Rumour: Unannounced Handheld Title In Production At Bioware?

Rumour: Unannounced Handheld Title In Production At Bioware?

According to the LinkedIn profile of Bioware’s Mitchell Fujino, the developer has a unnanounced handheld game in development. Fujino previously worked on Bioware’s last handheld title, the poorly received at retail Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood for Nintendo DS, which was Sonic’s first step into RPG gaming. The game’s ending left the story wide-open for a sequel, so could this be that sequel? With the Nintendo 3DS on the way, could the game (whatever it is) be headed to that system? Speculate away in the comments, but remember that Bioware are now linked with EA, so this could be anything at all.

Source: Mitchell Fujino’s LinkedIn profile via GoNintendo

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  1. It can’t possibly be a Sonic game can it? Chronicles didn’t do so great and with Biowares link to EA now surely can’t mean that Sega could do a game with them?

  2. @ Casanova: I wasn’t sure whether to post it or not, but since it’s the same guy who worked on Chronicles and Chronicles ending leaving the game so open for a sequel, I thought it would be worth posting up.

    In terms of sales, it was poorly received, yes.

  3. It’s not exactly unheard of for two publishers to work together on a project. Since it was left on a cliffhanger I wouldn’t be surprised if they started working on the sequel right after the original.

  4. The first was the most godawful game I’ve ever played. But I’d like to know where they were going with the story.

  5. I still haven’t been able to finish this game. I really want to. Every time I see that Sonic does better here than in Japan (i.e. this and Sonic X), it blows my mind. I guess it’s possible though since a Sonic 3DS game is in development, right? Or is Sega actually making that one?

  6. @ sonfan1984

    The first recieved decent reviews usually averaging at around 6/10. I didn’t buy it myself because I heard that even though it had a good story it had bad RPG mechanics.

    @ Sock fox

    someone hasn’t played Sonic 06′ have they?

  7. i already asked sega and they said that its not sonic chronicles 2 “there are no plans to make it at all” is what they quoted

  8. I know that GameInfomer and some other gaming sites loves it and think it’s the best Sonic game in years

    I’d thought Chronicles is pretty average. I’ve played better RPG’s

  9. It’s TOTALLY Sonic Chronicles 2.

    My proof?

    1: Finish the game and it says to be continued…
    2: I have read that Bioware is already working on the Script for the sequel, although that could mean anything. They could just be writing the script to show SEGA, so if they approve of a sequel to SC:DB, Bioware could just start programming.

    In actuality, the game was OK, but I like the Mario & Luigi series better(That doesn’t mean I like Mario more than Sonic, people put up with ’06 and they still like Sonic). It just worked better than Chronicles.
    The POW moves in chronicles were cool, but they kept the same concept for all the moves. In M&L:BIS, Bowser’s moves were completely different for every move. In one move, you had to play pong!

  10. I didn’t really like Sonic Chronicles 2. I thought it was pretty tedious. -_-
    But I would like to know the rest of the story….

  11. Huh, this looks like a good old fashioned rumor here.
    True that Cronicles didn’t sell well, but many Nintendo only magazines loved it.
    Imo Cronicles was for the wrong hardware.
    Too short, no interesting side quests and the worst music in a Sonic game ever, Cronicles could have been so much more on a stronger console.

  12. @Inferno thats no proff at all.

    So what if the series was left on a cliffhanger it means nothing. If the game doesn’t sell well then it doesn’t get a sequel.

    They may have indeed written a sequel. But… so did Westwood Studios for C&C Renergade… yet due to door sales, EA stopped it in production when they bought them out.

    Don’t forget that EA has a huge history of cancelling games when they’re very far into production that looked stunning. Tiberium for example.

  13. I doubt it’s sonic chronicles

    but, if it is, it needs to be a lot better.
    that was probably the most disappointing sonic game for me

  14. @ProjectZuel: Sonic ’06 was a pretty bad game, and definitely among the worst of the Sonic series.

    Sonic Chronicles is not only the worst Sonic game I have ever played, but the worst retail video game I have ever played. By a wide margin. It looked, sounded and played like a low-budget Flash game, and the constant advertisement of BioWare’s website throughout the entire game just gave me the impression that the game was really little more than a cheap attempt at trying to get kids to buy Mass Effect.

    But like I said, It’d be nice to see if the story was going anywhere.

  15. Well, if it says it on his profile then it’s not a rumor.

    It’d be cool if it was a sequel to Chronicles… and if the game was challenging… and you could change the difficulty level… and the story was better.

  16. I wanted Chronicles to be much better. I really did – I honestly think they made a hash of it. If there is gonna be a sequel it had better be done RIGHT…

  17. I hope not… well I mean not on a handheld at least. Even though I did enjoy it on the DS I always believed that something like sonic chronicles could be more affective if it was on a home console.

  18. Finally! All they can do is improve on the original which I thought was alright.. really short, but alright. Yes, there are better RPGs out there but I found it fun.
    Maybe they were waiting out for the 3DS..
    If it is Chronicles 2 and on the 3DS then Nintendo just sold one 🙂

  19. I do apologise to those that liked/loved this game….however (rant)

    Hated the first one, so much I snapped the cartridge in half to prevent any other soul from being contaminated by the god-awful game.
    The blatant Bioware advertising at the credits was completely uncalled for, and tails constant telling me to save my game broke any immersion I was expecting in an rpg.
    The mechanics of the game was irritating and the difficulty curve lept up at times with no warning, and the part where you get stuck in metropolis with no way back so you cant level the team , other than battle those bloody laser turret badniks. (rant end)

    I somehow doubt I’ll be buying the sequel.
    Put me off buying anything from bioware period.

  20. I really, really, hope this is a Chronicles sequel. If they don’t make one, then that means that Eggman won! We can’t have that, can we?

  21. @SonikkuForever

    Nobody’s complaining about that, now are they? ;P

    But if there was a sequel, I am sure that from the representative that was on the board would had gathered our input and threw in the ideas to fix the problems (music for starters) for the next title.

    Also the world needs more playable Robotnik.

  22. Sonic Chronicles 2. Come on, Chronicles ended (very aggrivatingly) on a cliffhanger, I never really doubted it would get a sequel (but i got pretty fustrated at the ending)

  23. (Sorry the double post) I liked the first one until I passed it a 2nd time it got boring hopefully they’ll fix everything if a sequel gets made & more Shade she’s too cool of a character to appear once

  24. I was talking to sega and they were saying that it isn’t sonic chronicles 2, and there are no plans to make a sequal, its sort of leads to any next game though, its like as if eggman has started again, althrough it says to be continued according to sega it wont

  25. I was talking to sega and they were saying that it is indeed Sonic Chronicles 2, and there are plans to make part 3, it (part 1 + 2) leads to the next game though, it’s like as if Eggman has started again. Although part 1 says it is to be continued, it’s been confirmed that it will.

  26. @ Waaurufu
    We have 6 definitely and this would be a 7th.
    -Free Riders
    -Colours DS
    -Sonic 3D
    -20th anniversary game

    Oh and there is still the adventure port.

  27. A Sonic Chronicles 2 would be amazing! Providing, y’know, the gameplay isn’t absolutely horrendous this time. v_v;; I couldn’t stand the first one, but it was extremely well-written and had a lot of solid ideas behind it. If they can just make the actual gameplay not terrible (and make music that doesn’t make you want to gouge your own ears out) a Sonic Chronicles 2 could be amazing!

  28. Bioware makes Dragon Age – Epic win all round
    Bioware makes Sonic – Things not go so well.


  29. I kind of gave up hope for a Sonic Chronicles 2 – it’s been two years. But I could be wrong.

    If I remember right, Bioware were owned by EA when the first Sonic Chronicles was released, and it didn’t make much of a difference.

  30. @Blizzard: Oh, I have. I just like to pretend I haven’t. Luckily I didn’t actually spend any money on that one, so it didn’t make me quite as angry as Chronicles did. Plus it was really no worse than the rest of the Sonic games released between S3&K and Adventure.

  31. If it is Sonic Chronicles Ep. 2, that they should hire Mariko Nanba, or someone else from Wavemaster to do the music along with Richard Jacques.

  32. @Dreadknux which by the way is a French Surname, so it’s pronounced like jock, but with a zh soun instead of a hard j.

  33. I hope if it is Chronicles, that they improve the sound and the sometimes unfair fights, I actually rather liked the story itself and would like to know what happens.

  34. @ espy : It’s been 10+ years inbetween Sonic 3 and 4, so we have another 8+ years 😀

    EA bought out Bioware shortly after the game was released

    Wasn’t everyone worried that there was no longer a Handheld division after the buy out?

  35. I wouldn’t mind seeing how it all ends if this is the last part of the game. But yeah,it had too many flaws that need to be fixed. I’m more interested in the 20th anniversary thing. Wonder what will be on it. Also the adventure port for xbox live,gotta buy myself a wirless adapter.

  36. I actually liked Sonic Chronicles I mean once I got the Ferox Chao for each character I didn’t really mind it’s combat all that much, and I know its story wasn’t all that great but I at least thought it had some moments that were pretty humorus when it was trying to be funny, besides I’m one of those people who actually liked how they made Big the Cat a funny kind of dumb rather than an annoying kind of dumb, well at least thats what Me and some other people were thinking back when we saw how Bioware handled Big in that game. So I thought Chronicles was at least a funny game not as much as other RPGs like Earthbound/Mother or the Paper Mario series but I still got a good laugh out of some of it’s moments in it.

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