Atop the Fourth Wall Reviews Sonic Live!

Atop the Fourth Wall Reviews Sonic Live!

Any long running comic series is going to have some duds. I’m not talking about weird changes in the canon, or rushed pace, or anything like that. I’m talking about issues so mind bogglingly bad, that it’s amazing they went all the way from concept to publication. Sonic has regrettably had quite a few of these comics, one of the most infamous of which being none other then Sonic Live!, by Ken Penders. Sonic Live!

Every writer has his or her problems and bad tendencies, and Penders from far from an exception. Though he wrote some of my favorite stories in the comic back in the day, these problems would even permeate some of these stories. They are all on display, and at their worst, in this comic, which has now been gloriously torn apart by Linkara on his show “Atop the Fourth Wall”. Atop the Fourth Wall is a comic review show on That Guy With the Glasses, a wonderful collection of reviewers. The website’s namesake, the Nostalgia Critic, actually reviewed both Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and SatAM a year ago. Regrettably, embedding code doesn’t work on TSS at the moment, so I’ve had to embed the videos in lower quality via Youtube. To see the video in it’s original quality and to leave comments in a place where Linkara will see them, go here.



Thankfully, the comic hasn’t had a story like this in a very long time, though hopefully Linkara will consider taking a look at Sonic Super Special #15.

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  1. wow. The story isn’t like… ahem… but there is one thing I noticed. Uhh, why does Sonic wanna bring them there anyways? Why can’t he just leave them alone? They don’t do anything, get hurt, and don’t help the progress. Basically Sonic just kidnapped them. xD

  2. Linkara’s reviews tend to be funnier when he’s covering material he knows, but this was still a pretty good episode. I kind of wish he’d done a review of SSS #15 instead, but I guess that’d be hard to make a full episode out of.

  3. There is no better comic to review then this one. There is just so much to… point out. Like the fact that they aren’t using Genesis controllers.

  4. Heheh…Comics.

    I thought it was okay. I never really liked what Linkara did. It’s really boring to look at a page in a comic while he talks about nothing for a minute.

  5. I think we all knew that ‘Sonic Live!’ was a pretty bad archie comic.
    But this review made me giggle something fierce. I wish he would have reviewed something that was good from archie though, since they’re not that bad…

  6. Most of the stuff reviewed by Linkara is “known” to be bad. He can’t do too many positive reviews because it’s hard to make that comedy. His show isn’t just about reviews, it’s about humor as well. I’ll admit he’s not as good as Nostalgia Critic, but he is still rather good at what he does.

  7. I don’t remember the story in this comic sucking this bad.

    But then again, I was young and couldn’t understand what was going on anyway.

  8. I think he gave a fair review to that issue,it was really filled to the brim with plot holes.@sonictoast Yes,yes it did. Also the cover really is kind of creepy.I also noticed that when there in the cages,tails has four hands Oo.Editor mistake I suppose.

  9. @sonictoast and amiterisu
    No, it didn’t. They were in seventh Sonic Super Special, the one with the Image superheroes crossover. And it looks like Tails has four hands because those are actually two panels but the bars make it seem like one.

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