Exclusive: New Control Option Confirmed For Sonic Colors

Exclusive: New Control Option Confirmed For Sonic Colors

Yet another thing I saw at PAX that I apparently didn’t tell you guys about. While I was wondering around the SEGA booth trying to get some hands on time with other games, I noticed people playing the game with the Wii remote by itself, no nunchuck. Apparently, this is a control option available in the new build. I didn’t have a chance to try it out for myself, but I have a feeling most would probably prefer to just use the nunchuck anyway. Still, it’s a neat option, and useful for co-op if you lack a second nunchuck.

Sonic Colors is scheduled to come out this November.

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  1. Can’t be that bad.
    I mean Metroid: Other M played perfectly well with a D-pad.

    Still, most peoplw will be using the Nunchuck or the Classic Controller

  2. I read in an interview (would link to it but couldn’t find it again) that wii remote solo was more “natural” especially in 2d parts.

  3. Guys i know this is out of context but… today was the day they said sonic x season 4 would air
    anyone knows something about?

  4. It’d be better if I could play with a Game Cube controller; I’m glad the game’s not forcing me to play with Wiimote and Numchuck, but I’d feel more comfortable playing with an analog stick.

  5. ^ I must have missed that, that’s great!

    I’ll probably stick with the Remote+Nunchuk, but I’ll be sure to try out wiimote only.

  6. I’ve stated before that you can alwso switch controls on the fly, no options or pausing required. Just take out the nunchuck, and blam! Just plug in classic or GC controller, an blam! Controls and hints change to reflect the controller you use.

  7. Oh, I know there where mentions of it in a few places, but no actual news. Simply put it wasn’t announced by anything in the news. So…here it is.

  8. I think I’ll go with wiimote+nunchuck and classic controller. I’m tired of playing Wii games with the GC controller.

  9. I think I’m going to keep with the GC controller. I played the demo that way, and as I had the first experience with the GC controller, it just seems natural. It’ll seem more like Unleashed (ps3/360) that way.

  10. Here’s I want for new Sonic games:

    1.SEGA, make Sonic shows his feelings for Amy Rose.
    2.SEGA, Nintendo, Hudson Soft, make Mario & Sonic Party crossover game.
    3.I want Sonic Adventure 3 for Sonic’s 20th birthday.
    4.I want Sonic to be more popular.
    5.Make Amy more appearance.
    6.Sega, Nintendo make Mario and Sonic Adventure game.
    7.Sonic 4 episode 2 and 3 better had Knuckles and Tails or Amy.
    8.Add Sonic theme land at Six Flags parks in USA.
    9.Make Tails more friend with Sonic.
    10.Sega, Bioware, make Sonic Chronicles 2, make Sonic and Amy more closer, add more playable characters, better music, better sound effects from Sonic games, final battle on Eggman, Shade and Knuckles’s love, better models, better backgrounds, better graphics, make perfect battle system for Sonic characters, make Sonic hubs from the games on maps, and much more.
    Please, SEGA. Do your best on new Sonic games.

  11. @ Ryan

    That’s sort of unrealistic expectations for SEGA… And why Six Flags? Six Flags is dying. Do it at Universal! I’m not a fan of Harry Potter, but when I went to that Harry Potter island this Summer, I felt like I was actually in the books.

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