A Sonic/Shadow birthday comic me and some buds made

A Sonic/Shadow birthday comic me and some buds made

Most of you probably don’t know this, but I’m the Editor in Chief at a little up and coming Sonic web comic site called “Emerald Coast Comics“. We’re probably best known for our Sonic Eggs weekly strip, if we’re known for anything at all, but we do other things too. This is a comic we’ve been working on for the better part of two years, from early script drafting to the final upload today!

This comic was written by new, and fully penciled, from the cover to the final page, by Jetstreamx. We’ve got a load of people on inks and colors, which you can see from the credits page. We REALLY hope you guys enjoy this birthday present from us, and whether you do or not, all of us from ECC would really appreciate some feedback.

Shadow and his team are ready to get to it!

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Nuckles87 has been an editor at Sonic Stadium since 2007, and has been covering events like E3, PAX, and SDCC since 2010. An avid retro gamer, he runs a monthly stream on Twitch where he explores obscure Sonic oddities, and how aspects of the franchise have evolved over the decades.


  1. This would make a great prologue for SA3 (with a few changes of course like more varied badniks)

  2. This makes a very nice back story as to how Shadow decided to join G.U.N. The only nitpick I have is that Sonic’s little speech (while true, otherwise) is a little hokey. :/ But other than that, excellent work. I especially enjoyed the interaction between Sonic and Shadow. Pretty spot on.

    But anyway, to all those involved, great job here. Hope to see more soon.

  3. Yes. They make you explode.

    I admit, it was a little hokey, but this IS game Sonic we’re talking about ;). Duley noted though!

    And there will be more of these…actually there kinda already are XD. Not quite like this, though, and aside from the egg-cellent Sonic Eggs strips, not as good. Especially a certain thing called Sonic Pulse, but improves in future issues. Keep an eye on the site, cause I won’t be updating TSS with any further releases after this.

  4. Great comic! And it proves that Shadow always has been, and always will be, the most badass Sonic character ever.

    Also, Omega made me lol.

  5. LOL is it only me that see the Naruto like charakters? you see them behind the commander and Rouge XD

  6. I liked it. Shadow sure was an arrogant angst hole after he beat the Black Arms. I hope you do more of this sort of stuff!

  7. Ok the comic was good, however i felt it was too short and shadow changing his ideals ever so quickly, I wanted to see a little more of his journey, rather than just the other sonic characters, I wanted to see more interaction between him and other humans i guess. Because he had only ever had a relationship with 2 other humans Robotnil and maria

  8. Awesome strip, really enjoyed it, and the artwork is great. Thank you for posting this up.

  9. I think it was a great filler into how Shadow joined the GUN. my only criticism is that the commander seemed a little out of character, but other than that the art is great, well written, and the inclusion of Omega is great due to him not having that many appearances.
    Excellent work to all of those involved =D

  10. That was incredible! But Omega’s dialogue doesn’t seem, you know, robotic enough. More specifically, I can’t imagine Omega going “RRAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGGGG.” Otherwise, the character’s personalities were spot on, not to mention the art was great (with the possible exception of the Commander).

  11. The only complaint I have is that the placement of eyes needs a little work, but other than that it was great.

    I always wondered how Shadow could join up with the same organization that killed Maria and imprisoned him XD I loved the little discussion between him and Sonic. “Of course they do! Don’t my words always make sense?”
    “Not really…”

    I can imagine Shadow saying that. I can also imagine someone managing to scare Shadow by sneaking up on him and earning a whack to the face. Ha ha XD

    Keep up the good work. Nice Naruto characters in the background, by the way.

  12. Well done, the art is good and the subject matter is taken seriously, but not too seriously to where it is painful to read. Good job, folks.

  13. I’m digging the comments with some good criticism :D.

    BUT in defense of the artist, he drew much of this over a year and a half ago, and is now much more experienced. His humans in particular have improved. Hopefully he’ll get to show you guys in one of his upcoming comics on ECC. 😛

  14. WELL!……… I think its not that great….. Do you all really like it? I dont care for the story line, or writtiing, or even the art! its sloppy and i cant believe it took them 2 years! Plus its not very original, Sega already explained how shadow became a GUN member in the expert story mode on shadow the hedgehog, not that anyone plays sonic games or anything, but shadow can work with a team, SONIC HEROES!? Shadow is offered to be a part of GUN when he has dinner with the president and the generals family. Plus sonic is a douche, and not the cool kind of sonicish douche that we all love. HOWEVER, I did like how Omega tore that robot apart with oil spilling, pretty sweet. But also, I feel it wasnt planned out well, you can tell when the dialogue changes drastically. I dont mind the art changing though, everyone draws differently.

    go ahead, call me a dick, but there is such a fast simple way to make a comic, not to mention write ones own story with good flow. Im not even sure who will read this, its the sonic stadium comments, i could say donkey boner and nobody would respond. I’d like to suggest looking at some of tyson heese’s boxer hockey comics, now he makes comics very well, and fast! Also the same way I make them, whatever, I am tired of seeing myself talk! Im just gonna post something hilarious! >>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhwXtGSPAgE <<<

  15. Well done =D
    “how do you normally get off the roof?”
    *swings down*

    ahaha XD

  16. lol, no one’s gonna call you a dick, I’m happy someone like you is actually willing to come out and say these things, because it makes me think. This doesn’t mean I think your wrong on some of what you said, but I am still happy that you said it!

    Shadow’s always worked in a free structure, without the intricate command structure an organization like GUN would have in place. The story never really implied that Shadow couldn’t work with other people, or that he couldn’t follow simple orders like “destroy this” or “smash that”. We’ve seen do this stuff before, obviously. But working with an organization like GUN, which does far more then “destroy this” or “smash that”, which would have operations that would require Shadow to work in concert with dozens of other agents, it’s a whole different ball game, and I can’t imagine Shadow, especially after he saved the world in his game, having the humility to really do that. I’ve always pictured him as a character who is mostly a lone wolf; he’ll work with others to obtain simple goals or bring a few others along for the ride, but Shadow the Hedgehog’s open structure especially shows his character trait as someone who won’t always bother with following orders if he thinks his way is best.

    Now, on the GUN thing….wow, Shadow had an expert mode? And it had special cutscenes?! I didn’t really bother with any of that because the game was terrible, and expert mode usually means “UBER HARD”. In this case, I’m glad I didn’t write the planned first part for this story because it was basically meant to serve the same purpose as that dinner XD. But then, going by how you described, I’m not sure how it really conflicts with this story anyway…as it’s meant to take place after Shadow and Omega agree to join GUN. I’m gonna have to hunt down this cutscene on Youtube so I can figure it in in the future!

    As for the art…well I need you to keep in mind this is a FAN COMIC. Now, beating the writing to hell is fine, I’m only hampered by experience, and I need to learn through people like you who are willing to say bad things. But most of the artists who worked on this are not professionals. They all did it for free in their spare time. And many of them have improved immensely since they worked on this. I know for a fact that there are many fan comics out there that have better writing then this, but I also know for a fact that there are very few comics with superior art. Making a comic book with this level of art during people’s free time is a long, grueling process, and it often affects the quality of the book. There are some exceptions; like some of Sonic the Comic’s issues, but that’s basically why it typically takes them so long to get 3 5-7 page stories out. The penciler on this has improved IMMENSELY since he drew this, and many of the colorists/inkers on this have amazing looking art in their galleries.

    I read Boxer Hockey. Dude makes great stuff. But it’s different (albeit much better, because humor is much more difficult then action and drama). I’ll admit, the dialogue never did feel quite right…and I did probably sacrifice a better flow so that I could produce a shorter story. I’m trying to keep my stuff under a certain page count, so it can be made quicker, and because most comics are usually under 20 pages. Jason, the dude who does Sonic Eggs, actually recently suggested I should have added an action scene in the middle for the sake of flow, because it gets a little slow XD.

    I really don’t think my flow has improved since, either. Maybe I can gleam something from a re-read of Boxer Hockey!

  17. @Thewafflefactory:

    By all means, don’t let Nux’s opinion stand for me. I’m happy with getting a critique, however, yours is more insulting than it is a critique. For the record, I finished my pages in roughly two month, taking into account I was moving out of my dorm at the time. As for the rest, should I even bother explaining the fact that our artists actually have lives outside of fan comics, and how that even REMOTELY effects timeliness.

    Seriously, I’m glad someone actually bothered to post some form of critical response that pointed out negatives, but I’m disappointed with the poor attitude and the overall presentation.

  18. Uh, alright, guess I was speaking for myself XD. I’m trying not to scare off criticism, cause it’s hard to get on the internet.

    By the way, did a search for that Shadow cutscene. All I found was that it was a rumor sprouted from some dialogue. You ever personally seen it, waffle?

  19. Awsome. I loved it, it cheered me up and it had humor in it. I personally can’t find anything wrong with it; I mean at first I asked myself why would Shadow open up to Sonic but hey, Shadow was desperate!

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