Sonic Colours: New Trailer, Box Art and Release Dates

Sonic Colours: New Trailer, Box Art and Release Dates


SEGA Europe and SEGA of America have just unveiled an exciting new gameplay trailer for Sonic Colours with more CGI cutscenes and musical goodness. Also unveiled are release dates and box artwork for both versions of the U.S. copies of the game. European fans will be able to get their hands on both versions later this year on November 12th and U.S. folks can go grab it November 16th.  We’ll keep an eye out for the Australian release date which was revealed yesterday to be sometime in November.

Interestingly, the box art appears to reveal the Wisp roster for each version of the game.  The Wii version will have Cyan, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Pink, Green and Purple, while DS version will have Cyan, Yellow, Orange, Red and Violet.

The below press release has also been issued by SEGA Europe –

SEGA® Europe Ltd., is excited to confirm that Sonic Colours™, a brand new high speed action adventure in which Sonic the Hedgehog races through incredible theme park inspired worlds, will hit stores across Europe on November 12th 2010 for the home video game system Wii™ and Nintendo DS™ system.

In addition to this news, SEGA has today released their first gameplay trailer for Sonic Colours, showcasing the amazing new Drill and Laser Colour Power, as well as two vibrant theme park inspired worlds – Tropical Resort and Sweet Mountain.

Sonic Colours™ will be released for the home video game system Wii™ and the Nintendo DS™ system on November 12th 2010. For more information about the game please visit

Don’t forget, we’ll have the E3 demo of Sonic Colours Wii & DS at Summer of Sonic tomorrow. If you haven’t got a ticket, you can still join in the fun an hour after ticket holders from 11:30am onwards providing there is space inside the venue.

Are you looking forward to Sonic Colours? Speak out in the comments!

Source: SEGA Europe Blog and SEGA of America Blog. Thanks to Blue Blood at the SSMB for the heads up!

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  1. EUROPE is getting it first?!! But, “sniff” that’s not fair!! America always gets it first and Europe has to wait a few weeks/months. It’s part of the video game constitution! XP

    Great trailer and the box art is awesome!!

  2. Jason, don’t worry Nintendo’s got your back on that xP

    Anyway, love the trailer, the box art is great, and I’m one of the rare people that likes the theme song.

  3. Marcellof: Okay, so I’m not the only one with the trailer on repeat because of the theme. (and that EPIC close up of Sonic grinding down the rail. Beautiful) I don’t care what anyone else says, I like the song, it fits the overall spacey theme of the game as a whole and it’ll make for AWESOME remix fodder for Bentley Jones and many others down the road.

  4. The box art indicates that both versions of the game will use Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection in some way. My guess is leaderboards because DLC just isn’t an option on the Wii.

  5. Hnn, nice trailer, looks like it’s really gonna be a lot of fun playing this… and Sonic looks like he’s enjoying himself 🙂
    I’m soooo looking forward to November! However, I don’t why they can’t make some kinda “world-wide-release-date” :/
    And lol @ Sonic doing the Superman-pose on the boxart xD

  6. @ Shockhog
    It was confirmed a while back at E3 that both versions will have online leaderboards. Wether there will be more online options than that is to be revealed since Iizuka says there are still game modes yet to be revealed.

  7. Dammit, I want a clean version of that song. Why’d they have to include the sound effects 🙁 The funny thing is, I was just adding songs to my playlist for while I’m on holiday. This is definitely being added.

  8. Wow, just wow. I’m watching this again and again cause it’s just so pwetty. The CG in this game looks amazing! Can’t wait to see what the cutscenes are like!

    Actually it is, I don’t know why people just assume it isn’t. Sega are doing it with their new game (can’t remember the name of it), and it’s been done before by Sega again with Samba De Amigo and Guitar Hero. So yes, it’s very possible. Although I imagine with this game we’ll probably just be getting leaderboards, although I’d absoultely love to see DLC of some sort or even Multiplayer =3

  9. Colours looks like it’s shaping up to actually be good… Though I’ve said that in the past about all of the recent 3d games so I think I’ll just wait and see how it plays before I determine anything. Still, now that we know his VA and I can remember back to the e3 demos… that means Sonic is gonna yell out SPIN!!! and LAAAAZ0RRRR!!! Every time he powers up… I can assume that’ll get annoying XD

  10. Thank you, SEGA, for making me smile non-stop with this trailer. I CAN’T STOP WATCHING IT!!!!

    But yeah, I like the song, too. Thought I was the only one. 😛

  11. Holy cow i cant wait for this 🙂 Awesome trailer, and very catchy theme, loving it already xD Cant wait to get a go tomorow 🙂

  12. November really seems to be the big month for big game releases. You have GT5 (FINALLY) and some new PSP God of War (Ghost of Sparta). I’ll have to look into Colors. If it plays better than the Unleashed daytime stages, I’m sold. I just want a solid experience on both the DS and Wii versions. When the demo becomes available on the Nintendo Channel, I’ll give the DS version a try.

  13. @Wordy: I don’t know which new SEGA game you’re talking about, but I’m aware that Samba and GH have DLC. Those are songs though, simple sound files. DLC in a Sonic game would have to be a new level or new missions, which would usually be a larger file.

    Anyway, this trailer gets me very excited. If anything, I’m looking forward to this game more than Sonic 4. Don’t get me wrong, they both look fantastic, but Colors is going to offer so much more. Maybe Sonic will finally stop being bashed by the critics.

  14. @_@ <- That's the face of someone who's brain has just been scrambled due to awesomeness.

  15. I hope that in the end of the game, tails can become an optional playable character. That way classic snubs can choose not to play as him while SA2 fanboys like me can

  16. I’m excited about this.

    It should have been Sonic Team to make Sonic Unleashed on the Wii. Sonic Colors looks so much better. Let’s see how it “plays”.

    I’m at least sure I’ll get the DS version. It’s kind of like Sonic Rush 3, with major changes. 🙂

    The music grows on you, doesn’t it?

  17. The music was good until the vocals came in, a similar problem with all Sonic music. The game certainly looks fun so I can ‘t wait to give both versions some test runs at the Summer of Sonic tmoz.

  18. I decided. I’m getting this game, the day it comes out! Period! All of you in Europe are lucky, getting it a few days earlier…..

    Anyways, the trailer looked really cool. I like how they mixed the CGI with actual gameplay. I really liked the song. Sounds pretty cool, and the gameplay itself seems promising.

    (And I’d like to hear the new voice actors. I’m just curious to know how Sonic’s new voice sounds ;))

  19. * drools
    Oh come on there can’t be a flawless 3d Sonic game, there has to be some sort of gimmick!! No? Really?
    Seriously though, the only thing that can turn this game a bit down are the VA.
    And again I still have the feeling they will be the best yet
    I mean come on, the freaking Madworld writers do the story to this game, there are bound to throw out all cheesy, bad lines .
    And why sounds that theme 12 times better now to me, I don’t get why but I couldn’t care less.
    Thanks for making my evening with this news Shadzter.

  20. I keep seeing people say there more excited for this than sonic 4
    thats crazy to me lol

    Im so much for excited for sonic 4 than anything at the moment.
    The only thing im more excited for is Blink 182’s new album.

  21. Eep. A relatively high emphasis on grinding there – the rail switching better not be the kind of buggy that sees one flailing to one’s doom in endless bottomless pits.

    Aside from that, that looks like a pretty cool trailer.

  22. Alright, the fangasm is over so let’s look at the trailer again.
    So surprisingly, it looks harder… giant drills that follow Sonic and drain your Wisp power gauge and as we know when your gauge is empty and you’re still in the earth, Sonic is fossiled ALIVE!! And thus dies. There are more traps than in the E3 demo and I’m sure to get all S ranks now will KICK YOUR A**!
    So long first critic point from the previews.
    What was the 2. one? Oh right the Nunchuck tilting seemed unrespon- oh look clssic and GC controller support.
    How in the world can this ga,me fail?
    God do I hope Tails is more important than he was the last 9 years.

  23. First, I’m getting Phantasy Star Portable 2 in September, then Sonic Colors in November. If they brought out Sonic 4 in October, that would be wonderful.

    As for the CGI and music, it really fits the space theme they have going for it and the CGI, once again, looks really lovely. That’s the great thing about Sonic Team, they really do have some excellent CGI production when it comes to promoting their games.

  24. @ SonikkuHedgehog:
    That came out of nowhere. Why should I fail at S&K?
    I mean S3&K is my favourite Sonic game till now and I’ve played through it a gazzilion times.
    How do you come to the idea I would suck at it?

  25. Oh, I get it NOW! Sonic Colors is the Better version of Unleashed, because Wii got a crap of a game while X360 and PS3 got EPIC!

    Looked at the trailer & boxart…

    Hit the gamestop website and preordered it RIGHT NOW.

  26. The boxarts on both the Wii and DS versions are amazing as I peek through them. Trailer is great. Seeing the new Yellow Wisp drill ability in action with the drill enemies are going to be fun, but not that hard. CGI parts were astounding, by the way. I hope there will be less traps in the final build than the E3 Demo build I’ve been watching from several videos. I will have the opportunity to earn all S-Ranks in the two versions! This is my true fangasm right there! Can’t wait to play it when it’s launched! XD

  27. I just hope Colors doesn’t get a stage like the Eggmanland HD version. That would be a huge downer since that stage was “balls to the wall” hard.

  28. The song REALLY does grow on you *is on iPod already* Also, I just REALLY want to hear some snippets of the voice acting. That’d be SO lovely right about now.

  29. Wow, It’s been some time since I last read any news on Sonic Colors, I liked it a lot 🙂 Looks like a light-hearted adventure, just like Unleashed. Pretty good.

  30. Impressed with the demo I got to play at E3, looking forward to November (and hopefully 2 pre-order hats)


  31. Eh, the release date should have been sooner so we could have something to keep us occupied for 4, but oh well! The longer time we have to wait, the better the game will be.

    I love the box art. It looks like something from the last gen games.

  32. I’m very excited for this game.

    Have you noticed this one is just Sonic and Tails, very similar to Sonic Unleashed. I’m glad they are no longer obligated to stick Knuckles in everything, but on the other hand, I’m kind of thinking they have run out of ideas for ways to tie him in without making him another lame sidekick like he was in Sonic ’06. I know there are rumors that he’ll be in the DS version, that’s nice I guess.

  33. Wasn’t a fan of the song before, but this longer version shows just how awesome it is. Really lovin’ that drill power btw. Just too bad there wasn’t a PS3 version. The visuals would be jaw dropping in space.


  34. Oh man. Watching this made me want to play Unleashed and do the Day stages! Too bad my 360 died a few months ago, thus negating my ability to play the game (curse you Red Ring of Death! Cuuuuuurse yoooouuuuuu!).

    Still, I have my Wii, so I look forward to playing the game. The only Sonic game I didn’t like was the Secret Rings (no, I haven’t tried Sonic ’06 yet. I want to play it though), so I’m optimistic.

    SEGA has laid down a challenge, and I shall accept it! (Hmm…I’m a little hyper at two in the morning. Off to bed!)

  35. Man. It’d be cool if Knuckles WERE there. Then it’d be like the legendary 3 of the Sonic Universe. xD

    Maybe ONE game with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Shadow specifically, but otherwise, I miss team Sonic. They’re such an epic combo together. xD There should be one where Knuckles has his own alternative story and Tails is somewhat helping Sonic but doing his own assignments in order to do so, then they all meet up and team up and it’s like “Eggman: Okay… now I’ve really gotta play my cards right =.=;” lol

    But this game looks pretty awesome. If they finalize their comment about it being the best game in Sonic history, and I play it and love it, I might end up agreeing. xD

    Drats… 3 and a half more months >.> I wanna see a cutscene, like the opening cutscene lol

  36. Man, this looks awesome…and the music’s pretty sweet too. Now if only Shadow were along for the ride…it’d be great to see such a depressive character in such a cheery environment XD

  37. Cool game, nice trailer and a song that suits the game.

    I really hate it when fans complain on the smallest thing, people on Youtube are even whining about the song! And people, stop insulting Mario Galaxy! You are just jealous that Mario Galaxy 2 got 10/10 from IGN! But I’m not saying that Mario Galaxy is superior to this game.

    Proud of you, SEGA.

  38. Way to go Sega. You make what could possibly be one of the best Sonic games in a long time and give it the worst theme song you can.


  39. @Je Higashi: Most multiplatform games have different or altered storylines in different stories. Ex Crash Of The Titans’s Ds version had a different story than the ps2 version.

  40. This game looks like it will be one of the best, if not the new best Sonic game so far, And its hard to beat Adventure 2!… And Unleashed Daystages on 360

  41. @ The Man With Pants.

    Sweet, i get Sonic Rush 3, exclusive Wisps and Bosses, other characters AND the POWER OF DAN GREEN!!!

    Do I? He is still Knuckles right? How can Knux win without being a magical pinata?! THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!! :O

  42. Terrible music. But the game looks decent. To bad SEGA is forcing people to buy a Wii for this. Wich i’m not.

  43. @ Myers, thier is NOTHING wrong with that music. it fits the theme, and ill say its alot better then the previouse sonic tracks

  44. @MattZ19
    What you are saying is that my taste in music is wrong because i don’t like pop-rock with the singers voice tweaked. Can’t i have my own opinion?

  45. i like how this game is lookin, but it seems a little to much like SU… which aint bad, but i dont want the EXACT same experience ya know?

  46. Watching non-camera gameplay of this just makes me realize how greatly SEGA pushes the Wii’s graphical ability. I’m extremely impressed.

  47. @ Meyers hey im just sayn. im not into to pop rock either. i hate it. but every once n a while they’ll make a catchy jingle.

  48. @MattZ19

    Yeah but this is BARELY catchy. xD I was suprised so many ppl liked it. I was embarrassed to show 2 of my friends the first teaser because of the music. xD Especially terrible lyrics like “The colors feel so right” which they decided sounded like the message of someone coming out of the closet (which, surpisingly, I didn’t even notice til they mentioned it XP)

    But seriously it sounds like they skipped a beat DX Like there’s suppose to be an extra note between some parts… it’s TOO friendly even more than Unleashed and Sonic Heroes because it’s sooo mellow like a futuristic hippy kinda song. xP

    The music just seems to barely have any actual rhythm. And it sounds like a techno High School Musical song. @__@

    I like it more since it was extended cuz it made it feel deeper and the chorus sound more meaningful… but I still think it could be better like the previous tracks. Only like 5% of Sonic music is actually ever bad. Otherwise, they’ve made good music from the very start til now. xD But I’m not gonna hate on it… just giving my thoughts. =P

    IRONICALLY others seem to have liked the song less than the shorter version. xD

  49. @Ax have you ever heard of a “feel-good song”? This is essentially it. It’s very similar to Endless Possibilities in just about every way- the chord progression, tempo, and lyrics… honestly, even that song has some cringe-worthy lyrics. I believe this song’s style and tune were composed to go along with that of Endless Possibilities except this one sounds a bit more “spacey”. It makes sense in the context of the game, I suppose. In fact, the music is not techno in nature, it’s more of a blend between rock and synthetic. There’s a drum line and some sort of keyboard lead, guitar, and synth effects. Sooooo yeah, not sure what you mean.

    As for it sounding like a HSM song, you’ve lost me there.

    I also don’t understand the complaints about the lyrics. The only “questionable” lyrics I can think of are “The colors feel so right” and “Just take my hand, we’re gonna reach for the stars tonight”, and honestly, they’re no different from Endless Possibilities’ lyrics in meaning. Maybe the “colors” line is unnecessary but I’d rather have the majority of the song stand on its own than have a song that applies strictly to the game, like Knight of the Wind. I believe both Endless Possibilities and this and extremely catchy songs that make sense out of the context of the game, excluding a few lines (the whole bridge of Endless Possibilities- “Drop that smile” etc etc). Again, this is all my opinion, I just don’t think that it’s that big of a deal. But really, if people have insecurities about a game or a game’s music because it sounds TOO happy, we live in a strange world.

  50. A feel-good song… as the MAIN THEME… of a SONIC GAME!? No.. that’s not very fitting. xP That’d be like putting black Metal in High School Musical. o.0 It just wouldn’t be right. xD

    UHh.. this song’s ONLY similarity to the theme of Sonic Unleashed is it’s happier than usual. But this is even happier than THAT! (which is why I said it). At least that song was catchy.

    As for sounding “spacy”, the techno-ish feel you get from the song is the closest thing to that, and even so it feels like a freakin PBS Kids or High School Musical version of a silly space station meant to entertain 4 year olds… not very suiting to Sonic. This is less “spacy” and more like goofy spacey or something XP

    It sounds like a song you’d hear playing in the car over and over for a freakin 4 year old, thus fitting the usual PBS Kids theme or High School Musical type of song. x_X

    The rest of the lyrics just feel half-assed. xD Like they’re not as creative as we’ve had in many other songs in the franchise.. they’re just so bland like they ran out of ideas and used whatever they could possibly think of cuz it’s all they ever would think of. Which is a shame cuz I know they can do better.

    And a song can stand on it’s own but STILL match the game at least… Live and Learn didn’t seem to have a hard time with that.

    But that part in Endless Possibility was referring to the WereHog.. as in Sonic and the Werehog talk to each other. Sonic DOES almost always smile or grin.

  51. “Again, this is all my opinion”
    RIGHT! And this is MY opinion. I’m just explaining to you why it’s our opinion. Take it or leave it.

    “I just don’t think that it’s that big of a deal.”
    It ISN’T a big deal. I specifically said I’m not going to hate on it or bash it. I’m just telling you what I think about it. There just happens to be a lot of detail to that thought. Doesn’t mean I’m angry over it.

    “But really, if people have insecurities…”
    It’s not an insecurity, it’s a dislike. Is it really that strange of a world to dislike something? But what is your point in opossing such an opinion unless they specifically go nuts over it? Or are you insecure about that?

    “because it sounds TOO happy, we live in a strange world.”
    It’s not that it sounds too happy that’s just the problem. It’s not some people’s preference of music. People listen to music to get a mood. But we don’t want to be entertained by feeling like hippies or 4 year olds… I think, when it comes to a SONIC game one would expect a song more fit to a “cool and heroic” style, not a “feel-good”, “dream” style… Otherwise I’d still be watching Teletubbies, not playing Sonic. xP lol

  52. hmm.. anyhoo I always end up writing too much. But seriously, let’s just leave it at some people like it and some people don’t and that’s that. =p

    I DO, however, like Sonic’s grin on the cover. Reminds me of his Adventure series grin. xD

  53. You know I’m glad they put in Tails but at the same time I’m not because well… he isn’t even a playable character. COME ON!!! In the name of chaos emeralds, I can’t even think of the top of my head which was the last game that you could play as Tails. Honestly he’s become a back seat character.

  54. That pose of him at 1:04 grinding and grinned the whole time is just awesome. I’m glad to see him having a good time while still kicking butt at doing what he does. And the song is really catchy.. But, this is coming from someone that doesn’t mind songs like “We Can” from Heroes or “King of the Ring”

  55. @58SlugDrones!: It’s not just Youtube. Check any other sonic fansite and you’ll see a bunch of fanboys crying because their precious rock & roll has been replaced with something new & different. Nobody is open minded to new things anymore. That’s the point I am trying to get across.

  56. @ Joe Higashi –

    So Troy Baker is doing Shadow, eh?

    …I’m happy. He’s an excellent actor – Madaero from Kekkaishi has a sexy voice (lolz), and Van Kleiss from Generator Rex is just plain awesome. All in all, he’s a good actor…He just might need to lose the “sexy” part – too much will ruin things XD (Imagine Sonic’s face. He’d be like, “WTF who iz this” XD)

    But…Okay. I look forward to hearing the actors.

  57. @Ax

    Now listen, I may have overreacted a little; after all I never acted like this when my favorite Sonic VA, Jaleel White, never returned to the role when SA1 rolled out. But my anger remians justified. Why?

    Because Crispin Freeman is an amazing actor and even more amazing professor! If anybody deserves to replace Dan Green, it’s him. However SEGA is not replacing Dan Green with Crispin Freeman because they really want to up the quality of the voice acting; if that where the case, they would have just kept Dan, Lisa, Mike and any other 4 Kids actors they deemed well enough to keep going and replace them with a new cast. Hell even if they did took out Dan and brought in Crispin, they would let him do his own version instead of copying Green like I know they’ll make him.

    Nay, they are replacing them for the simple reason of saying ” Hey buy our new Sonic game! Everything is improved, even our voice actors!! We got Ezio from Assassin’s Creed, Sakura from Naruto, and Crispin Freeman!!” Maybe YOU don’t care about whoever is voicing who, but SEGA is counting on the right kind of idiots who buy anything as long as a certain name is mentioned to be hyped by them. Fuck, you get Nolan North, and all of a sudden IGN will get on this game’s nuts for the storytelling.

    Except there’s not gonna be any good writing is it? Oh, you say they will be. Happy Tree Friends and Madworld writers you say? Then show me. Have you played the game? No. I say to YOU what I say to anybody riding a hype train: PROOF or STFU. There is no fucking point to replace anybody with anyone if they;re gonna keep to the same shitty dialogue they been using since SA1. Freeman himself often avoids doing such roles because he finds it demeaning to kids, so the only reason he would do this is money; money that could have been saved by using the cheaper 4Kids cast, and money better used on stuff like gameplay, speed balance and development time…that is if Voice Acting doesn’t matter like you say. I mean really, all that money just so Roger Craig Smith can sound even more cornier than Grifith. If SEGA is guilty of anything it’s wasting their resources on the most dumb shit while neglecting real issues. I mean, You proved that Nobody really gives a fuck about voice acting when they hired all these big shots because they think YOU CARE. How dumb was that!

    You know what, why am I wasting my time. This is the Sonic Fanbase. Most of you don’t even care about the English dubbing, you guys either go Japaneese subs, bubble text or pantomime if you’re O.G. Even without the voice acting change, Colors is looking more like a rental than a must buy now, both Wii and DS. I’m really hoping the Wisps makes that much a differance in the “Boost or DIE” gameplay that has since reared it’s ugly head in Sonic.

    Fuck this. Just tell me when Sumo Digital unleashes the next All Star game or does a Sonic game themselves. Until then, back to the comics. Oh FYI, you’re right: Real People don’t care about the voice acting in Sonic… cause real people don’t play Sonic. Just diehards and crazies like us. Real People are too buys playing Madden or Mass Effect 2 to notice.

  58. @Joe Higashi… so you’re saying we’re all diehards and crazies, eh? I beg to differ. Some of us honestly don’t care about voice acting, songs or whatever. In fact, the hype that I feel for this game has nothing to do with those issues at all- I’m banking on the gameplay, which, IMO, doesn’t look very much like “boost or die” to me. In fact, I’d say too much boosting will screw you over in the more narrow areas or when you’re running straight towards a missile.

    But you really overestimate the amount of people that are buying the game simply for those reasons. Hell, even if the dialogue is crap the base story is solid and easy to follow- like a Mario game. That’s what matters. Also what matters is gameplay, and if you care so much about the franchise, that is what you’ll keep your eyes on. The majority of Sonic fans are tentative BECAUSE of the voice actors and writing, things that have been consecutively weak. The change-ups may be different but there’s no guarantee they’ll be better.

    You have no right to rage because your argument works both ways- the proof is in the dialogue and voice acting and what-have-you itself, and you cannot complain of SEGA switching their voice actors until you’ve heard them in the games. Also, you must play the game to see if it’s good.

  59. “They’re just different.”

    Well at least someone understands. People just need to be open minded to new things. Give it a chance before judging. Don’t just make assumptions.

  60. Now… on to what I was going ask originally.. since me and someone were talking about the music… I have a slight off topic question…

    Is anyone here able to MAKE music? Or at least remix?

    We’re making an animated series of the franchise called “Sonic United” and so far I’ve only just posted my first update of the progress with the concept and a small animation I did a while back. I plan to post more frequently to keep people’s attention until it’s released. However I need Sonic music for the series that isn’t already used in a previous Sonic game or show.

    Yes, basically I’m asking if anyone here is interested and can make original Sonic tunes for the series? O~O;

    H-here’s the only small video I’ve uploaded so far..

  61. @Ax – So Troy Baker hasn’t been confirmed for Shadow yet? Dang. I just hope he gets the job – he’s a good actor, so I’m not worried about him screwing up reputations or whatnot (unless, like said before, he puts too much “sexy” into his voice…Although the diehard fangirls will go completely nuts. I fear for anyone who dares to say anything negative about him then! 0o’)

    Either way, what is important to me is gameplay, plot, and enjoyment. If gameplay is crap, you probably won’t enjoy it very much…And if the plot is weak, well…Everyone likes a good plot! Even if it is overused 🙂

    As it is, if those are the actors for Sonic Free Riders, they probably (but not confirmed) are the new cast. SEGA hasn’t ever really split actors for games before…Not that I recall, anyways.

  62. @XD375: The one and only. While Rare has disappointed me for the time being I have hopes for the second best company I grew up with to make up for Rare’s failure.

  63. @Grassy

    Nope. Someone posted it on Wikipedia without a source, against their policy. This means there is no backup evidence and has not been mentioned anywhere else. Wikipedia reverted it due to it not being able to be confirmed.

    It’s still possible since they’re eligable choices, buuut it’s not likely. lol

    I actually care about all the aspects, just in a specific order as to which are more or less vital. Graphics is sorta required in order for gameplay to work. How good the graphics are is not as important as how good the gameplay is, but usually it’s easier if the graphics were at it’s best. The sound.. music and voices, well.. idk. I just like them. Tho I find the stories more interesting when they’re not SO silly, simple or short. It makes it feel like it’s not a big deal. But I don’t want a “end of the universe” kinda plot either. It’s a little TOO much. It’d be interesting if they made a really huge plot that actually took place over 3 full games (a game with 2 sequels.) I mean, Sonic 2, 3 and S&K kinda did it (well, Sonic 3 & Knuckles is kind’ve like one whole game but yeah. lol) It’d also be interesting to see one game directly continue from the previous game as they’ve yet to do so in the 3D games. =P

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