Mighty Traumitized For Life In This Month’s NFR

Mighty Traumitized For Life In This Month’s NFR

This is something I’ve  been trying to point out for weeks, but it seems like something always comes up to prevent me from posting it. This weekend, I’ve decided to preempt Sonic Eggs for last month’s Not For Resale strip, MGComic’s woefully under-updated and under appreciated Sonic humor strip.

Though their almost always worth the wait, this one in particular! This is a strip many of you may not get at first, but once you do, you are in for quite a laugh. A cookie goes to the first person to get it!

Despite how disgusting this may appear, Mighty is actually stunned by the amount of juicy fruity goodness in his mouth!

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  1. And thus the idea for Sonic golf was cancelled.

    Shadow really doesn’t seem like the type for the sport anyway, he’d be the one to purposely hit the ball at people.

  2. Took me to get but I did before the comment, though I thought Puyo Pop first, but that is the grand daddy of Mean Bean Machine anyway. 😛

    Hell, Sega should bring Puyo Puyo 7 as a MBM sequel, but in the wacky Puyo Pop Fever art style, same artist and everything, just my opinion anyway.

  3. This is TonyTH from MG comics. We appreciate the shoutouts! We’re trying to get them to update monthly at least. Because trust us, we love it too and we would love for it to updated regularly.

    But on behalf of the site, I thank you for plugging NFR AND our main page. Really appreciate it. I used to frequent this place a lot, and it’s always been a nice fun place. Glad to see you all haven’t changed : D


  4. I still play Mean Bean Machine all the time, so that wasn’t hard to get for me. shadow in the background was a nice touch.

  5. I was like “…” at first.

    And I was like… why did these blue goo guys explode?

    Then I was like… what are these blue goo guys?

    Next I was like… what do these blue goo guys have to do with Sonic?

    Then I was was like… Eureka! LOL.

    Then I posted this…

    Then I realized what the white one was that hit Shadow… and LOLed again.

  6. @Moko
    Sonic Golf would be cool, but Silver would just be SO overpowered!
    “Hole in One!”

  7. @ Super BH
    You’ve got a point there.

    I got that pretty quickly. Mean Bean Machine rocks. Even if I can’t get past that damned Level 6…

  8. I understood it was MBM right away. In fact, I spent a while looking for the thing I was supposed to get until I learned the whole point was MBM.

  9. Jim : It did… 3 three times as 2 cellphone games & 1 mini game from Sercet Rings unless you mean a full Sonic golf on a home system then yes I like to see it happen but as SEGA Superstars Golf

  10. This is pretty obvious. xD Though I guess the only thing making it not so obvious is that the 4 of them weren’t side-by-side, they were drawn funny, and Mighty and Shadow were chosen for some reason.

    But it’s funny.

    And I thought there was a “Sonic Golf” type game that wasn’t a Sonic Title but had Sonic giving the tutorial and Sonic escorting everyone around the course and such. o.o I don’t think Shadow would hit people with the ball, maybe Charmy, but Shadow would find it uninteresting unless he here bored. Silver wouldn’t cheat unless it were for comedy.

    But really… hmm.. Sonic Golf. XD REALLY? XD (Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine: Revenge. Dr. Eggman’s Mean Bean Machine! Mean Bean Machine 2. Dr. Robotnik’s Lean Bean Machine. Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine Adventure! LOL XD)

  11. I could see a Sonic Golf game. Definitely.

    Just with less brain trauma and characters exploding, of course.

    😉 Thanks for all of the feedback!

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