Sonic Adventure Out Now On XBLA, Hits PSN Sept 22nd

Sonic Adventure Out Now On XBLA, Hits PSN Sept 22nd


UPDATE: SEGA Europe has issued a press release and a launch trailer for the game at the Sonic City Blognik. /UPDATE END

Sonic Adventure‘s downloadable re-release is now available to Xbox 360 owners from the Xbox Live Marketplace, but in an update on Twitter, SEGA has stated that the PS3 version won’t be hitting the PlayStation Store until next week on September 22nd. A SEGA staff member had previously stated a 15th September release for both versions, so we assume some wires got crossed.

The game is priced at 800 Microsoft Points and weighs in at 1.49GB. If you would like to give it a try before you hand over your points, a trial is also available to download and 10 new screenshots are available to view in the Marketplace too. The game supports online leaderboards and downloadable content, which leaks of the game revealed will be features from Sonic Adventure: DX.

Will you be downloading the game? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Also, it doesn’t appear to be listed yet in the Alphabetical index, so use the New Arrival section of the console’s marketplace. I assume that’s being fixed though.

  2. @Brain:
    I don’t know where to find it but I know the name of that song though, It’s called Ready by JxJ ^__^

    It’s unlucky that PS3 owners have to wait longer but I had a feeling that the PSN release would be out at a later date anyway can’t wait for it to finish downloading on my Xbox =) *waits ages for SA1 to download Shaddix internet totally sucks*

  3. So, it’s not out?
    If the PC version is as bad as everyone says, I’ll try it out before downloading, but I bet it’s just as good

  4. I’m still planning to download this game despite the piss poor reviews its receiving. <3
    Love Sonic Adventure back then in 1999 and I still play it every now and then

  5. It looks nice and bright. It’s too bad the realease date for PSN got mixed up, I was looking forward to downloading it today. Still can’t wait to see the graphics on my HD tv 😀

  6. I can’t download it, but for those who can, please inform us in how it is, in a TSS Community Blog or SOMETHING (and make sure to let others give their free opinions too ;D)

    I wanna hear how it is. lol

  7. It’s amazing. Incredible. Stunning. Best port ever. Excellent. Fantastic. Download now.

    Hell, it’s almost as good as the Dreamcast version!

  8. Hmm… If it was the old Dreamcast Version I would consider it, yeah a major downgrade from the Sonic Adventure DX Director’s Cut one I have for the GNC which works on My Wii but I do like to see the differences between both versions which I haven’t really seen the Dreamcast’s differences between it and SA:DX, plus seeing how the first and most primitive Chao Garden worked in the original would be interesting to Me. Though I downloaded the demo and it still seems to be no different than DX and well I’m not going to download it just so I can have the one I already own in fancy HD (as sweet as some stuff looks in HD on the Xbox its really a matter to Me how they’re differences are and how much of their flaws are fixed).

    Oh well hopefully this will start some Sonic Adventure Avatar items appearing in the marketplace soon, I’d be a bit upset if there wasn’t but then again I don’t remember any for the Banjo-Kazooie games but they did have some for Sonic & Sega all stars racing so I guess it just depends on what they decide to do concerning that. I just really hope they do have something like that and yes I know I’m a little late on this news but I just saw it on the XBLA game marketplace last night.

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