*UPDATE* Green Wisp Revealed at Gamescom?

*UPDATE* Green Wisp Revealed at Gamescom?

UPDATE: Apparently, no video of the new wisp was taken, and since it was not meant to be used on a public demo, the people over at Spindash likely won’t be able to get another chance. However, the description of the wisp does match it’s appearance on the Sonic Colors box art, and Spark’s description of the new title screen has been confirmed with video. All in all, I believe this to be credible./UPDATE

Seems something more than a new level is on display for Sonic Colours at this year’s Gamescom. Sonic Stadium forum member and Spindash.de writer, Spark, says a  new wisp was also on display: the green hovercraft wisp. Here is what he had to say:

– the new Sweet Mountain Act introduces the green wisp, the hovercraft wisp. (We also got some videos, we’ll upload them soon)
– the green wisp changes Sonic’s form to a green Kirby with spikes, sonic heroes-shiny effect included!
– when Sonic is in hovercraft mode, he can use the light dash to grab some ring-chains
– bottemless pits are still there, but only a few. An exclamation mark will appear if you get to close to one.
– the “new” title screen is old school! After the Sega and Sonic Team logos appeared, you get to see the space (Metroid Other M-like) and Sonic is running from one side to the other just like in the old Sega Mega Drive title screens (but no iconic “Seeeeeegaaaa!” shout out). Seems like this will be the new standard for all future games, which is pretty cool

Of course, until he sends in the video, we’ll have to consider this a rumor. We’ll have the video for you as soon as SpinDash puts it up!

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  1. Well…

    It’s not the most original idea I have ever seen…

    I guess I am going to watch that video before making conclusions.

  2. lol Sonic’s hovercraft description makes me giggle. XD

    What was that about the title screen? It confused me. We’re going to see 3D Sonic run back and forth on a place screen and it’s gonna wish in the SEGA logo? (They change how they say “SEGA” each consol generation)

  3. I wanna see sonic colors (sonic in press star frame, inside a ring), im boring of the title screen only see a floating font and a press start.

  4. @Nomad

    See, it’s remarks like that what’s confusing me about you fans! xD
    Exactly WHAT are you using to determine “gimmick” from “non-gimmick”? He’s turned into a lazer, a drill, a rocket and a spiked ball and now… what’s so different about being able to float temporarily too?

    So far all the powerups are like he’s turning INTO the power but without really changing. (Drill: He spins with a yellow-drill shaped aura. Lazer: He spins with a lazer aura while beaming. Spike: He spins around with longer and pointier quills and a pink aura. Rocket: He blasts upward with a rocket-shaped aura. With hovercraft, if it’s try, I expect him to possibly fly forward like Chaos Control in Shadow The Hedgehog only controllable and not as fast with a gren aura OR the same thing but with him spinning in a ball of course)

    An all the Wisp usages so far seem to only be a couple seconds anyways. lol

  5. “the green wisp changes Sonic’s form to a green Kirby with spikes, sonic heroes-shiny effect included!”
    Really? I can’t take this seriously until I see it. I mean… I just can’t imagine it. O_o

  6. I saw it, and I thought he looked more like a jellyfish, but I didn’t get to use it. He got his power right from what I saw, though.

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