Sonic Colours DS Special Stage Revealed At Gamescom

Sonic Colours DS Special Stage Revealed At Gamescom


Thanks to MarcelloF of the SSMB, we can reveal that Special Stages and Chaos Emeralds are in the DS version of Sonic Colours. MarcelloF attended Gamescom and recorded the above footage of the Special Stage. Those who have played the original Sonic Rush on DS will be familiar with the touch screen controlled half-pipe, but this time instead of collecting rings, you are collecting certain coloured spheres.

MarcelloF has explained the Special Stage and more at the SSMB:

First of all: Sorry about the low quality and lack of sound. We we’re using the camera of my friend’s mom and we didn’t know it didn’t record sound.

As you can see I was pretty noobish at the start because I didn’t know what to do. After a bit the Nintendo rep told me I had to collect the spheres of the same colors as the top screen. The rainbow ones can be collected at any time. And then there were checkered ones, that if you collected all of them you would get a 10 sphere bonus.

I didn’t film this, because I didn’t know until we stopped filming, but you get ranked in the Special Stages.

I have some other info that I don’t have on film.

Planet Wisp is Level 4.

Sonic’s model is a bit different from the other two Rushes. He’s much darker and unlike SRA his spindash has the classic form

Thanks again to MarcelloF for this.

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  1. @ ccproject72
    Currently unknown, people who have attended Gamescom haven’t seen any sign of a Special Stage or Chaos Emeralds in the Wii version yet. Guess SEGA are keeping that under wraps for now.

  2. That looks so cool. It looks like a cross between the Speical Stages from Sonic Rush and Sonic Heroes

  3. …It looks just like Sonic 2’s special stage to me. The orbs do remind me of Heroes, thought, and I didn’t enjoy Rush enough to make it to a special stage, so I can’t make any comparisons with that. ^^

  4. That looked cool. It reminds me of Sonic Rush’s halfpipe Special Stage and those colored Power Orbs from Heroes. Too bad that the Rings are replaced. I sense a Rush/Heroes/STH2/STH3K fusion is being created…

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