E3 2010 Preview: Sonic Adventure XBLA

E3 2010 Preview: Sonic Adventure XBLA

Really, what is there to say about Sonic Adventure? A lot of people love it. Some people hate it. A lot of people seem to forget just how good it was and call it crappy because a successor released in 2006 was utter tripe. This game will hopefully remind them of just how good the original was.

But, more than that, this game has actually made some technical improvements over the original as well. The game itself feels a bit tighter; it’s more difficult to get caught on environments, and I have yet to fall through the floor. The overall collision detection is noticeably better, and I was only able to push myself through one of the white picket fences once. That isn’t to say the game’s collision detection is completely FLAWLESS, of course, but the bugs remaining at this point don’t seem so consequential. I’m not even able to take my short cut near the end of the level, where I shoot myself up the white ramp, move over to the right, and fling myself over to the next island. The frame no longer misses a beat either. I threw myself at enemies a couple times when I was loaded with rings, and the frame rate remained smooth, unlike in past incarnations of the game, where it would often stutter.

Yes, this whale still hates blue hedgehogs with a passion!

The game’s visuals have also seen a noticeable HD upgrade. The colors are more vibrant then they were before, and the Sonic model definitely looks like it has more polys then it does in the Gamecube version.

Overall, SA plays like the original, with minor improvements. I (stupidly) forgot to ask about wide screen, but that’s something I’ll rectify tomorrow. I don’t really think this is worth the purchase for anyone who has already experienced, at least from what I’ve seen.  The changes are there, but aside from the minor HD upgrades, they may be hard to notice. We’ll see if there is anything about this game that’ll make it worth a repurchase when it comes out later this year.

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  1. @ Crysore

    Woah, your right it does!

    Anywho, I never really liked this game that much, wasn’t too memorable for me, I don’t know why, but I just don’t find it as memorable as the likes of Heroes or 06 (yes, I liked that game). But I may give this a try if it’s 5 or 10 bucks, I’ll get it for the Xbox since I hate my Xbox and want to love it, of course, having 06 (yes I bought both physical copies and the digital one because I love that game), and this on my 20GB HDD will suck. Might as well get the new Xbox, it’s sexy!

  2. The technical improvements are a surprising treat. If the game DOES have widescreen options, it’ll definitely be a purchase for me. Even without widescreen, a trial version should give me a good idea of whether or not the fixed bugs are enough to warrant reacquiring the game. I just wish they’d’ve used the better-looking Dreamcast textures. Super Sonic looks like ass in DX… >_<

  3. @ Brianzilla2004

    I”m pretty sure the giant purple rectangle that represents a 16:9 widescreen display around the 4:3 screenshot is there for a reason. This game won’t have widescreen from the looks of it.
    And yeah, the Dreamcast version did have better textures… and a game as a whole.

  4. I wonder if they’ll fix the mouth movement and use the new voice cast to sync it up….

  5. Monty: I don’t know about that. If it were me, I’d want to preserve the memory and greatness of Deem Bristow.

  6. cant wait to play this, never had a dreamcast so only ever played it on PC, cant wait to play it with a controller XD

  7. Nice, I’ll look into this. How much do you think it’ll be up for? And is it just on XBOX Live or PSN as well?

  8. “I’m not even able to take my short cut near the end of the level, where I shoot myself up the white ramp, move over to the right, and fling myself over to the next island.”

    Are you fucking serious? That was an epic, largely legitimate shortcut and something of that nature doesn’t even make sense to “fix”.

  9. @ Zer0Star

    It’s for XBLA, PSN, and if memory serves me correctly, I think it was also announced for Steam as well.

  10. “Chao” “Chao” Give me the dreamcast version it faster ^.^ maybe it may also add Sonic Adventure 2 dreamcast version but the chao world use the Gamecude version because for Tails and Dr.Robotnik (Dr.Eggman) are the safest the raised the chao ^.^ “Chao” “Chao””Chao” “Chao””Chao” “Chao””Chao” “Chao””Chao” “Chao””Chao” “Chao””Chao” “Chao””Chao” “Chao””Chao” “Chao””Chao” “Chao””Chao” “Chao””Chao” “Chao””Chao” “Chao””Chao” “Chao””Chao” “Chao””Chao” “Chao””Chao” “Chao””Chao” “Chao””Chao” “Chao””Chao” “Chao””Chao” “Chao””Chao” “Chao””Chao” “Chao””Chao” “Chao””Chao” “Chao””Chao” “Chao””Chao” “Chao””Chao” “Chao””Chao” “Chao””Chao” “Chao””Chao” “Chao””Chao” “Chao””Chao” “Chao”

    P.S: For Sonic Adventure use Classic Chao voice they very noisy

  11. @ BlueChaos

    Really? That’s unusual to hear. I don’t think the game is as good as it’s made out to be. Back in the day, it was great, but I think that the game has not aged very well.

  12. Yeah, I never had a DC or GC, I just had a Playstation.. shame on me..
    I’ve heard it’s still fans favourite, but I can’t say anything.

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