Sonic Colours and Franchise Changing News Coming This Week

Sonic Colours and Franchise Changing News Coming This Week

You may have seen our BIG Summer of Sonic announcement which was first revealed on Radio Redux earlier this evening but those who tuned in until the end of the show will have heard ArchangelUK’s announcement of two forthcoming announcements for the week ahead. First there will be some Sonic Colours news Monday and second there will be “franchise changing news” on Thursday which won’t be particularly about the games, has nothing to do with Summer of Sonic and will be revealed exclusively on the Sonic City Blognik.

What could these announcements be? We’ll keep an eye on the Blognik and report back here, for now let the speculation begin in the comments.

UPDATE: From ArchangelUK in the comments –

I did say “franchise changing” kind of all overdramatically – Its not THAT big, though it does alter some things… you’ll just have to see what I mean. Incidentally those who’ve so far guessed are all wrong. “Sonic 4 is delayed” peeps included.

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  1. Ominous, but the last announcement that was apparently franchise-changing was… Sonic 06. But this is apparently not about the games, so I’m somewhat stumped as to what it could be. Unless of course SEGA have fired Sonic Team and will be running some kind of a competition where fans can win a spot on the team in their place.

    …Shut up, I can dream.

  2. Franchise changing? This must be something very good then, but despite that I feel terribly nervous it will gather a negative reaction with good reason.

  3. I really wish i could afford to buy a DeLorean sometimes :(.

    “Franchise changing”…giving me a heartattack here…what the hell copuld this be? New characterdesigns? Old School character design from now on?

  4. Maaaaaan, what could it be? This is going to kill me all week….it’s a looong way till Thursday folks. Too bad they don’t have both announcements on Tuesday.

  5. I hope it’s not the rumored ‘prequal’… I swear… Sonic doesn’t need one. Hm… maybe it’s kicking off the 4Kids cast? Maybe it’s a movie? A new anime? I hope it’s not a bad thing…

    By the way, where was this said at? I just went to the blognik and I didn’t see anything…

    And isn’t any news franchise changing? I know this is going to be major but seriously… poor choice of words…

  6. Despite Sonic 06’s less than desirable reception I am hoping for and expecting another traditional 3D Sonic Adventure game in celebration of Sonic’s 20th anniversary. But this has nothing to do with the games. Going on Syaming Li’s post above me I had the thought that maybe they’ll hold a competition just to bring in some lucky fans as honourary creative consultants, which would be a dream come true for me if I won that.

  7. Since it’s not to do with the games, I’m left a bit stumped as to what it would be…I’m actually in agreement with FTA, gonna go and guess a movie.

    Maybe it’s just a Sonic fan’s fantasy 😛 but time will tell. Roll on Monday and Thursday!

  8. @ Edge:
    As I said in the article, it was said on ArchangelUK’s Radio Redux show on SEGA Sonic Radio and Radio SEGA 🙂

    The news will be revealed on the Blognik on Thursday and Colours news there on Monday.

  9. Why would anyone EVER want a movie?!

    After Dragon Ball, and most recently, The Last Airbender, our favorite franchises should not be left in the hands of movie producers… *shudders in fear*

  10. It could be something like: we’re dropping all characters except Sonic, Tails and Eggman. I mean, it’d make sense from what we’ve been seeing lately. I dunno though, it sounds exciting!

  11. A movie sounds reasonable. The franchise hasn’t had a movie other than ‘Sonic the movie’ which wasn’t actually a movie but two half-hour specials put together. With the opening of Sonic Unleashed being some of the best CGI work in the world, a movie with a decent plot would make millions.

  12. I don’t give a damn about Colors release dates. Give me a new planet unveiling and I’ll worship you, SEGA.

    I’d like to see an announcement for a 20th anniv. game myself, except what would be better as a 20th game than Sonic the Hedgehog 4 episode 2, featuring Metal Sonic and Tails…? I can dream.

    Honestly though, Colors news is far more interesting to me than anything else. I love that game already.

  13. Franchise changing. Well if the last one was Sonic 06 it may be the 20th anniversary game. Although I would support a CG film.

  14. Maybe someone should look for recently registered domain names bought by SEGA. That always seems to give away some info.

  15. SonicTeam has been bought by Nintendo… Price… $5.00… all games shall then be remade with mario characters…


  16. Sonic Team closing, NOOOOOOO
    SonicTeam bought by Nintendo, NOOOOOOOOO
    Sonic Colours will be available on August, YEEEEEEEESSSS

  17. “Franchise-changing,” eh?

    Last time they promised us “huge news”, Sega gave us a simple delay for Sonic 4. And before that, it was a picture of a palm tree.

    I’m not getting my hopes up after all of Sega’s misleading hyperbole in the past.

  18. Doubt its a movie to be released in cinemas/home as theres still a massive debate in the rights issues with DIC/Disney. 20th anniversary announcement seems silly to release info around now as June 23rd this year should’ve been the perfect time as it would be a 1 year wait.
    Could be the next big SONIC game for next year a teaser now and at the TGS show more to be unveiled.

  19. Crush 40 attending the Summer of Sonic?! :Dwait…

    I hope it’s a movie, considering how good Night Of The Werehog was, not to mention the OVA is considered one the best/only good video game movies. Sonic Adventure: The Movie? Sure! Shadow The Hedgehog: The Movie? …well I’ll be sold on it, anyway. Sonic The Hedgehog (2006): The Movie? You’d need to change an effin’ LOT in order for that to work, if I like what I see… sorry, seem to be trailing off a bit.

    Maybe it’s a 20th Anniversary thing, I dunno.

  20. Just hope Disney leaves the series alone. I would hate it if they bought the franchise.

  21. I don’t know about the Sonic Colors news, but I heard that SEGA just recently held a survey asking if fans liked classic Sonic or new Sonic better, so I’m gonna have to guess that they’re going back to Sonic’s old look.

  22. WAIT…. they wouldn’t make a final adventure… you know like last game or something like that!

  23. I did say “franchise changing” kind of all overdramatically – Its not THAT big, though it does alter some things… you’ll just have to see what I mean. Incidentally those who’ve so far guessed are all wrong. “Sonic 4 is delayed” peeps included.

  24. It would be hillarious if there was no announcement at all, and they’re actually trying to see what we’d want to happen, and then make that xD.

  25. Going through the Patent & Trademark Office website reveals no new registrations from SEGA regarding Sonic.

  26. Whatever the “franchise change” is, it better be something good. To be honest: I am so sick and tired of peoples’ whining and complaining about the recent games, and I still wish they would focus on the positive aspects of life.

  27. Maybe it’s the archie characters actually being put in the games… I severely hope not since I despise archie comic’s but it would make some since with all the recent copyright crap going on… I think…

    … a new character maybe… I mean it wouldn’t be very surprising. I haven’t touched a Sonic game in almost 3 months so I suppose it’s good that I’m getting excited over something Sonic related. Thursday just seems so far awaaaaay (we wait for the daaayeyaaaay!)

  28. SONIC X! maybe i hope so please tell me its a new season of sonic X i mean 4kids already told me that japans making a new season but america wont be getting it for a while

  29. Yuji Naka’s back on the team?
    Dimp is the new Sonic Team?
    Sonic goes mute?
    Sonic series being put to rest after Sonic Colors and Sonic 4 is completed? What?!?!? D8

  30. I highly doubt it’ll be anything that big. Probably something minor. The fans shouldn’t get their hopes up for something unlikely to happen.
    But this is what I think will happen if I’m right:
    1. SEGA announces that they’ll announce something “franchise changing” for sonic.
    2. Sonic fans speculate what it’ll be and assume it’ll be what they think it is and get overly hyped.
    3. SEGA makes announcement; it’s nothing that big.
    4. Sonic fans get butthurt because they were wrong and get angry at SEGA for getting them hyped, even though it’s not SEGA’s fault for the fans interpreting their words incorrectly.

  31. @Edge Same here, I shudder ti think what it would be like to have Archie characters in the games..

    I’m out of ideas but AAUK said it’s not THAT big, so who knows?

  32. How are WE supposed to know what the franchise-changing news is gonna be?! We can’t be Silver the Hedgehog, now, can we?


    Actually, I think my bets are on an unlockable “Classic Sonic” mode in Sonic 4. I’ve just got that feeling.

  34. Franchise changing:

    *Setting is back on Mobius, freedom fighters become regulars and so do scourge and Julie su just to stick it to Ken Penders.
    *Eggman changes his name back to Robotnik.
    *Sonic carries a medallion that changes into a guitar and can shoot lasers at Robots.
    *Mario becomes a regular player in all the upcoming games.
    *Ryan Drumond returns and does the voices of every character… except Sonic who will be voiced by Jaleel White.
    *Tails turns to the dark side and joins Eggman.
    *Shadow dies… again.
    *Shadow comes back to life… again.

  35. *The Megazord from the end of Sonic Unleashed is now a permanent main playable character.

  36. Franchise changuing:

    All Sonic characters…cept for Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Metal Sonic and Eggman… Will dissapear for the rest of the upcoming games

  37. @ Andy Avenue

    If they made colors on PS3 and XBOX, it would end up being bad and bring down Sonic’s rep even more, just like how Sonic Heroes was great on GameCube and got good reviews, then when it was released on XBOX and Playstation 2, it started getting bad reviews.

  38. Maybe the revival of an old character?A new t.v. show?Heck a woman can only dream XD. @SonicToast lol at the julie-su sticking it to ken.

  39. Franchise changing:
    My guess is SA2 comming to xbox live, PSN. since they already the 1st one, it not that big of a deal…right?

  40. Ohh changing , well it was expected Sonics 20th is coming and when franchises reach 20th they change the series into a new series and there has been rumours floating around that 4kids will be replaced with all new VAs for the re-start of sonic on his 20th, it seems the rumours must be coming true since the franchise is changing lol.

    1. I hope they remove all the new characters and leave it just sonic,tails,knuckles,amy,metal sonic and Robotnik.
    2. They change Robotniks name back to Robotnik
    3. its set back in Sonics world, so no more silly pointless humans and realistic locations, sonic is a cartoon after all.
    4. 4kids are gone so no more cheesy, annoying voices, and sonic and co will finally act/be themselves again. (no offensive 4kids fans but i don’t know anyone outside that actually likes them, there too cheesy,embrassing, annoying, in short there types of voices only children will enjoy. ..Well hence the name “For” kids also there Acting portrayal is way off the characters personalities and sonic fans that still know who and what sonic is knows that)
    5. Gripping “sonic” storylines where sonic is the main lead, and Robotnik as the only villain : Sonics always been famous for his story telling until heroes onwards things went off the roots of the series and plots didn’t make sense etc, like when were chaos emeralds part of temples to put a planet back together?? Oh and biggest question why isn’t knuckles guarding the master emerald anymore??

    I know some fans would read this and go “Voices don’t matter” they do in gaming now, its not press start and play with just gameplay, we have storylines to play though, and as some game companies have said “if the characters are likable you’ll enjoy the game more because your playing someone you like” examples that Voices matter : Uncharted 2, Ratchet and clank a crack in time, Batman Arkham asylum and MGS4.
    Great acting makes the story more enjoyable which also leads to more fun while playing (Uncharted 2)Games are now interactive movies not living in the 90s where gaming was just gameplay.
    If these sonic games had no storylines or cut scenes then yeah voices wouldn’t matter one bit because you’ve got nothing to play though apart from jumping though levels.
    In short VA, storylines and characters finish off the high score for games, Galaxy 2 the characters are likable and are still the same as they were in the 2D era and there more gameplay based then storyline hence why there’s rarely any full length cut scenes with voices plus when they do there’s with text instead .

  41. Just asked on Twitter and apparently the news on Sonic Colours should be online for “about 4pm UK time”. I’m thinking we’ll get a release date and maybe a rough outline of the story.
    As for Thursday, I have not the slightest idea…

  42. @Sonic Toast
    ill admit heroes sucked for the PS2 but i didnt think it was that bad on xbox…
    sigh, well i can hope/dream lol =P

  43. I bet it’s either going to be something fantastic, or end up being something like Shadow the Hedgehog 2…. *shivers*
    But with Free Riders coming up, it’s gonna be something like “Not only are the Babylonians thieving alien genies, they’re also ninjas!!” or they’ll tell us where Jet’s wings are. I’ve been wondering that, by the way. 😐

    The ideas you guys are coming up with are either too small or waaayyyy too big. xD

  44. * They’re making a new Sonic show…. again -_-
    * A new character will be added to the growing population of neverending characters
    * They’re making a Sonic Movie. (oh please no)
    * Sonic has new friends and is getting rid of the original characters
    * Sonic lives on Mobius now
    * The games will center on a bit more 2D/3D platforming.
    * Only main characters such as Sonic Tails Amy Eggman Knuckles and Metal Sonic will appear.
    * They’re canceling the Storybook series 😀

  45. It’s Monday, it’s 4PM…


    Someone set up us the bomb!

  46. @ Andy Avenue

    Did you play Sonic Heroes on XBOX? Every time you get going fast the the game slows up and the animation gets all choppy. It frustrated me so much I quit playing after ocean palace and went back to my GameCube.

  47. Franchise News:
    *Mighty and Ray will Return
    *Robotnik will have an adopted son
    *Sonic fights Godzilla
    *Sonic Chronicles 2
    *The next Sonic Storybook game will be Sonic Grimm
    *Sonic based MMO

  48. Tails finally admits he’s female.

    What? We know it’s gonna happen eventually! <P

  49. I’ve been thinking, and I reckon it will be a character redesign, similar to the change from classic to modern.

  50. It’s not going to be a redesign. Why? Because SEGA made it very clear that the reason why Modern Sonic is going to be used in Sonic4 is for consistency since that IS the current look of Sonic. If there was going to be a redesign it would probably go into effect next year in time for the 20th Ann. Game. However more Sonic4 episodes will be coming out in 2011 in which case the game’s Sonic design would be inconsistent with the current design. It’s obvious SEGA wants Sonics current design in Sonic4 and that wouldn’t be possible unless they changed the design halfway through the game or replaced the current model last minute before Episode One is released.

  51. Sonic 4 is announced to be the start of a new continuity in which Adventure and all games after it won’t canonically occur.

    Following this, characters that have been introduced from the now-defunct games will be reintroduced with new appearance, backgrounds, and personalities, such as Shadow being rewritten as a rebellious creation of Robotnik that we will have to fight in Episode 2.
    In Episode 3, Shadow becomes playable, having joined Sonic as an ally after Sonic frees him from Robotnik’s control during their last fight.

    Rouge will be reintroduced as a bounty hunter similar to Nack, hired by Robotnik to defeat Sonic and friends once and for all. She will play a role similar to Knuckles in Sonic 3 and Knuckles, sabotaging Sonic and co’s efforts to advace through each act.
    She eventually leaves Robotnik after learning of the Chaos Emeralds, dedicating herself to collecting them before you and becoming a recurring mini-boss in the process.

    Amy will be rewritten as much less dependant on Sonic, which should stammer the fan complaints she often gets.

    More as I think of them 😀

  52. Every time someone calls Mobius a canon part of the series Sega gets a new idea for a crap Sonic game.


    But seriously. Mobius was never canon. It never was. Because the comic was never canon. And to be honest I don’t want the comics crossing over into the games and ruining everything even more. Ever since Sonic 1 Sonic has been on Christmas Island, Australia. I really wish you guys would get your facts straight. Yes. I know the English instruction book said Mobius. But that’s just it, “ENGLISH” translation, that was a mistranslation. It was the 90’s EVERYONE made mistranslations back then. Look at every single anime/game/manga from the 90’s and the translations were HORRID.

  53. A movie is very unlikely because “Sonic: The Movie” already exists in a form of an awesome anime OVA. So please, people: I see Sonic as a video game character, not a pop-culture character. Stop suggesting that Sonic should be a big budget film made by Disney or something because it’s not going to happen and that idea would never work because Sonic should never have anything to do with Disney anyway (God forbid).

    The franchise changes I am hoping for:

    Shadow and Rouge should marry each other, just to put an end to the endless Rouge pairing debate (Knuckles vs. Shadow) and to tick off those annoying Shadow fangirls who think he’s their boyfriend. This is why the Sonic fandom is so corrupted these days, and I’m tired of it.

    Tails dethrones Shadow and gets back his place as the second most popular character in the Sonic franchise (I have nothing against Shadow, but I’m a Tails fan, and Tails came first).

    Sonic 2006 gets remade for a future platform, this time all the glitches and bugs or whatever people complained about get removed, has new features that everyone would like, then the game gets renamed to Sonic Adventure 3 (which I thought would suit the game more, due to being similar to the Sonic Adventure series) and becomes the best Sonic game of all time.

    If a new Sonic show is made, it will be an anime. I’m hoping for a new season of Sonic X with appearances of characters from later Sonic games (i.e. Omega, Silver, Blaze, Marine, Storm, Jet, Wave).

    Characters from Sonic SatAM and Sonic X might make cameos in some of the games if SEGA owns the rights to those characters (Even though it might be an awesome idea to see characters like Bunnie, Lupe and Cosmo again, it may not happen due to legal issues).

    Marine the Raccoon from Sonic Rush Adventure reappears in future games. I liked her (But I wished she had a playable role or even a voice actress (since she’s one of the only Sonic characters not to have a voice, yet), or at least follow Blaze around like Tails does with Sonic), and I thought she was better then Cream for some reason (I have nothing against Cream, she’s cute, but Marine is far better for Tails then Cream, because Tails interacted with Marine more then he ever did with Cream, and Tails/Marine is a better pairing because SEGA never said anything about Tails and Cream being a couple). Some people may not like Silver, Blaze and Marine but to me they’re awesome characters and I would have no problem with them being in future games (It’s SEGA’s decision, after all). Besides, who doesn’t love an Australian accent?

    The games still have their Sonic X voice cast despite all of the haters’ complaints: They’re not all that bad, people (Even if I prefer Shadow’s and Rouge’s original voices from Sonic Adventure 2 more, I’m starting to become familiar and used to their new voices). These actors voiced characters in many anime way before they worked on Sonic X, and 4Kids has the same English dub actors and actresses as Central Park Media. If anything, I believe people hate 4Kids because of censorship, not the actors. Just because a game has voices that you don’t like does not make it bad. If you don’t like the English dub then you can always change the options and switch to the Japanese dub with English subtitles (Which I think you can in some Sonic games, but I don’t remember). The chances are the Sonic X voices might become the most familiar voices for the characters (Sonic had his same voice in Super Smash Bros. Brawl). As much as you fans want the Sonic characters to be voiced by, say, actors and actresses from those overrated Disney Afternoon shows (like some of them were in Sonic SatAM): it’s not going to happen. Get over it.

    I would have no problem with more Mario/Sonic collaborations since I enjoyed the Olympics games. Still, I think it would be cool if they make a SEGA/Nintendo crossover RPG (starring characters from franchises of both publishers/developers), but that’s just my opinion.

  54. My idea what the news could be :

    1. Sonic Adventure 3 & Sonic Rush 3
    2.A Mario & Sonic spin off series of platformers
    3.Marine getting a voice that isn`t annoying
    4.Nack , Mighty , Ray , Bean , Bark , Honey , Metal Knuckles , Tails Doll & Tiara to return in the games
    5.Eggman goes to the side of good & helps Sonic save the world only to betray when he gets close the chaos emeralds
    6. A movie for the big screen
    7. A new anime with no Chris as a main character
    8. Amy & Cream finally wearing pants
    9. The Super Emeralds return
    10. A redesign ( I actually don`t want this happen since Pac Man`s new look sucks)

  55. @Shazzo: For the Amy Rose one, that’s ALREADY DONE!

    What, you’ve not played 06? Or Unleashed?

    (What, you didn’t say you wanted her COMPLETELY independent of Sonic…)

  56. @EdwinShy
    I wouldn’t want anyone to make a Sonic movie for the big screen because the problem is that movie adaptions of video games are somewhat poor, and it just wouldn’t be good for Sonic.

  57. @ EdwinShy

    You do realize that Marine never had a voice, right? And they said it’s not that major, so the only likely thing is the Super Emeralds.

  58. alot of interesting comments, but guys it says “franchise changing” which always means there changing the game series, look at pacman his series is now changed (and tbh it sucks) but franchise changing means there going to change the series , im hoping for all new gameplay to help sonic stand out as his own series instead of being a rip-off /lazy series that’s its been the past few years (God of war/werehog, Storybook most laziest series ever, copy and paste sonic into books), 4kids finally gone, sonic having his own style like he did on the Megadrive and finally going back to his roots.

    So yeah, when it says franchise changing, it doesn’t mean “there’s a cartoon” or “there’s a movie” because if it was thous , that’s not really changing the franchise that’s just adding to the franchise lol.


    “In the early 2000s, wind was caught of lead writer Ken Penders’ alleged attempt to get an animated feature film centered around Knuckles the Echidna into development, the key studio of choice being Dreamworks SKG. His proposals were rejected (according to Penders) not out of disinterest, but due to severe legal complications regarding the copyrights to any Sonic characters developed in connection to the license by any party, which are said to essentially render the story thus far created through the intertwining roles of Japanese and American-conceived characters and concepts entirely limited to the media in which they first appeared—in this case, the Archie comic book series. (It is believed that this same snaggle is the reason for Sonic’s suspiciously unnamed home planet featured in Sonic X.)


    and the odds that elements originating from the pages of Archie, including such central elements as the Dark Legion in this case, are extremely slim due to the same set of circumstances.

    In a self-published article, Mr. Penders mentioned that the film proposed would have been an animated feature, though whether the animation would have been traditional or computer-generated is unknown.”

    Thats why, because theres so many different sonic universes out there its created alot of copyrights causing a sonic film to not happen sadly.

  60. My guesses would be; Sonic Adventure remakes, info on 20th anniversary Sonic, Sonic songs on Rock Band, Shadow the Hedgehog 2, 3rd storybook game, a new Sonic movie (even tho that idea’s been shot down), a solo Knuckles game (kinda fits with the whole not-franchise-changing-but-some-alterations thing if it goes into his past like Shadow did), Sonic Chronicles 2, Sonic X uncanceled, Sonic Storybook series actually made into TV shows, alternate gameplay for Sonic Colours (hey, it’s happened before), Sonic 4’s finished and it’s coming out FRIDAY!!!

    Could be anything…

  61. I think they’re just going to come out and say that all Sonic’s games will be built off of the Werehog night level design from this point on. It makes sense.

    I lol’d at Sonic Underground is coming back and their mother will be found.

  62. Oh man are these comments funny.
    It’s probably gonna end up being something no one would’ve wanted to hear, like when they delayed Sonic 4. But hopefully not…
    Thinking about all the wrong directions this announcement could take the franchise is terrifying.

  63. @ SonicToast

    Just because a Sonic game is released on a Nintendo system it doesn’t mean that it’s automatically good. Flawed logic is flawed.

  64. Chin up blokes! If we believe it’ll be good news, then it will be good news 😀

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