SEGA’s Sonic Birthday Contest

SEGA’s Sonic Birthday Contest

SEGA have announced a big contest to celebrate Sonic’s 19th Birthday today in which you have the chance to win a trip for you and one friend to Tokyo, Japan, where you will stop by SEGA Japan, meet Sonic Team and be the very first people to be given some playtime with the finished build of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1. Pretty exciting huh? To take part you need to express your love for Sonic through the medium of video via YouTube, check out the full announcement including all the info you need to know below –

Everyone’s favourite blue hedgehog with attitude is turning 19, and we’d like you to help us celebrate! Take part and you could win the ultimate birthday gift – a free trip for you and a friend to Tokyo, Japan, to visit SEGA, meet the Sonic Team, and get some exclusive playtime with Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode I!

To enter, create a video showing off your love for Sonic! You could run down the street dressed as the blue hedgehog himself, paint a massive Sonic mural in your hometown, build Green Hill zone entirely out of cake, or almost anything you can come up with. Be creative, original, and entertaining! (And, of course, keep it legal!)

Once judging is complete, the top 10 entries will go live on the website and the fans themselves will vote on our winners! The prizes are amazing, the contest is huge and the excitement is high – do it to it and let’s show the world just how passionate our fans can be. Up, over, and gone!

1: You’ll need a YouTube account in order to participate. Don’t have a YouTube account? No problem – register here.

2: Your video must be hosted on YouTube and adhere to YouTube’s uploading requirements.

3: Entries will be judged on three categories, each worth 10 points total for a total of up to 30 points.
They are:
– Creativity
– Effort
– Entertainment

4: In addition, up to 5 bonus points can be awarded if your submission gets Sonic in the public eye. The more people involved, the more points awarded!

5: There is a limit of one entry per person.

6: Entrants must fill out all required submission fields in order to enter.

7: The deadline to submit your entry is Monday, July 12th at 9:00 AM Pacific time.

8: Your entry must be your own original work and only include images of people who have agreed that their image can be included. Your entry is subject to our terms and conditions and privacy policy so please read these carefully before you enter.


Aswell as the Grand Prize of the trip to SEGA Japan there will be other prizes –
2. Two first place iPod Touch prize packs!
3. 100 Random winners get free Sonic swag!

ArchangelUK of SEGA Europe informs at the Sonic City Blognik that one grand prize winner will be picked from America and another from the UK.

Head on over to the official Sonic 4 contest page to get your entry in now!

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  1. @Bonzi77: “Promotion is open to legal residents of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, who are over 13 years of age and who comply with the applicable terms and conditions (“Entrants”). We are sorry but residents of other countries may not enter this Promotion. These terms and conditions apply to all Entrants from the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.”


    I’m not shameless enough to make a video. I was more interested in the Crabmeat model on the right side of the page. <3

  2. Thank goodness I’m old enough!! I have an amazing idea! Not sure if it’ll win, and I’m sooo not giving it away, but all you people not entering, please wish me luck?
    C: super excited, it’s like a life dream of mine to go to tokyo.

  3. Although I know the chances of me winning are ridiculously low, some free Sonic stuff would be amazing too!

  4. I hope they are not biased on how many subscribers you have…I’m giving this a go though. I would do anything to meet Sonic Team.

  5. A trip to tokyo sounds interesting. I haven’t been out of town more or less my own house as of recent.

  6. There’s a picture of Sonic the Hedgehog pasta in the “Random Sonic swag” picture on the entry page. The last time I saw one of those was in ’99 or 2000. Is that really one of the prizes? o_0

  7. @ Elizabeth the Bathog
    Just checked the rules over and only UK(including Republic of Ireland) and U.S. people can enter unfortunately.

  8. Do you think an animation is allowed? I’m better with the animation than anything else.

  9. Animation will most likely be allowed. Its a youtube video after all. I’m already working on my animation cuz theres not a lot of time to get one done.

  10. @everyone excited about the Swag

    Don’t get excited about the Swag. If you read the fine print it says that third place winners receive 1 Sonic action figure and 1 Sonic T-shirt, and that’s all. It also says those 100 third place winners are chosen randomly so if that’s all you want, you can make a lousy effortless 1 minute video and have a chance of winning.

  11. Ohnoes, moar contests that belong to them UKers and USers. Why can’t SEGA show some love to those outside those regions like some certain Stadium? 🙁

  12. Well I can tell u guys I’m really serious about winning this time. I first heard about this contest since 2pm when my friend told me about it. I’ve been working non stop for 13 hours and am still working on it now.

    Afterall having only 19 days to finish a 5 minute animation won’t be easy. I’m just putting in 200% right now because i’m determined to win.

  13. Why must I be cursed with a lack of Sonic-based creativity? At least there’s ONE contest I’m probably gonna win the Grand Prize of – A Dragon Quest IX Trivia Contest. I already won a T-Shirt and the game’s Soundtrack. Hopefully, I might win a DSi WITH Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies.

  14. FTA: I was wondering the same thing. I doubt we can enter GMVs, though, and that was what I would want to do.

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