2 Sonic Free Riders Gameplay Videos, Omochao Returns

2 Sonic Free Riders Gameplay Videos, Omochao Returns



Two gameplay videos of Sonic Free Riders from the Tokyo Game Show have hit YouTube, courtesy of brucem00n and hamateaonline. In the videos we get to see some multiplayer racing action on the Dolphin Resort track. Not only that, we also get to see a part of the game that we’ve not seen before, an interactive configuration screen. This looks like a brief sequence where players configure the game for their personal use, such as balance and alignment with the Kinect camera. This should come in very handy to introduce players to Kinect. People who watch the sequence closely will spot an appearance from a character previously hinted at on SEGA’s Sonic City Blognik. It’s the one, the only, the robotic Chao, Omochao.

Are you happy to see Omochao return? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. as one of the few Omochao fans out there, I welcome this development! I missed Omochao’s commentary in Zero Gravity (and clearly it’s a better gig for the lil fella instead of “Destructable Hint bot”)

  2. I can’t tell, but is that voice in the first video saying “On your gear” Omochao and even his English voice?

    And right after, as Sonic and Tails get on their board, you hear what’s seemingly Tails going “Let’s roll!” in a VERY Corey Bringas sounding voice, could that be Kate Higgins? O_o

    Sounds too much of a coincidence to be from another game off-camera, plus the other voices sounded to the right, but “Let’s roll!” sounded like it was coming from Free Riders. O_o

  3. Not to mention that the voice was right on cue for the animation, it couldn’t have been better placed.

  4. But… it may not be as you hear that clip and the other voices in the second vid after Sonic hits the goal ring, so confusing.

  5. @ Hero of Legend: It’s the Japanese version of the game, so you won’t hear any of the English voice actors. You can see the Japanese text during the configuration sequence.

  6. @Shadzter:

    I know it’s the Japanese version, but I’m sure it’s possible for English voice to be used in the demo, but I guess it’s too unlikely.

  7. People new to Kinect? EVERYONE’S new to kinect. xD

    Those 2 women are cheap! They wanna just cheat. XD

    But yay Omochao! 8D I don’t know why so many people hate him. His voice was annoying in Sonic Heroes where he only appears in Tutorial or if you ask for help. In Sonic Riders it’s not so annoying and it can be turned off anyways. In SA2 he helps if you make him or lose, either way it’s your fault. xD And if you do it on accident he’s easy to ignore (not to mention Tikal does the same in Sonic Adventure). PLUS, when Omochao DOES talk, you can shoot him, hit him, throw him, listen to all his wacky lines while running around with him, or get him trapped under a weight. xD

    All in all, he’s a chao: Good. He’s a talking chao: Good. He’s a ROBOT chao: Good! XD

    As for the game as a whole, it just gets a little bit more interesting each time. xD

  8. I don’t like Omochao but I don’t hate him either. I like Riders games because most of the characters are there. Shame that most of as won’t be able to get it.

  9. …not evryone is new to kinect, alot of people have the kinect beta thing for testing it out, and they can keep the kinect itself

  10. Did you know that Sonic Free Riders is for the Microsoft Kinect peripheral for the Xbox 360?

    Did you know that Sonic was created over 19 years ago as a mascot to compete with Mario?

    Did you know that Mario is a plumber from New York created as a mascot for Nintendo?

    Did you know that Nintendo was created in 1889 as a SHUT THE HELL UP.

  11. I’m glad they are using Omochao. Better than introducing another new character for everyone to hate.

  12. I’ve never really had a problem with Omochao. I don’t understand why the fans hates him so much.

  13. Oh man, Omochao.. Interesting story behind my hate for him. Years ago, when it was like 2003, I joined my first ever forum, and there just happened to be a Sonic topic there (when it wasn’t normally a Sonic-based forum), and I joined the discussion.

    Anyways, I could go on, but point is -everyone- in the topic hated Omochao. In fact, the regulars at the topic made a group called the Anti-Omochao Group. We all talked about how annoying he was, and discussed the ways to torment and kill him once and for all. But every time, he would respawn. That monster cannot be stopped…

    And once again, he’s come back to haunt my memories. Oh god.. when will it stop, please help me…

  14. I think Sonic Team forgot what made Omochao great: that you could kick the shit out of him at any time. He was like a punching bag for Navi haters and now he’s the goddamn announcer.

  15. Ironically, I didn’t even know the announcer voice in Sonic Riders was Omochao until I saw him on the screen in a cutscene. I still don’t see what’s so annoying about it. He’s got a kids voice and is info. MAYBE if he stopped the game’s progress to tell you stuff by force, or the screen went to his face everytime he spoke temporarily freezing a race for the comment he makes on it, I’d find it annoying.

    Otherwise, I think hating Omochao is just a fad for people who like to be like everyone else or have VERY low tolerence. xD Hmm, but with all the hate, SEGA should really make him do something story-related even just a little, something that will “redeem” him. idk. xD GIMME CHAO GARDEN! :V

  16. I’ve worded it better now, “This should come in very handy to introduce players to Kinect” :p

    I’ve always had a soft spot for Omochao myself, despite loving to torture him in SA2 XD

  17. Push A to jump.

    Collect 100 rings for an extra life.

    Tails is your friend that shall follow you forever.

    Thats a crate.

    You cannot get rid of me so easily, IM FOREVER.

    Lunar: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU ; w; I demand my Omochao gun NAO

  18. YAY! GO OMACHAO! I’ve only seen Omachao on Sonic Heroes but I still think he rocks1 WOOT! If only you could get him on the Sonic Adventure Chao Garden….

  19. @Shadzter
    W-wait.. wha? Really!? It wasn’t even an actual complaint. o.o You really are a people-pleaser arentcha!? XD Well thanks.

    I think all who like, don’t care and dislike Omochao can agree.. that hurting him is fun just because you can do it! XD He was obviously programmed to react to the situations right? xD

    Well, Technically Omochao was in the Chao Race Room in Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast) which is odd because I didn’t notice his existence until Sonic Adventure 2! LOL However, I do remember racing AGAINST Omochao.

    ALSO.. does anyone ever wonder about Dark-Omo the Dark Omochao?

  20. @CyberGW you can using an action replay disc for the gamecube versions, just google chao codes and you can even raise your own omochao XD

  21. Are Sonic and Amy are together now in the future Sonic games? Are they are couple on offical Sonic canon? Will Sonic Free Riders will have story mode and Sonic will have his true feelings to Amy Rose.
    I want to see they are going out on their date together just like Sonic and the Black Knight.
    SEGA will keep up with Sonic and Amy’s Relationship.

  22. @Ryan

    Personally, it feels like it kills the character to have him start showing signs like that towards Amy as it wasn’t originally true. He actually DID want to avoid a romantic relationship which fit him nicely. However latley they’ve seemed to change it where he’s shy which makes no sense and causes trouble, but that is the direction they’re heading. Just like how Amy is a bossy and aggressive character now instead of the extreme peace-lover for the kids. lol

    So they may emphasize it a little more for the future games for ya. xP

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