Listing “Special Edition” For Sonic Colours Listing “Special Edition” For Sonic Colours

The German branch of online retailer Amazon is now listing a “Special Edition” for both versions of Sonic Colours. No information is given as to what is packaged with this edition of the game, but both versions are €10 higher than the standard versions, so we can expect at least a little something extra to justify the higher price. We’ll keep an eye open for any updates.

What would you like to see in these Special Editions? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. OH CMON. I’ve already preordered the regular version.. Darnit. Hopefully there’ll be an option to “upgrade” my order or something.

  2. I’d like to see what we get in more collector editions, like concept art etc. But my gut feeling, seeing as its being likened to a Galaxy type game, is that it’ll most likely be a money tin.

  3. Fuck D: I was thinking of importing from UK because it’s cheaper and doesn’t have the ugly USK thing..

    Cas: D:

  4. Lets see, it could be;
    A- A glossy slide cover with afew art cards (SSBB)
    B- An art booklet (The Conduit)
    C- A tin case (The Viking)
    D- A music cd or ‘making of’ dvd (Alone in the Dark 5)
    E- A small statue (Assassin’s Creed 2)
    F- All of the above [PLEEAASE!]

  5. If the German branch has a listed Special Edition, I wonder if they might plan something like this for the US? >.>;

  6. If this is true then I think Sega is already rasing the hype for this game more than one might believe. Most special edition games are used on blockbuster games such as Halo, Gears, Final Fantasy etc and if Sega think Sonic can quietly sneak into the big boys lounge then they’re kidding themselves.

    Still it’s still early days so we don’t know if it’s true. I wouldn’t mind a behind the scenes disc and a Wisp plushie though.

  7. @Zuel
    You don’t have to be huge like the Halo franchise, etc to get a special edition.
    I wouldn’t mind a special edition like a figure statue or a disc with behide the scenes footage, interviews, etc It would be a something cool to own if you’re a Sonic fan and collector

  8. It’s not like I’m gonna pre-order or get the game as soon as it comes out. xD I’ll wait for the prices to drop. Until then, I’ll just watch reviews, play at friends’ houses and see gameplay vids and cutscenes on YouTube or something. xD (What? I really want the game but I’m patient enough to save 5 or 10 bucks. xD)

    As for the special edition, unless it’s something big like characters (Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood) or something major to the plot or levels, I’ll look at vids of whatever toy or DVD it is =p

  9. @ previous replies

    I’m not saying I wouldn’t mind getting a special edition of the game (in fact if I get the game I will get the latter) but I’m just trying to point out that it is often assossiated with blockbuster games. Though, as others have pointed out there is a rise in special edition games and I am not one to deny this. Dropping by my local GAMES store I often see this to be true. It’s obviously due to a rise in the popularity of gaming and it parrarels the special editions found in the DVD releases of films.

    I’m saying it’s somewhat strange if it were true because, as far as I believe it would be a first for Sonic. It’s as if Sega is telling us it will defiently be worth paying extra for. I would of thought it best to re-establih Sonic’s name in gaming (say if Sonic Colours gains good crit and public popularity) before breaking out the special editions as a staple of the franchise.

  10. I hope they do something special for the UK this time, we never get pre-order bonuses with Sonic Games. Well there’s that hat from a while back but meh…

  11. I hope it comes to NA, including Canada! 🙁 NA completely missed out Glassic Collection’s special edition. 🙁

  12. @ Kaoz

    actually if you preordered sonic mega collection from amazon you got a free sega tshirt 🙂

  13. yosh! yet another “edition” to get!
    1. Sonic Colours
    2. Halo Reach
    3. Assasain’s Creed:Brotherhood

  14. Maybe it comes with a free dvd of another mini movie like Night of The Werehog!
    Or Sonic Figures of the Whisp

  15. @suddes: blimey, that was a long while ago then lol unless you meant the more recent classic collection.

    I’d personally like to see a figurine or Art book, or at least a poster of some sort =)

  16. There’s another special edition for me (along with Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Special Edition).

    Maybe it will have a free mini Archie Comic or something? Then again that’s probably not likely, seeing as it’s not in America, and there’s already gonna be a game adaption of Colours in StH#219 anyway.

    To me, the ultimate bonus for a special edition would be a second disc with another game on it (like a 3D remake of a previously 2D game; ala Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories).

    Or there’s the most basic; art cards or an art book, stratagy guide, a poster, or in the case of Super Mario Galaxy 2, a tutorial DVD.

    Or how about a free playable demo of Sonic 4?

  17. @ Jix Hedgehog:
    It would be nice to have a Sonic 4 demo come with the game, but both retail and downloadable Wii games never get demos. I don’t expect the situation to change for this title either.

  18. @ Shadzter : Monster Hunter Tri had a demo you could pick up if you pre-ordered it :O

    @ Will : That would make it hard, but so worth it for those who can’t get online

  19. Maybe special edition will have dewback lizards walking around instead of just sitting there and they’ll include a long lost scene where Sonic confronts Jabba the Hut.

  20. Perhaps a 7 inch Wisp plush for the Wii version and a smaller one for the DS?
    Or maybe those vinyl stickers to put on a Wii and DS? Sonic themed accessories? An art book would be nice.

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