve positive reviews cause Sega got rid of most of the stuff that the fans and critics has been complaining about in the 3D games. I’m trying not to get too hyped about this game but it seems to get more and more hard for me to do each time we get new information, screenshots, trailers on it

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