Perfect Chaos Appears Over England

Perfect Chaos Appears Over England

So while the re-release of Sonic Adventure on the Xbox Live Arcade has been generally slated by just about every online magazine going, it appears that one God of Chaos hasn’t been too impressed with these reviews, and has thus manifested to smite them.

Young Callum S was out at sports practice today when he took this snap:

Which is obviously…

Sweet Tikal’s ghost!

I think it’s too much of a coincidence for this to be anything else than Perfect Chaos himself. It’s time for mass hysteria, street riots, looting, pillaging and everything that generally comes with impending armageddon!

Hopefully you’ll once again open your heart to a classic hedgehog title, and it’ll be be alright.

Thanks to Callum for theis awesome photo!

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  1. Well, he should be harmless as long as he’s in the vapor state. Let’s just hope he doesn’t saturate and start to rain down water AND terror.

  2. Its amzaning what you see at training at 6pm in the afternoon, its werid tho because before i took the picture on my phone, it i was pissing down with rain.

  3. Yeah, i guess you can play this off as coincidence but if someone posts one of a perfect silhouette of shadow in the clouds when SA2 comes to xbla ima pee myself.

  4. @moko:

    No worries, he’ll just come back frozen-up for the next Winter Olympics!

    But here, will he shine a light to show us the way to the Great Valley?

    Or tell us to remember who we really are?

  5. Wow. How much of a nerd do ya gotta be to catch something like that? XD

    At least it KINDA looks like it which is funny. It’d be even funnier if we saw those 2 long tenticals on the sides too, huh? XD

    Hey wait, Chaos isn’t mad at us! IGN and 1UP are the ones in trouble. =P

  6. When I hear I black hedgehog was sighted in england stealing emeralds….then Ill think theres something crazy going on……crazy kid conducting mass experiments by ripping a hole into the gamiverse? hm….

  7. WE’RE ALL DOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED! WOMAN AND CHILDREN TO THE LIFEBOATS! “Me first!” (runs to old ww2 bunker in back garden)

  8. Wait! If England is destroyed, that means SOS 2011 will be in the US!!!



    Now *points to IGN HQ* Sick’m , boy!

  9. Oh…My…GOD!!!Its…Its..Tere–Cooolz 😀

    Really nice pic, its not often you get to find things like th-OMAHGAWDOMAHGWAD RUN AWAY *Runs away screaming like a girl while running away faster then a Ferrari*

  10. /8O nice shot Callum!

    Jeez, just imagine how awkward it would be if sonic and everyone were real lol

    Sonic: WTF am I doing in a videogame? and why the hell am I butt naked?! xD

  11. I’m here to say I appreciated the Ghostbusters reference in the Article description… I’ll be rollin’ along now.~

  12. Thank you too ever one who commented on my pictures,
    hope u enjoyed viewing them as much a i enjoyed takein them,
    many thanks to my friend Adam for posting this on TSS,
    and who knows maybe when Sonic adventure 2 comes out on XBLA
    il see the biolizard is the sky :L:L and this time we can all…… Live and learn

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