CONFIRMED: CRUSH 40 To Attend Summer of Sonic

CONFIRMED: CRUSH 40 To Attend Summer of Sonic

It’s time to go crazy kids!

It is our utmost pleasure to announce that the Summer of Sonic will play host to the legendary rock group CRUSH 40 at this years’ convention!

Both Johnny Gioeli and Jun Senoue will be joining our already incredible roster for the day, and you, the fans will have the rare opportunity to come along and meet the band members!

Johnny Gioeli is no stranger to the world of rock, and has blown away audiences for nearly twenty years with his incredible vocals, fronting acts such as Hardline and Axel Rudi Pell. Teaming up with Jun Senoue to form Sons of Angels, they later became Crush 40. Gioeli’s powering voice has become synonymous, with a huge number of Sonic the Hedgehog title tracks including Open Your Heart (Sonic Adventure), Live & Learn (Sonic Adventure 2) and I Am…All Of Me (Shadow the Hedgehog).

Jun Senoue is one of the most influential composers in the Sonic the Hedgehog universe, having worked on Sonic titles as early as 1993. Sound directing some of the most prolific soundtracks to date including the Sonic Adventure series, Sonic Heroes and Sonic & the Black Knight to mention but a few, Senoue has become infamous for his musical direction as well as his musical prowess, with his trademark guitar work becoming the staple of countless Sonic the Hedgehog titles. Not only this, Senoue is the composer for the soon-to-be-released title Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1. The double threat of Gioeli and Senoue as Crush 40 has literally redefined the music to Sonic the Hedgehog games as we know it.

Jun and Johnny will also be answering any questions you might have in a Crush 40 Q&A event on stage. They will also be available for a quick chat in the afternoon in a meet and greet session, where you can bring along your Crush 40 memorabilia to have signed!

Not only this, but we are delighted that Crush 40 will be treating Summer of Sonic fans to a very special Summer of Sonic Crush 40 performance on stage at the end of the show, playing a selection of fan-favourites that will rock you to your core!

You’re not going to want to miss this year’s convention…it truly will be way past cool!

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  1. I Came XDDD Just heard the great news on SSR from AAUK and I need a new pair of pants now XD More the reason to go SOS10 now =)

  2. This, my friends – is the coup de grace. This year’s show is going to be incredible beyond belief 🙂 Well done Adam and AAUK – the amount of work that has gone into this would weaken lesser mortals. NOW LET’S ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. u guys are just amazing, all this for FREE!!!…. cant believe it….. gob smacked…….. 😮

  4. Oh My God…..Oh My God….Oh My God…..Oh My God….please do an exclusive like Mr Bentley Jones.

  5. Congrats guys!! While I’m not the biggest Crush 40 fan (although there are a few guilty pleasures in their catalog), this big of talent helps turn this event from a small-time convention with some Sonic enthusiasts, one or two STC talents and Bentley Jones into a much bigger event. In a few years time, maybe Sega will have a booth and Takashi Iizuka, Jason Griffith, and Jamal White will be signing autographs. You’ll have to rent out a convention center instead of a hotel!! I’m going to do what I can to attend next years event for Sonic’s 20th anniversary.

  6. Great. I’m missing one of the greatest events ever to go on a family holiday. Man, am I pissed off right now.

  7. THEY’RE ACTUALLY COMING THIS YEAR?! Im in complete amazement! lol

    @Chaos Shad

    As much as I like Lee, I think he wont be going this year (after that whole ordeal with Sega and the True Colors album) but hey, he’s suprised me many times before, so I could be wrong. It would make my dream-SoS ‘perfect’ lol

  8. Pretty cool. I’m not a big fan of Crush 40 (I personally think they lost it when they strayed into metal on S&tBK… but Live Life was still pretty awesome) but I would love to see this! Unfortunately it’s a UK exclusive! Oh well!

  9. I dont wanna seem like an idiot, but how exactly do i get tickets to Summer Of Sonic? :$

    Is it basically first come first served? Cause if so, im leaving now.

    [Tickets will be available later this week – T]

    I’m there!

  11. @T’s reply to my last post.

    Is there any limit? Cause i’d really hate to miss this. Im gunna suprise my girlfriend and take her cause shes a huge! Sonic fan and i think she’d faint when she finds out.

    [There is of course a capacity limit but it is not yet confirmed. I’d imagine because of C40 attendance we will probably run out of tickets quickly, so the sooner you put down for tickets, the better – T]

  12. OH. MY. GOD..


    I am so glad that I am getting to go this year, I love Crush40! This is going to be the best thing for me this summer! Hooray!

    How are the tickets being issued by the way?

  13. @Mike: I recall seeing a YouTube video affirming that the venue can hold 1000+ people, but usually Summer of Sonic rakes in attendees in a far greater number than the site’s recommended maximum capacity states. I wouldn’t worry; you’ll doubtlessly get a ticket if you’re quick!

  14. Thats what im worried about lol, i dont think i could ever forgive myself if i wasnt able to get a ticket. Just have to keep checking i guess!

  15. Isn’t it a shame that you can’t go, eh Extat?

    Oh well, I’m sure you and I will have a wonderful, joyous time in sunny old Wales. ^_^ No TV, no internet, no games, just the serenity of the outside world. Oh frabjous day. Calooh Calay!

    Of course I’m kidding because I WANT TO SEE CRUSH 40!!!

  16. Somebody better record Crush 40’s performance for all of us unfortunates who can’t go. 🙁

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