Sonic 4 Priced and Dated for All Systems

Sonic 4 Priced and Dated for All Systems

According to this link from IGN, Sonic 4 will be out as soon as next week.  Here’s the breakdown of the prices and release dates for each console:

  • iPhone on October 7th ( Across all territories. No price mentioned as of yet.)
  • Wii Shop Channel on October 11th (15th in EMEA countries) for 1500 points.
  • PlayStation Network on October 12th (13th in EMEA countries) for $14.99 / £9.99 / €12.99 / AU$19.95
  • XBOX Live Arcade on October 13th (across all territories) for 1200 points.

Start buying those point cards, kids!  We’re only two weeks away!

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  1. £10 in notes! Sold! And it’s out 2 days after my birthday! Woo! *sings* happy birthday to needs *dances*

  2. @ Peter

    Ummmm.. read again. 360 is last. Oddly, iPhone gets it first.

    Thanks to whoever edited in the image BTW. I didn’t have one handy.

  3. W-w-wait, October 11th is a Monday. Are these dates North America only? Because Europe’s Wii Shop Channel updates on Fridays…

  4. Whoohow, already coming? =D
    …1500 Wii Points? >_> Yuck. Didn’t they say they wanted to make the game as affordable as possible? Plus, it’s episoded…
    Can’t let Sonic 4 slip through, though.

    I didn’t think we would be getting them as soon as that.

    I’m sooo happy, I’m downloading it twice!
    PS3 when I’m home and Ipod touch when I’m on the go.

    Oh! I almost Forgot about Sonic Colours
    Wii when I’m….uh you guys get the idea!

    Peace out..UP..OVER…AND GOOOOONE!

  7. That price… Wow. And the date. It’s about a month earlier than I expected, yet I’m actually somehow more annoyed now than before, because of the release date for my console of choice, the 360, in relation to the Wii and PS3.

    And that price… I was expecting to pay 1200 for the game as a whole (Episodes 1, 2 and 3… How could it not end in a trilogy?). Suddenly this went from a little $5 game to a gargantuan $15 download? Wow. There’d better be A LOT of stuff to do in this game. I mean, Sonic Adventure was only $10, and there’s over a hundred Emblems to collect, and a decent amount of leaderboards (which I’m still having fun competing against people on).

    In the end, I’m gonna get the game anyway. So, whatever. You know when you’ve got us by the balls, SEGA…

  8. @Exu: Sonic 4 Ep 1 was never going to be sold for 400MSP. Not in a million years – that image is likely a placeholder from Partnernet (which nobody’s meant to see anyway, so the argument that Sega shouldn’t have put that price up there in the first place becomes void).

    1200 might be steep on the grand scheme of things, but 400 is definitely not the benchmark for premium content on XBLA. But then if it’s worth it, it’s worth it. Look at Limbo – one of the best games you can get on XBLA, and that’s 1200MSP.

  9. 13 bucks for me yoink!
    That is 2 less than I expected.
    Now let’s see who wins.
    The wonky physics or the fun factor.
    Man do I hope for the latter.

  10. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! October????? UK £9.99??!??!?!? OCTOBER 12th 13th???!?!??!??????????????????? THANKS SEGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. Wii Shop Channel on October 11th (15th in EMEA countries) for 1500 points.

    Well thats not fair:( !!! why we come last ? why we can’t download it a day later just like the playstation version??

    that’s just not fair 🙁

  12. sorry for double comments but i meant by saying we’re last that i’m from middle east and i have to wait another short time to download it 🙁

  13. Wow. That was fast. lol. I wouldn’t be scrambling to get this a system to get this game or be happy I had no school that day because I could just get it when I get it and I could start downloading it (or have a family member do it) while I’m at school, or just do it when I get home. It’s just a game, and it’s only 4 levels of your typical side-scroller. I’m happy it’s out but I’m not gonna lose my cool over it. =p

    @DVD Smith
    Maybe that second date the Wii gave is for you guys then since 11th is on a money and the 15th is on a Friday.


    Wel, if I wouldn’t consider 15$ a lot of money, and that’s coming from a guy who doesn’t have very much money.

    Think about how much the original classics costed at first for their time. It sort’ve makes since this game will cost 15$. Sonic Adventure costed 10$ but it’s over a decade old. I’m pretty sure it was originally 45$-60$ at first. This is a new game. It’s only one episode but like Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles, they’re bought as individual games first.

  14. @Brianzilla2004 If anything Ax has a point. It’s not so much how much you paid for SA:DX now, because it used to be ridiculously expensive. If anything it’s that price because of a classic~ Not sure why you’re competing on the leaderboards, though. Half the people there are cheating =P

    Straight-up tenner you say? Awesome. That’s how much I was willing to pay. XD Bring it on!

  15. Whoo, that’s 5 bucks more than I was planning to spend…

    Oh well, guess I can’t get Bomberman Blast with Sonic 4….

  16. Yeah! I’ve been waiting exactly a year and 18 days for this game! I’m psyched! And then I looked down and saw the price. I was like “Oh, okay.” Then I looked at the comments.

    You little cheapazoids! You can’t spare twelve bucks for your favorite childhood hero?! What’s wrong with you?! This is the first game of it’s kind in YEARS. An episodic, classic Sonic game. I’d pay 30 bucks for this! I expected to pay 20! I’m HAPPY with the price and even moreso with the date. Ah, the Sonic fanbase. Can’t please ’em all, can you?

  17. *Takes a deep breath before reading the date*

    Ut oh, I’ll be in Los Angeles on the 12th D:

    But yay for October!

  18. I expected the price to be around $15. I’m thankful that it’s not higher. I remember Genesis games being well over $40-50 back in the day. I’d be happy to pay $15 for a new 2D Sonic game. The day it’s released I’ll log into the PSN store and hit download, I’m glad I saved some credit from my previous gift card. 🙂

    As for the iPhone, if this information is correct, I assume they’re really pushing people to buy that version more. Making it only availably on that system almost a week before any other system has it. I may buy it on the iPhone, but knowing Sega’s pricing in the App Store it’ll probably be $10, which at that price I won’t be buying.

    In closing $15 is not that much for a brand new 2D Sonic game. They’ll probably even have it on sale sooner or later.



  20. I have 1100 wii points I’ve been saving all summer for this… now I have to go buy more. Oh well, I had a feeling it was coming sooner instead of later.

  21. I’m glad, not just because it’s very soon (told you guys :P) but also because now it won’t be clashing with Sonic Colours.

  22. now i know the price of it, i can spend my money i have atm on sonic adventure DX DLC, thats if it was RELEASED ON PS3

  23. Ah, I’ll need to get me another card for the PSN, but that will wait until AFTER I get a chance to try the game.

  24. The price is actually fairly reasonable. Imagine it was three times as long – 12 zones (or 15, I can’t remember). Would you happily pay the price of a full game for it? Probably. So ~£10 for 1/3 of that is a fair price.

    To be honest, I always thought it would be this price. As far as downloadable games go, it’s one of the biggest of the year.

  25. Oh damn. I was hoping to be able to afford it. Ah well, at least I still have The Sacrifice in L4D, Sonic Adventure, and Halo Reach. All I have to say is, it had better have more than just those measly levels if they’re gonna charge that much for it. Chances are though, it won’t.

    If anything I’ll probably play a few levels and get tired of it because there’s no Tails. Call me stingy all you want, but Sonic 1 was like Mega Man 1 to me. It was okay though a bit more difficult than I cared for, but the sequel is what really kicked off the franchise. And Sonic 4 Ep 1 is looking to be a lot like Sonic 1. And then those special stages. Oh god I hated those. e.e I hope Ep 2 has Sonic 2’s special stages and Tails. I’d be more excited for that one, if it has pick up and play 2 player co-op.

  26. Oh bother! That’s more than Sonic Adventure once! I thought it would be cheaper. Sigh, that probably means I will have to wait a bit to get Sonic 4 as I need my money for Kinect and 3DS. Oh well, at least I managed to afford Sonic Adventure and Plants VS Zombies on Xbox 360. Why? I thought it would be 400 MS points! Well, at least I don’t need to get Sonic Colours as I don’t think the DS looks anywhere near as good as the Wii one and I don’t have a Wii! Oh well, at least I get Sonic Free Riders! Playing as your Avatar would be ace!

  27. Getting it for Wii on day one!!

    Unless too many people get it ahead of me all at once and make the Nintendo Shop server crash repeatedly for hours on end like fans of previous titles have done…

    They better have all hands on deck in every nation at the Nintendo offices. It’s gonna get busy.

  28. Wow, the game cost alot more then I expected. I’d thought it would be 800 points….

    I’ve already got my Wii Points ready and my 360 arrived in the mail and I activated the points on that, too. I’ve downloaded Sonic Adventure on it last night. I just hope I have enough.

  29. This is pretty shitty. I was expecting 10 dollars, same as the Megaman sequels. And those are full GAMES, not little one-third-assed pieces of games.

    15 bucks for that little zones just doesn’t seem fair. Especially with the Sonic Colors coming out soon. Does SEGA HAVE to be this money grubbing?

    Inb4 “it’s a company, it’s what they do”

  30. YES! Finally!

    C’mon people…15 dollars really is not that expensive!

    This is Sonic 4 were talking about…
    how many acts does this game have 12 plus special stages?

    that means if there was 3 episodes there would be 36 acts… thats like less than 2 bucks an act.

    I mean dude, this is SONIC FREEKING 4!

    the price of this shouldnt be compared to the old games because of there age.

    15 bucks to support sonic going back to his roots, thats nothing.

    thats the equivelent to working for about an hour and a half.

    Go mow some lawns or something.

  31. Heh.^_^ I’m getting it. It’s Sonic The Hedgehog 4 baby. It’s WORTH IT. If it were $50.00? NO WAY. They’d be ripping us off, argh! But I’m already be gettin’ Kinect, Sonic Free Riders, Sonic Colours on the DS, AND Sonic 4 as well as Saw 2:Flesh and Blood. That’s what happens when you map out what you want for the year and save.^_^

  32. @ Legendary emerald

    yes sega like all other companys are money grabbing lol

    but all honesty £10 is pretty fair i thought it would be £15.

  33. As I said on Sonic Retro…

    Whoever complains about the price is dirt poor and just prove how pathetic and sad they are for not wanting to spend $20 for a measly points card…

    Get over yourselves peasants.

  34. I liked Pokemon Rumble and others like My Life As A King and the one with that harpie bird woman in… Ancient Rome was it? I forget the name of that game…

  35. Yeah, $15.00 is not that much. If you can’t afford to spend $15.00 on a game, why are you even playing video games? Most games are in the realm of $50-60. Even downloadable games are frequently $20 or more. $15 isn’t asking all that much, and there are more zones than you seem to think there are. I mean really, you’ve been waiting for this for forever, and Sonic Team is trying to please you. If you keep up this attitude, eventually they’ll probably just give up. Seriously, please stop your whining and be happy that Sonic Team hasn’t given up on you, because by now, they should have, the way people treat them. If you aren’t willing to pay $15 for a new Sonic game, why are you even here? I guess I just don’t get it. If you hate Sonic so much why are you spending your valuable time on a Sonic fansite?

  36. Aw, I was hoping for 10 dollar, oh well. Somehow I knew that the game was coming out in 2 weeks.

  37. @ most of the people calling us cheapskates:

    We’re not saying $15 is SO MUCH MONEY. We’re saying this game isn’t WORTH that much to us. For some, it’s because of a severe lack of content. For some, it’s because this game doesn’t live up to expectations in the first place. For some, it’s because the game doesn’t match up with comparably priced games which offer a longer, better, experience.

    We all have our reasons, and very few of us are saying that the game is overpriced because we are homeless, jobless bums. Everyone has to determine for themselves whether a product is worth the money being asked for. Some people don’t think a pair of jeans is worth $200, and some people are willing to pay that much for a brand or an image. Some people don’t think this 2 hour disappointment is worth $15, and to them – it isn’t.

    Nobody is right or wrong here. If you want to spend that much for that little, go right ahead. I hope you get your money’s worth, I truly do. But lay off the rest of us who think Sega is asking too much for something that isn’t up to our standards.

  38. @Chris K.:
    I’d watch it if I were you.
    I’m not complaining about the price, I just wasn’t expecting it to cost that much. That hardly shows that Im a sad or pathetic person. How many stages is there in Episode 1?

  39. $14.99 for Sonic 4!?!?

    ……why don’t you go rob a few banks while you’re at it, Sega? But who am I kidding? I’m probably going to end up buying it anyways.

  40. I’ve already bought me Wii Points Card on friday. 🙂

    Costs too much? Doesn’t matter. If you’re getting it on Wii(and not paying via credit card), you’re gonna be paying $20 even if Sonic 4 was $10.

    And since I’ll have $5 left over, I can get the MM10 DLC that I want…

  41. I just bought my Wii points for this. 🙂 I’m really excited.

    Why are so many people complaining about the price? I don’t get it. 15.00 dollars is dirt cheap. Are you all a bunch of liberals or something?

  42. 10 quid for Episode 1? I don’t see why people are moaning. This is a bargain! All 3 Episodes will total 30 quid, which is nothing for a game consisting of 36 acts + Boss acts and special stages. By releasing the game in parts rather than all at once helps development. Imagine if the entire game was full of gimmicks like the mine cart. The game would be delayed a lot longer than 4 months.

    It’s a fair price, and those comparing it to the price of a 7 year old port are idiots.

  43. @ Running Wild

    That’s debateable really considering we can download whole games now for around the same price when Sonic 4 is actually split into small bites.

    Still I will be buying it to see if they fixed the game’s problems and because I yearn for some fresh 2D Sonic action.

  44. @chaotic fox
    I can see that standpoint.
    Even to this day i still play Sonic 1,2 and 3 and knux from time to time.

    And Sonic 4 to me so far looks to be worthy of its title, so 15 bucks for a game i will likely play for years to come is totally worth it to me.

    Im curious how old people are on these boards, it seems like there are not very many oldschool sonic fans.

    Im SURE there are some but yeah…

    I also agree with the statement about limbo, it was pretty short but worth the money for the experience.

    Sonic 4 looks to have more replay value to me so its more than worth it.

  45. I’m gonna go onto club nintendo tomorrow to get my Wii points for this. good thing i got loads of unused club nintendo stars.

  46. I’m really surprised that there are so many people here saying that $15 is too expensive and that $10 was what they were hoping for.. I mean, the difference is the price of a cup of coffee. Now, I won’t say “you’re all poor” because I get that a lot when I tell teens whose parents pay for all their crap that I can’t justify a Live Gold membership or $100 jeans and I hate that mentality. However, it is 1/4 of what most new games cost, and if there end up being 3 episodes then the total package isn’t too shabby.

    As far as it being a disappointment, I simply hope that the people who don’t feel the game is worth the price right now will eventually come to value it. Maybe this will be like the song that you don’t like at first, but that gets stuck in your mind and becomes one of your favorites after you listen to it for a while (Vermillion Part 2 for me). Sega has done what big companies hardly ever do- they listened to us. After Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes, Sonic 2006 and (the werehog stages of) Sonic Unleashed, they are finally giving us what we asked for. And the changes they’ve made in these few months show they are STILL listening to us! Who knows, if this keeps up we may find a message in a few months from RubyEclipse saying that due to internet buzz regarding Episode 1, they’ve decided to lower the price to $10 for Episode 2.

    Maybe it won’t be perfect, maybe some will still feel that it’s Sonic Rush HD, but many will LOVE it, and I still I think Sega deserves thanks for reaching out to the fanbase like this. The last time a big entertainment company tried to listen to what fans wanted, we got Snakes on a Plane. Sonic 4 will be much, MUCH more worthy of praise. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, people!

  47. $15 dollars for a rehash of the originals? I’ll pass. I’ll wait for episode 2 if it actually does something different.

  48. Daniel Butler u r right, it’s just that im saving my money and getting good grades for sonic colors. I despise sonic unleashed so much, that the suspense for sonic colors is unberable. Sonic 4 is a so anticipating.

  49. I hate to ask but is there anyone who’s wii has only been connected to the internet for under 30 days…?
    If so, would anyone be interested in doing the Connection Ambassador promotion..?

    Seriously, these 500 points are bugging me here… I feel kinda rude asking but yeah…

  50. @ Butler

    As one of the older Sonic fans you were asking about, I personally don’t feel like this game lives up to the old standards. I still replay the classics regularly, but I don’t see myself doing the same with this game. If for no other reasons than those that have been stated before: length and difficulty. The classic titles offered a much meatier and more polished experience (even Sonic 3, the shortest of the bunch). This new game not only looks shorter than its predecessors, but EASIER as well. The end boss is a cakewalk yawnfest compared to its maddeningly intense Sonic 2 counterpart. The whole thing just feels cheap in comparison.

    That being said, it does still look like a good time. And while I think the price point is asking a bit much considering the lack of content, I will most likely fork over the money for the chance to experience the game I’ve been wanting to play for over a year. Brianzilla was right when he said Sega has many of us fans “by the balls” on this one. Some of us will be paying the premium price simply to end the waiting game… like hitting the midnight showing of a movie instead of waiting for the much cheaper DVD rental.

    Back in the day a Genesis title like Sonic 3 could get away with charging full retail for a 12 act game… but these days, that just isn’t going to cut it. The market has changed, and it is unfair to compare the two generations. I expect more for my money than a 2 hour sequel that doesn’t live up to it’s 16-year old predecessors. So, while I will be paying to play this game, I still stand by my opinion that $15 is more than this game is really worth (to me), and I can see why so many people are bothered by it.

  51. OMG. So I could have Sonic 4 on my iPhone NEXT THURSDAY? That definitely makes my day a LOT better. 🙂

    Honestly, I didn’t think the release would be this soon! SO EXCITED.

  52. @ chaoticfox

    All nastolgia put aside, im sure if i was younger and this was released id be just obsessed with it as i am with at least sonic 1 and 2.

    The acts in the the older sonic games are really not much different in length than sonic 4 from what i see

    In these particular videos some dude beat emerald hill act 1 in 28 seconds and it wasnt really a speed run

    In sonic 4 it took 1:28 to beat act 1

    even if the player sucked, its a full minute longer.

    As far as the last boss goes…
    “The end boss is a cakewalk yawnfest compared to its maddeningly intense Sonic 2 counterpart. The whole thing just feels cheap in comparison.”

    Wow, im suprised you have seen the last boss for sonic 4’s LAST EPISODE
    but seriously remember…this is just episode 1.

    Actually, games have actually GONE DOWN in price since the retro days.
    Im sure sonic 2 when it first came out was around 40 to 50 dollars.

    and that would have much less acts as sonic 4 as a whole.

  53. @ MightTheArmadillo : MM10 DLC on Wii? :O

    I’m not fussed about the price, either buy it, or don’t, it’s a simple choice and we don’t need to hear about why you want or dont want to buy the game. We don’t need more BS surrounding a Sonic game.

  54. @Ax

    Yes, it’s a new game, but Sonic Adventure is a massive, feature-rich game. Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 only has 12 levels, four of which are just boss battles. The game seems like it’ll be about as long as Sonic the Hedgehog 3. $5-10 seems fair, but $15 is pretty steep. Again, I’m gonna get the game anyway. I’ll download the thing the instant it becomes available, and I’ll probably unlock at least 10 or 11 of the Achievements on day one (that 99 lives Achievement could take a while…). On the other hand, I do have three friends that just found out about the price and essentially said “oh, nevermind.” That’s three less customers thanks to the new price.

    @Syaming Li

    Eh, only three people (mokuro07, THEno1SonicFan and wadco0l) seem to be cheating on the leaderboards. There are some insanely high scores as high as fourth place on some of the boards, but they seem legit to me. I’ve made it into the top 10 on a few boards without cheating, so there can’t be too many jerks I’m not aware of.

  55. Wait… You all are willing to spend 200-300 dollars on a console, but your not willing to spend 15 dollars for a game for it? 0_o

  56. What!? 15 bucks!? For 13 stages!? I can go out and by Sonic Rush which has 23 stages, not to mention multiplayer, funny event scenes, and it’s a FULL GAME for $20. Sorry SEGA, you’re really pushing it. $50 a game is bad enough (considering that this’ll end up being 3 episodes through simple math, so yeah, this’ll end up being 50 friggin’ dollars by the time this is done) but this’ll end up being 50 bucks for 39 stages if I’m right.

    Am I the only who finds it sad that New Super Mario Bros. ended up having like 100 stages on a $30.00 game for the friggin’ DS yet this is half the price for only a fraction of the stages? What happened to the $5.00 price SEGA? I don’t even really want the game since SEGA is pinching money THAT badly.

  57. Hum, I don’t know whether to bring my Wii home from college so I can download it and bring it back with me, or put it on the XBOX (with better graphics) and play it on the weekend. SO CONFLICTED.

    Either way, $15 seems fair. I was expecting it to be a little cheaper, to be honest, like the 800 points the Scott Pilgrim game was, but this is a super hyped-up game, so it’s no wonder they’re gonna milk it for a little more.

  58. Hmm… If one episode is $15 and if there are a total of 3 episodes, then the total price will be $45 which is about as much as one would pay for a normal disc-based release. In that case, I guess I’ll save my money and wait to see if Sega decides to release all of the episodes on a single disc. They may get my money eventually but not until I am sure that they won’t release all of the episodes on a special edition disc after I have already paid $45 for the downloadable versions.

  59. If Sonic 4: Episode 1 is going to cost $15 ALONE, then why are they releasing it for digital downloads only?! We know that there is going to be an episode 2 because then it would be COMPLETELY POINTLESS to have episode 1 in the title… which would then make the game cost $30 assuming they keep the price the same for all the episodes. If they were going to do that, then they could release it as a full game in the store on a disk format and, being that episode 2 isn’t formally announced yet and it’s almost the end of 2010, why couldn’t they wait to release the entire game in one package and add in a bunch of bonus content for Sonic’s 20th. They don’t have to make it a $60 game like everyone else does… but to do that you don’t HAVE to make it for digital distribution. I would actually rather want Sonic 4 for Sonic’s 20th and get a super cool full-feature length game rather than a bunch of rereleases of old Sonic games that I’ve played through 20 TIMES (Sonic Adventure), a rerelease of one of the more recent (and very crappy) Sonic games (Sonic ’06), or rerelease one of the old Genesis games that they have already rereleased 20 DIFFERENT TIMES. I’m starting to lose my interest with Sega and Sonic because of what they’ve done recently, but they just keep pushing my anger… and they don’t know how to stop.

    And @HighCaliburFun… I’m pretty sure that people who have a console don’t have just one game for it… especially a digital download game that ISN’T EVEN a full-feature length game.

  60. Oh well… even though this game looks like it may be fun I’m sure Rock Band 3 will provide 9 times the entertainment! My Sonic nerves have been itchin’ for some action but it’s either waste 15 dollars on this or buy myself the first real music game in America to feature a keyboard. I’m voting for they keys. SEGA… you lost me there.

  61. @JTJ

    Relax dude. What I said was perfectly reasonable. EXTREMELY less crude than what they say.

    Don’t compare me to the low status of the simple minded offenders of SEGA on that website…

    I simply can’t wait for Sonic 4 and the price is amazingly perfect. That is my opinion. Plain and simple.

  62. Prices are total bull. Sonic 4 is only 17 levels big; it’s totally worth 800 points. I mean Earthworm Jim HD was only 800 and it’s longer than Sonic 4.

  63. Ooh, in two weeks? Cool. I’ll probably be picking this up, but definitely not before I read some reviews. XP The price is still a bit steep, but it sounds like it’ll be worth it. Hopefully that proves to be true.

  64. I’m pretty broke and the price isn’t a big deal.

    sonicfan1984, if you’re not complaining about the price, and his comment was directed at those who were, I don’t think his comment was referring to you. XD

    It’s funny. It went down like this! “OMG IMMA JIZZ MY PANTS AND THEN BUY A 360 AND SKIP CHUTCH TO GET THIS GAME THE SECOND IT COMES OUT…whoa, it’s not woth 15 little dollars though. o.0” lol

    Strange strange strange are the fans. Now that someone’s saying “Wonder why people are complaining about the price. It’s no big deal”, suddenly I’m hearing the same song comment after comment.. SUDDENLY. XD lol


    You bet your ass they aren’t! XD

  65. October 11th on Wii?! Dang, time flies when you’re anticipating two other Sonic games! 🙂

    Join my Steam group:

  66. That’s not too bad. After I buy Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, I’ll have enough Nintendo Points for an NES Game, preferrably Faxanadu, when it comes out in either October or November.



  68. Holy crap, that caught me off guard! I wasn’t expecting it until much later this year. Well I know what I’ll be doing the 11th.

  69. I do agree that it is not a bad price at all as said by some people here.

    Well, this is an episodic game, and this is just Episode 1 of the game. So, to others whining about the price, but in a more kind manner from me, I know some people are going to wait until the price goes down.

    Why do that or wait until all the episodes of this game come out, so you can buy all the episodes of the game at once to see if the full game in all episodes? Some episodes before the last one may lower in price. Also, they may release a free trial. Why not play the free trial before deciding to buy the game and when you should buy it?

    Just being suggestive here.

  70. SOOOOOOOO EXICITED FOR THE 12TH!!! GETTIN IT ON PS3!!!…but uhhh…do you think it will eventually come out all together in one pack at the stores (like gamestop)?

  71. $15.. next to $10 that isn’t a lot.
    20 quarters, 50 dimes, 5 x 1 dollar bills…

    For those $10 peeps, you have 13 days to save up $5.. thats 22 cents a day! You could skip lunch for a day, pass on that cup of coffee.. you could even ask someone for a quarter *shrugs*

    Come on! We can get through this.

  72. Yay 131st*shot**shot**shot**shot*
    I’m still alive yo*shot*
    Man I need to hurry and get A points card!
    if I get 2000 I’ll get Sonic 4 and Pac-man……

  73. Do you guys not understand? There will be 4 total episodes. 15×4=60$ SIXTY DOLLARS for a 2d game! Leave it to Sega to penny pinch as usual. After dreamcast they have totally lost my respect.

    1. @Zachy: Most episodic games are a ripoff when you add up the totals. Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People is $8.95 an episode. There are five episodes. That’s a total of $40+. There is a collection offer for under $30, but what makes you think Sega won’t do the same with a collector’s bundle of all the Sonic 4 episodes?

  74. @Dreadknux

    At least they’re not asking you for all that money up front. lol I mean, I think by the time the next episode comes out you should be able to recover from spending $15-$20. =P

  75. I could have sworn most people said 15 bucks when Brad did a sunday poll.
    Anyway as said by Dread, Limbo costed also 15 $.
    Well I do get it for 13 €. Being european is fun XD.

  76. Wow there are alot of cheap and ungrateful people here. People are saying “Sega’s trying to rip us off!”. You guys are trying to rip Sega off, $15 dollars are you kidding me…you can’t pay $15 dollars? These guys have worked HARD for a year on making a game catering to you (the fan) when they could’ve easily put together another sloppy SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 06′, instead someone stepped up and realized the mistakes they were making. This is a brand new title which is why it’s around $15 bucks, everyone just wants Sega and Sonic Team to rip directly off of Capcoms idea with Megaman 9 (Megaman 9 was cheaper because they were using outdated graphics.) Sega has to make some sort of profit to make Episode 2, so either buy the game or don’t and spare us your pessimism.

  77. @Jmack. Many of us find this game to be sloppy already. If “fixing their mistakes” just means making a 2.5D platforming game, they still have much to learn.

    Ungrateful? Sega is a company out to make money, like a lot of people have said. Their job is to cater to us, like YOU said… BECAUSE THEY WANT OUR MONEY, not because they understand or genuinely give a shit about “fans”. I’m not saying that makes them an evil corporation or anything, but as such, THEY are the ones who should be grateful for every dollar we spend. We don’t owe them ANYTHING.

    These arguments on price are getting as redundant as all the ones regarding whether the game is good in the first place. “You’re all a bunch of ungrateful cheapskates, I’d kill my mother for this game! / It’s not good enough to justify $15!”. Rinse and repeat.

    I agree. People should just buy the game or not, and then we should ALL spare each other the redundancy.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: YOUR OPTIMISM IS NOT ANY VALUABLE THAN OTHER PEOPLE’S PESSIMISM. To the pessimists, your constant attempts at telling them why they’re terrible people for not wanting to buy a Sonic game are just as obnoxious as their cynicism and negativity is to you. YOU ARE NOT BETTER PEOPLE JUST BECAUSE YOUR OPINION INVOLVES SPENDING MORE MONEY ON THE HEDGEHOG. QUIT TRYING TO SILENCE AND STIFLE EVERY OPINION THAT ISN’T YOUR OWN.

    I am so sick of this high and mighty bullshit. Half the reason the negative people spend so much of their time complaining is to defend and justify their position from the elitist assholes who keep trying to argue why we’re “wrong” or shouldn’t be allowed to express ourselves because our opinion doesn’t end with us forking over our money.

  78. They’re charging you full price for a normal Sonic game when you think about it…$49.99 for Riders, and $45 total for Sonic The Hedgehog 4. You’re just paying for the first third of the trilogy.

  79. @Chaoticfox

    I agree Sega and Sonic Team should be grateful for every dollar we give them…but they do care to some degree. They could have just given us Sonic 4 in May without making any changes from the leaked footage at all and it would’ve been very upsetting, But they went back and fixed it. In a way they do care what we think that’s why they’re incorporating fan feedback into the game, regardless if they’re trying to “squeeze” money from us.

    As for optomists and pessimists…if I’m interested in a game and I want to share my excitement with fellow fans thats understandable…but if I’m not interested in a game and I leave a comment saying “I’m not interested in this game” clearly I’m interested, I’m just being negative.

    I never said the pessmists were terrible people not at all. When it comes down to “$15 dollars is too much money, this game isn’t worth it” then they’re being cheap…I’m not being mean I’m just telling the truth $15 dollars is not alot of money, and because the game isn’t exactly how they thought it was going to be in their heads so they won’t buy it, thats very one-sided. This game didn’t turn out how I thought it would be either but I like it better like this anyway.

    And I don’t think I’m better than anybody as a person (please don’t judge me). And I don’t try to silence everyone’s opinion that isn’t my own. If anything I like hearing other peoples opinions and ideas because people come up with pretty interesting things. I just try and keep it civilized. conversation (using your words) rather than arguing and nonsense.

    And I’m not trying to be rude or anything but I don’t care if you fork over your money or not. I just want to be able to come on a site and share my excitement with other people, not come on a site and see…”this game sucks”…”No it dosen’t”…”you’re wrong and I’m right, eff you your momma and your grandchildren” its getting old and childish…either buy the game or don’t.

  80. Okay, its safe to say…
    I grew up with sonic and i LOVE the look of this game, to this day sonic 3 and knuckles is my favorite game.
    just because its side scrolling doesnt mean its not quality, ill more than happy pay 15 dollars for an episode of a quality game.

    For whatever reason, some people say they dont like it
    for the green eyes new sonic style or homing attack or w.e

    then people like me who grew up with sonic and think it looks great
    i have no problems with sonics new or old style
    i love the music
    i like the homing attack being added
    i like his green eyes, they remind me of the master emerald.

    If you think its worth it, its worth it if you dont you dont.

    Like lets say someone took sonic 3 and knuckles away from me and said i could never play it again
    i would gladely pay hundereds of dollars to get it back if i had to.
    That might sound crazy, but its all just opinion.
    These arguments are pretty worthless.

    If you dont want to pay 15 bucks for this, just dont then.
    IF you do then go ahead.

  81. @Jmack.

    I agree that they’re making an attempt. Like I said, I don’t think Sega is a big evil money-hungry monster. I’m just saying that no matter how hard they try, if they fail to meet our expectations (whatever they may be) then we really needn’t shower them with gratitude. We can say what we approve of that they have done while still criticizing where they have come up short. I am GLAD they have decided to make this game, but still somewhat disappointed that is isn’t what I had hoped for – something I try not go into specifics about, at least not in the comments of this article.

    Most of us “negative people” ARE interested in this game, if only because it had gotten our hopes up in the beginning. A lot of us are just upset because it let us down. We’re interested enough to keep track of it’s progress and possibly even to hope for changes to come in Episode 2, but not necessarily enough to spend an amount of money on a product we feel is not worth the asking price. 15 dollars is not much, but it’s a lot more than I’d pay for a hamburger or an ice cream cone. Does this mean I am not a hamburger fan? Sure, you could go mow a couple of lawns or skip lunch once or twice and buy that pricey ice cream cone, but when I can buy one that’s just as good for a dollar (or a combination of 3 other types of frozen treats for the same price), some people simply aren’t going to.

    I generally sit in the more negative camp regarding this game, but though I’m not a fan of the price I will be buying it anyway just to give it a shot. I too like to see civilized discussion, which is why I’m saying that it’s pretty much EVERYONE that should quit the bickering. It isn’t just the negative people. From what I’ve seen, it’s the positive people who are getting all rabid trying to bite the heads off of the negative people just because their opinion is different. You don’t see many of the negative people saying “haha, you dummies are retarded if you’re actually buying this crap”. Most of them are just explaining why THEY don’t want it, and that’s perfectly fair.

    @ShadowMaster. Chill out, bro.

  82. @ChaoticFox: I don’t care what you say, you just wanna look like a hero that fought for the negative people, it’s not even your goddamn job to defend the negative people anyway, so go fuck yourself. I’ll bet everyone is tired of listening to your bullshit, just admit it YOU’RE JUST ANOTHER TROLL! Get off the internet!

  83. ChaoticFox: Dude, you’re judging something that isn’t even out yet! It isn’t really fair of you to judge a game you haven’t played yet, is it?

    ShadowMasterX5: Dude, I know you’re trying to defend the game, and that’s admirable. But seriously, there’s no need for language like that.

  84. @TheHumbleFellow: It’s not about defending the game, it’s because that idiot keeps defending the naysayers on here and on TSSZ News as it were his mission, and he does it over and OVER again like the troll he is! Why can’t he just say his opinion on the game and not type all those stupid walls of text defending the naysayers thinking he’s some kind of hero, it’s annoying as hell, and all he does is he makes himself look stupid. Really, he should just get off the internet.

  85. I would pay $60 – $70 for the complete Sonic 4 saga.

    It’s SO worth more than 1500 Wii points. I would have put a whole 2000 point price for the prologue.

    Yeah… I love Sonic and SEGA that much. Wanna beat me again for it?

  86. @ShadowMasterX5
    Dude, take it easy man, no one is forcing you to read his post
    constructively state your point dont be a jerkhole to people.

  87. @Daniel Butler: Omg, I never said anyone was FORCING ME to read his posts! I’m just saying he could just state his opinion on Sonic 4 and the release date/price instead of making walls of text filled with crap that nobody cares about defending people. Jesus christ

  88. @ChaoticFox

    See now this is better…what you’re talking about isn’t negativity…you’re talking about constructive criticism and there’s a difference.

    Constructive criticism is positive. If I say “Hey Sonic Team change the uncurling on Sonic 4, I don’t think it’s a good idea because while Sonic is in the air he’s vulnerable to badniks and it forces the player to do the Homing Attack.” that’s giving the developers an idea on what you want so they can improve the game.

    Negativity would be “F*** you Sega I won’t play another one of your crappy Sonic games until you make them better.” what type of help is that? People tell the devs to make better game without giving them an idea on what they want.

    Congratulate them for trying in the first place. Then inform them on what you believe could be weak points and hope they change it for the better.

    @ShadowMaster X5
    Chill man you’re not making the situation any better

  89. @Jmack: I mean he doesn’t need to post walls of text every time about the same thing on here or TSSZ News, it just ruins the conversation and the fun for everybody like a troll does, why can’t he just say whether or not he’s gonna buy it, or that he’s excited for it, or that he’s glad that it’s coming soon, or that he agrees with the price, FOR EXAMPLE (That’s what the topic is about isn’t it?). That’s all I’m trying to say here. And if you excuse me, I think I’m done here. And sorry if I dragged it on too long.

  90. @Humble.
    I’m judging based on what I DO know. As far as length, I don’t need to play the game to know how long it is. I’m not saying it isn’t going to be fun. In previous posts I have actually said that it probably will be.

    Learn the defintion of a troll. A troll is someone who intentionally tries to piss people off. (ie. People who say “OMG SHUT UP! IF YOU DISAGREE WITH ME ABOUT A VIDEOGAME YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK EVER).

    I don’t make these posts just to piss you off. I get PERSONALLY offended when elitist little bitches try to act like they have the right to tell everyone who disagrees with them to shut up because they think that “positive” opinions are the only ones of value. Particularly because I share a lot of opinions with both sides, and I don’t need people like you telling me what I can and can’t do. I wouldn’t feel the need to keep repeating myself if people wouldn’t stop trying to argue something as basic as “everyone is entitled to their own opinion”. If you want me to just shut up, share my thoughts and go, then quit trying to tell me that I don’t have the right to do so.

    Maybe you don’t give a shit what I have to say, and that’s fine. This has nothing to do with you. You can be an angry little weasel because I’m making you have to use your scroll wheel more than usual, but that’s not going to stop me from trying to create and maintain civilized discussions with other users.

  91. @Shadow

    BUT, I AM getting sick of having to repeat myself over and over, and I DO agree that at this point I may be beating a dead horse. Apparently attempting to be civil isn’t the way to go.

    So, I’m SORRY I have apparently angered you by trying to defend my right to share my opinions without being insulted or told to shut up.

  92. @ChaoticFox: When you said sorry, did you mean it :(? Well cus, I’m sorry too, I think I made a big deal out of this for no good reason, I’m sorry ChaoticFox. And yes, beating a dead horse was the point I was trying to make. And you don’t need to put too much effort in trying to get them to be civil, cus I think it will be in vain, but you can do what you want it’s ok.

  93. damn people still complaining and still talking about uncurling? i thought that shit was put in the past already. goddamn it…

  94. @ Tiny
    It’s not a big problem to me, it’s just a suggestion…I’m still gonna play the game. I’m very satisfied with what I’ve seen so far.

  95. @ Jmack

    its the fact that I’m still reading comments about some of the tedious things. I’ve come across youtube vids with people really complaining about the dummest shit. Let me use an example of the average fanboy comment: Sonic 4 is going to suck. The chain of bubbles in every level is very corny.

    Ok now those same fanboys are also mario fans at that. now thats like saying…you complain about mario games having koppas in every level. So how come mario can do that but when sonic does its a problem? I really dont get the fanbase. Hence the fact i like mario games more because when a game comes out, you dont really hear rants and complains because its all about gameplay. and thats what people need to realize. This game is already done. Uncurling or not, not every game is perfect and the uncurling just allows you to react quick, but you cant tell that to the sonic fans who complain about the simplest thing.

  96. @Tiny

    I know you gotta just let them whine…the thing is that everything doesn’t play out exactly how they want it to, so they’ll whine and say the game is gonna suck because it’s not exactly what they were expecting.

    also people that like to compare and contrast Sonic’s faults to Mario’s success usually become hypocritical in the process.

    for example: someone on another site was complaining about Sonic’s new design v.s. his old design, and that people can’t even recognize who Sonic is anymore. Then in the same breath he said Mario’s design has barely changed over the years, which is completely untrue. If anything Mario has probably changed his design more than Sonic. If you took a picture of Mario from Donkey Kong and a picture of him from Super Mario Galaxy 2 and held them up together…I would say that’s a pretty significant change in design.

    but anyway as I was saying I don’t have a huge problem with uncurling because I don’t have a problem with the Homing Attack. I’m fine with the game as it is really. My asking for that change was the “Purist” in me but I’m not gonna go around saying “This game is gonna suck because they won’t change the uncurling.”

  97. @ Jmack.

    Mario definitely did change over the years. But he he actually has designs for certain games. Like for the paper series he’s sort of a chibish little person as oppose to his regular designs. In the Mario and Luigi games, he’s appearance also alters for for those rpg type game to get the feel of the different vibe he’s taken. But you can’t tell that to Sonic fans. In all honesty, I pretty much knew the old sonic design wouldn’t make it because its not a remake. Even though the obvious levels are inspired by old ones in the Sonic 4 case, the levels are definitely inspired by past games. Even thought Lost Labyrinth was said to be the actually labyrinth in a state of near despair. Although, that was read on the Sonic wiki, anyone could have wrote that. But the Lost labyrinth Level really looks amazing. I definitely like how they constructed the background and the light shining down. It reminds me of chaos angel from Sonic Advance 3 for some weird reason.

    But back on the sonic/Mario matter:

    Yes indeed Mario has gone through multiple changes for certain amount of games. Preferably to to keep the attitude of a certain game like Mario Strikers. Another example, but thats merely to keep the theme of that game “hardcore” so it doesn’t really count. But these sonic fans today…they complain about everything. And if you play sonic, then its obvious you play mario. I play both and i can tell you that mario does a lot of the same shit….but why do people play it? the gameplay is fun! Lets be realistic really quick: fans say sonic 4 is a “shitty” rehearse of old scrapped levels and old enemies and/or sonic rush 3. so you mean to tell me, Mario can visit the same snow world over and over for over 25 years along with the desert, lava and sky land but when sonic revisits the casino or some strange land inspired by a past level…its wrong. Megaman 10 just came out as a digital download. hmmm…i mean damn its pretty much the same game we all know during the nes era. and people STILL downloaded it and played it. But sonic goes to Lost Labyrinth its wrong. :/ So when I see people complain over the tedious and simplest thing…its obvious they have nothing better to do because the funny thing about it is this:

    Those same fanboys who say sonic 4 or sonic colors will suck is going to buy the game. I rest my case.

  98. Hah! At Australian prices, I will get two and a half episodes of Sonic 4 for the price of a new DS game.

    Sounds like a deal to me.

  99. i love how you guys think 15 is a lot…
    you guys AREN’T EVEN THANKFUL that Sega’s making this game.
    if there are 4 episodes it will equal 60… that would make a full game right?
    admit it, you’ve payed more money for worse games.
    by the way, you guys are all very mean to each other. and i thought Capcom fans were annoying….

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