Sonic 4 Release Date & Price Coming Next Week

Sonic 4 Release Date & Price Coming Next Week

UPDATE: SEGA’s Ken Balough has informed via the SEGA Forums that the price of the game will also be announced next week. /UPDATE END

In a post at the SEGA Forums, SEGA of America’s RubyEclipse has announced that the release date for Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 will be announced next week.

Hi everyone,

Just a little heads up that we will be officially revealing the Sonic 4: Episode I release date next week.

Have an awesome weekend!

– The Sonic 4 Team

No more information than that was given, so whether or not the four platforms digital stores will receive it on different dates is currently unknown. We’ll update you when SEGA make their announcement. For now, speculate away in the comments.

Source: SEGA Forums

Thanks to speedduelist at the SSMB for the heads-up!

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  1. What would be really nice would be if it was one of those ‘surprisingly soon’ release dates people reveal, like if they said October 6th or something like that, like I have a feeling Nintendo are going to do when they announce the 3DS date (the way they’re all going on about the release date of the release date they must have some kind of surprise, lol).

    Would be nice.

  2. Well it’s pretty obvious very soon (October) since it’s finished and only a downloadable little game.
    Let’s see how this whole thing will work after all S4E1 went through.

  3. Man, I can’t wait! It will be soon enough before we get to know the release date!

    Say, Shadzter, if you are reading this, you seem to know much about how downloadable games are released, saying that usually, after a release date for a downloadable game is revealed, it is released a few weaks after the release date is revealed. Do you think this game will be released around a few weeks after the release date reveal?

  4. Wow… Announcement for an announcement… Just hurry up and give us the game already, SEGA!! I’ve already got the Wii Points ready!

  5. @ Sonication:
    Usually a downloadable is released about two weeks after it’s release date is announced. So it’ll likely be the same case with this game. Sonic Adventure XBLA was given a date on the 31st August and released on the 15th September. This is why it’s taken this long for them to reveal a release date. If it was a retail game, the date would have been given 2-3 months in advance, just like with Sonic Colours and every game before it.

    @ djshow5011:
    Wikipedia isn’t a reliable source, since anyone can edit it.

  6. I really wish there was a colon in that title. Sonic 4 Release Date: Coming Next Week. I’d love to be playing this a week from now. One can dream.



  8. Totally interpreted the title as “Sonic 4’s Release Date is Coming Next Week”, such an unintentional troll. =P Hopefully we don’t have to wait more than a month for the game to finally release.

  9. @Shadzter

    lol I find that a funny statement considering those at Wikipedia won’t add info on Sonic articles on info from Sonic Stadium alone as they don’t consider it a reliable source! XD

    It’s true, anyone can edit it. Though that’s vandalism as the edits should follow Wiki-policy, otherwise the bad info doesn’t stay long and is reverted if there is no source provided. They can also block specific IP adresses from making edits if they vandalise the site by making bad edits. xD

    Otherwise, I usually listen to Wiki and TSS, but never 100%. Even SEGA themselves can be an unreliable source sometimes. XD

    Now, I’m not really excited about them revealing the release date. But it’s useful info. So thank you again Shadzter. πŸ˜€

  10. @Ax:
    You’re welcome πŸ™‚

    “lol I find that a funny statement considering those at Wikipedia won’t add info on Sonic articles on info from Sonic Stadium alone as they don’t consider it a reliable source! XD ”

    Wikipedia really thinks that? XD I’ve noticed plenty of link backs to TSSZ and other fan sites there. Why would they think those sites are reliable, but not us? We’ve never posted false information, as far as I’m aware. If anything is purely rumour, then we label it as rumour and we rarely post rumours.

  11. Im guessing its around October 20th – november 12th, because Downloadable games usually release 2 – 5 weeks after the release gets announced and Β£10 – Β£20 luckily im getting my xbox 360 on October 27th!

    is it playable without needing the D-Pad? like analog stick?

  12. @TYoshi:

    I believe it has been confirmed that the 360 and PS3 versions will have analog stick support, though I believe the Wii version is only playable through the Wii Remote by itself on its side, meaning D-Pad only for Wii.

  13. I find myself growing slightly less hyped as we grow closer to the release date… not because I’m no longer excited to play the game, but because it sort of saddens me to think I’ll have already completed the game I’ve been anticipating all year within an hour of purchasing it ><

  14. I still have 2200 Wii points from that Pepsi promotion a few months back.. I think I’ll get the 360 version too.. anyone else getting it multi platform?

    November 15th

  15. Drat…and I just spent the last of my money D:…stupid weakness for pretty DandD dice…Guess I gotta wait a little longer.

  16. I’ve already brought me Nintendo Wii points and Xbox 360 points last month just for this game πŸ˜€
    I’ll be playing it on my Nintendo Wii most of the time while I’ll play Sonic 4 on 360 for the achievements.

  17. Don’t quote me on this; I’m merely speculating.
    But I have a funny feeling they’ve been holding back this release date for at least a week…

    I have a funny feeling this is going to be released sooner than we think (as in the week after the release date is revealed).

    But maybe that’s just me being hopeful.

  18. You know, between Sonic 4 and Shantae: Risky’s Revenge (Due out October 4th), and the eventual VC Holiday release of Faxanadu, I might need to buy two Nintendo Points Cards. One for DSi Points, and another for Wii Points.

  19. @ Shadzter

    Well i trusted it for the release date for sonic colors here and it was true. =p Wikipedia can be trusted sometimes you know.

  20. HEy guys in the new sonic 4 trailers they said it was going to be out in fall 2010, and sonic colors holiday 2010(November 16th). So that may mean that sonic 4 may come out in october, because all they have to reveal are the new changes to mad gear zone, egg station zone, and the world map.

  21. @Shadzter

    It’s just that they won’t use TSS as a source if it’s the only source they can find. I’m sure if there’s a source for TSS to get their info from, and a lot of the times there is, then Wikipedia will use TSS and/or the source TSS got the info from. =)

    But the good thing about TSS is it’s frequently updated! XD

  22. @ Ryan:
    I’ve deleted your comment. Will you please stop spamming the comments in every article with long and off-topic posts about Sonic facts and character relationships you wish would happen?

  23. I think ill get it on PS3 i think its going to be released before i get my 360 (27th oct)

    I hope its Β£15 or under as i have Β£5 on my PS3 after getting sonic adventure for my PS3. if its released a week after its announced i will scream shouting “SONIC 4 HELL YES!” this also means im not buying the DX DLC for sonic advnenture so i can save cash and not have to put more on than i can with the money i have left to get the DLC.

    But im really hyped for this my guess is: October 10th – 23rd :3 its also going to be a game i get on the day its out so ill be playing through it and recording it with for a playthrough at the same time πŸ˜€

    Who else is getting it on release day?

  24. @Superstarsmasher
    I hope your joking, wait till you see what sonic 1, 2, 3 and Knuckles cost at launch!

    Also, I can almost guarantee this will be released next week, nintendo power already reviewed the game in the new issue and recommended it. also, it had a price and no release date so… hmm…..

    Pray. Pray hard friends.

  25. @ hook131 – Yeah, it’s a beaut! A lot of us already have one πŸ™‚

    Still swinging towards Mid-November πŸ˜€

  26. Yeah lol, like I said they might actually do that.

    No wait, this is sega… They’ve already messed that up and killed their company.

  27. Damn…I saved 1000 wii points for this and now I find out it’s going to be 1500?
    Don’t know where the extra 500 is going to come from…

  28. @TYoshi Unfortunately.. yes, I have. I had 500 points 2 weeks ago and found out about stars…I used all of them getting my 1000 πŸ™

  29. Well, I was thinking it might be released in November but if it was they might not of announced it this soon. They might release it in October so that it’s release doesnt go head to head with Sonic Colors.

  30. Huh, I have just enough wii points to get it lol. I bought a 2000 wii points card last year in july and Ive only used 500 for the Internet channel since then xD

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