Sonic “Tastes the Rainbow” in Not for Resale

Sonic “Tastes the Rainbow” in Not for Resale

Not For Resale is one of the most satirical, most wrong, and yet most right Sonic related things in existence. You remember that colorful, beautiful, wholesome CGI trailer we got for this game? Well, this comic reveals whatโ€™s really going onโ€ฆ

Now, if only NFR would update a little more often…

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  1. Oh my… xD

    I lol’d

    Also, no matter how much I tried, I can’t read that thing with Griffith’s voice xD, that expressions are so un-Griffithy (lolwut).

  2. Why are there such hurtful things posted on this site? I thought we all liked Sonic.

  3. Well at least it’s not dead. The Cyan Wisp is the one in the shower after being traumatized from the experience in Sonic’s body. xD

    Like that guy said about, it’s hard to hear Ryan or Griffith’s voice of Sonic in that one line. I can do it, but it’s weird. Ryan’s too happy sounding and Griffith is too casual sounding. I pictured GameBuddy’s Sonic voice from Sonic Paradox on this! xD

  4. Poor wisp… he’s going to have nightmares for weeks.
    But seriously, I laughed so hard….This is so cruel, yet so hilarious.

  5. Well, at least sonic didn’t force the purple wisp inside him.

    Just think about that for a moment….

  6. I nearly choked from reading this and drinking soda! Poor Wisp… This was so wrong yet so funny!! XD

  7. I love the picture of Sonic and the Wisp in the second panel.

    That was the first good (in my opinion) ‘Not For Resale’ comic in years.

  8. This is funny, but it also makes me wonder…what happens to the wisp after Sonic is done using them inside his body? Do they die? Disappear?

  9. I lol’d when I read this a few weeks ago.

    And I hope Wisps don’t die after helping Sonic! ๐Ÿ™

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