The Spin: The Folly of the Sonic Fan

The Spin: The Folly of the Sonic Fan

It sounds totally cliche for a journalist to start a Sonic-related article in this manner, but Sonic fans like myself have understandably had plenty to moan about in this past decade. I don’t need to make a list, you know the drill. But 2006 was a long time ago. Now it’s 2010, and it seems like the fanbase at large is actively trying to pick a fight every five minutes. The target? Take your pick – Sega for not getting it, Sonic Team for losing it, Bentley Jones for having a life, Dimps for screwing up 2D (despite actually being good)… even fellow fans and fansites. It’s slightly ridiculous.

Sega’s past, present and future mistakes shouldn’t come to pass without complaints from the fanbase, sure. But I don’t believe it deserves the same level of vitriol today that it received when we all realised how cack Sonic 2006 was. It’s like instead of slapping Sega on the wrists, we’ve bound it, gagged it and invited a gimp to violently rape it every three hours.

The basic argument against blind complaining is not a new one. But recent comments surrounding Sonic the Hedgehog 4‘s “delay-but-not-really-but-it-really-is” sparked a fresh thought in my mind. Assume Sonic 4 turns out great. Will this fragmented and confused generation of fans ever accept it?

Time Is Not A Healer

I doubt it. I hope I’m wrong, but it appears that the fanbase at large has reached a point of no return, where any little announcement is fair game for baseless criticism. Rather than assessing each game by its merits and weaknesses and voicing them in a calm and collected manner, fans’ otherwise understandable disappointment of titles such as Sonic Unleashed get bogged down with pointless grudges and emotional blackmail. After all, “I’ve been a Sonic fan for fifteen thousand years, I deserved better!!1!1one.” Like, ‘OMG.’

I understand why this is the case. Sega’s missteps have been burned into each and every fan’s psyche over the years, so complaining is Priority One of a new-age Sonic fan’s list of activities. Talk someone who claims to enjoy the Sonic series, and the first thing out of his/her mouth won’t be a joyful reminisce or a discussion on favourite games or comics, but about how the upcoming game will be totally rubbish along with a fifteen-page long list supporting his/her obviously well-thought out reasoning.

Sonic 4 has been the most-complained about Sonic game during its pre-release phase – and despite countless videos being leaked all over the internet, nobody is really the wiser as to how good the game is! Apparently, the excitement of games journalists actually seeing the game being played properly with all routes explored (including myself) should be brushed aside – in favour of a low-quality, off-screen recording that shows an inexperienced player actually trying to break the game. Way to turn on the logic, guys.

Except for the ‘lol minecart’ fiasco, I think we all agree that’s got to be looked at.


Generally however, nothing will ever be good enough for the fanbase because ‘we’ are all too busy wanting Sonic to look like a 16-bit sprite instead of a fully-animated 3D model. ‘We’ are too busy wanting ‘better level design’ because the leaked video only detailed one route (and completely sucked at it). And ‘we’ are also too busy complaining about the homing attack, despite the level design more than compensating for the move (but again, the video doesn’t detail this – it’s alright, everyone thought it best to assume the worst).

Now ‘we’ are all having a go at Sega again for delaying the game to add some polish. Wait, weren’t ‘we’ all having a go at Sega yesterday for rushing the damn thing? Oh no wait, sorry, ‘we’ were having a go at the fact that ‘we’ all sat in a basement, had to wee in a bucket and stop playing Pokemon or World of Warcraft for sixteen hours because “Sega kept us waiting.” My mistake.

There are some fans angry at the fact that the delay announcement occurred with promises of a ‘blowout’ and yet more hype. I might suggest you get up, walk outside and enjoy the sunshine a little bit. This is just the way the games industry operates. Disappointing, over-hyped news happens. Maybe the company would have had something more to show if someone didn’t record the entire game and leak it for all to see? Food for thought.

Critical Highway

So detractors – what if you’re wrong? What if game critics the world over end up loving the game? What if the long lost Sonic fan, who remembers playing the Mega Drive games, picks up Sonic 4 and doesn’t notice a difference? What if, on a completely objective level, Sonic 4 is a great game? I think if that happened and you still had the same condemnations, a lot of questions would – and should – be asked about your intentions, and whether you would be happy with any kind of Sonic the Hedgehog game at all.

Now let’s answer an obvious retort from the get-go. This question could easily be flipped – what if I’m wrong? What if Sonic 4 ends up being crap, and the detractors ended up being right about how bad it looks to play? Ignoring the simple fact that I wouldn’t be ‘wrong’ because I have placed no personal or emotional stock in the final quality of a computer game, there would be no doubt of my disappointment, sure.

But you know what? Mistakes are made. Life goes on. If nothing else, the presentation and design of Sonic 4 is a step in the right direction, and that is something that final gameplay mechanics won’t change. I actually understand that the road to Sonic recovery has been long and hard for Sega, particularly as there hasn’t seemed to be many people who knows which direction to take the series lately. So if Sonic 4 is disappointing, I know there will be a long list of stuff that the team will work on and fix. And for my part, I’ll get on with my life and play some Sonic the Hedgehog 2 instead. No big hassle.

Unfortunately, I get this funny feeling that for most part, the Sonic fan has become so jaded, so critical, so full of inane commentary on blogs (oh, the irony) that he/she has transformed into something of an ‘anti-Sonic fan.’ There’s only so much you can complain about a game before you start showing yourself up, after all.

And of course, a lot of complaints in games are unique to each player (I’m not a huge fan of the Spin Dash for example – others love it) – it’s those who consistently pine for the unattainable and unreasonable that should be held to question. And until we do, the fanbase will continue to bicker and be dissatisfied. My advice? Do what I do – just chill out, remember what you loved about Sonic in the first place, and enjoy yourself. Get excited at the new shit. Get disappointed with the crap shit. But above all, just rise above the shit shit.

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  1. “Slightly ridiculous”? That’s the understatement of the century, dear chap.

  2. Agree completely, this is the most sense I’ve read from anyone since things kicked off Monday. When will the fanbase ever learn?

  3. You have my complete agreement. I’ve avoided seeing all but one of the leaked videos, which makes me hesitant to comment on the overall situation to any great degree because I have very little idea of exactly how good or bad it’s looking right now. But I fail to see how anyone, when they use their head and understand the long term consequences rather than a short sighted desire to play the game within the next two months, could really treat the delay with severe negativity. They’re making it better, they’re listening to fan opinion – something that they have NEVER done, mid-production cycle because they are trying desperately hard to make something that as many fans and critics like as possible. Given the circumstances, they’ve got no choice, and if you can’t appreciate that, then what’s the point in even paying any interest whatsoever in this project?

    I can’t stand the attitude that unless everything is perfect, then the game is shit. There’s no middle ground for some people, there’s no respecting the effort Sega are making and what they are doing right. There are things in Sonic 4 that every long term Sonic fan who’s been complaining for the last ten years should surely be happy about. Otherwise I don’t get what it is they actually want. Some things to be not so happy about, I agree, but meet them in the middle, for God’s sake. It’s impossible for them to make a game that fits any one individual’s specific requirements to the letter.

    As explained above, the road to recovery is not completed with one game. In my view, it’s been going on ever since 2007 and it’s still getting there, but how this isn’t a massive step in the right direction, and how it can’t be treated as such, is an opinion I just don’t understand.

  4. You beat me to the punch. Damn you, timezones! 😉

    That being said, I really do think this should be required reading, because the “fanbase” in their rage has pretty much lost any and all perspective. It’s pretty disheartening.

  5. God, Dreadknux you’re one awesome writer.
    However I have a different look at the situation than you.
    Fact is, the world in general thinks every Sonic game after Adventure (2) downright sucked. Some Sonic fans thought the same and left the franchise, after the Dreamcast.
    And now? Sonic 4 got announced and many of these guys come straight back, with little to no belief in their once beloved company.
    So if Sonic 4 turns out to be a good game for these guys they stay and will maybe have more trust for Sega.
    And if the game sucks for those people, they’ll just will leave the fanbase as fast as they came back.
    Either way the numbers of haters will descend, in my opinion.

    God I love this site so much, thanks for the read Dread.

  6. Also agreed. It’s too bad that the people who need to hear this the most, probably won’t read it.

  7. I feel as if Super Sonic isn’t quite good enough…
    basically, I’m asking for them to bring back Hyper forms. they were awesome in S3&K, they’ll be awesome now if done right.

  8. LOL
    Every time I said this a couple months ago, I got crucified back in the forums.
    My opinion is that, if you want to hate a game, you will hate the game, no matter how good it is. If you want to love the game, you are likely to be dissapointed.
    I don’t know why haters hate, especially their so-called “favorite” franchise.
    If you don’t like it, don’t play it. I don’t want to hear about how “the new Sonic design is a symbol of all things wrong with SEGA”.
    Its a game, I want to enjoy it, so let me enjoy it. Bitch about it someplace else.

  9. Another voice of reason. I find it hilarious that Sonic “fans” are the least receptive to any new Sonic game than just about anyone else in the world. That really says a lot.

  10. Pretty much in full agreement, here. Although some of the people who initially reacted with disappointment have calmed down and come around to the idea that this is really good news, now that the initial “shock” has worn out and their cynical reflexes aren’t in control any more.

  11. I resent that World of Warcraft statement.

    And I especially resent that Pokemon statement in the same sentence. >>>>>:|

  12. This is well written and interesting. Although the fanbase does tend to be overly critical as of late, can you really blame them? It’s hard to argue any Sonic game recently has been unfairly shot down by fans because in reality they have just not been very good. Without criticism Sega would keep releasing garbage like Sonic Unleashed despite what any young or old fan thought of it. It is the overwhelming and unanimous criticism that makes them realise things have to change!

    The game may be amazing, it may be terrible but the fact is that it is eventually going to be released in some state at the end of the day, and until then the fans are going to scrutinize it whether anyone likes it or not. While I liked your article, complaining about people complaining is unfortunately not going to accomplish much.

  13. I agree with you too, I want to discuss things and one of the fans who love to talk about parts, I think Sonic 4 looks great for it’s own merits, each game is stand alone and this title is looking to be a nice one, but then all over it’s so vicious it can be disorienting. Why avoiding Sonic 4 discussion really until it’s out.

  14. Hell yeah.

    “Fans” who do nothing but complain are just wrong in my book.

    In fact, I hereby move that fans like that be referred to as “Genesissies” from now on.

    Who’s with me?

  15. The thing is, though, that there’s no smoke without fire. Sonic fans have every right to complain if there’s a geniune problem with something. Sonic 4 had some real issues, such as broken physics, flow-breaking gimmick levels and the fact that SEGA recycled pretty much everything from the Legacy titles without making anything original apart from the (mostly) crappy soundtrack.

    That’s why SEGA is delaying the game. It was littered with problems, so they’re attending to them. The only ridiculous complainers so far are the morons who are moaning about the delay.

  16. Here is a simple fact that everyone seems to forget.

    People always talk about the ‘golden age of Sega’ as if everyone on the entire internet was once a Sega fanboy and now ‘OMG SEGA LOST IT’.

    Let me take you back to the 90’s, Shit was exactly the same… The majority of people would take any chance they could get to shit on Sega. I remember it perfectly… The only time Sega weren’t the underdog was briefly in the 16bit era.

    Now I’m supposed to believe that everyone and their mother was once a Sega fan and have suddenly all lost faith in the company and now ‘sega sux’… Not to mention, back in the day Sonic fans would become Sega fans and would then play OTHER Sega games. Today ‘Sonic suxs so SEGA sucks’ seems to be the mentality of Sonic fans. Well maybe they should actually try out some other Sega games not made by Sonic Team… There has been a ton to choose from released recently including Bayonetta, Yakuza, Valkyria Chronicles and more.

    Bottom line is the so called ex-Sega/Sonic fans are probably either talking out of their arse and were never Sega fans in the first place or Sonic fans that don’t bother to play and find out more about the rest of Sega.

    It’s a bloody sad situation and I’m really tried of it and I think one of the best places to start fixing this problem is the Sonic fanbase.


  17. Very well written Dread, it’s nice to see some sensibility in the middle of all this ruckus once in a while.

    I have my own theory on why Sonic fans always seem to be so divided, which has a lot to do with Sonic’s latest outings. You see, I always figured that due to all the different gameplay styles and designs that Sonic has gone through in recent years after his move from the classic 2D trilogy has brought in many different types of fans. For instance, there’s the fans that started with Sonic Adventure and believe that to be the ideal Sonic game, the fans who fell in love with Sonic Heroes and there’s also those that loved Sonic since Day 1 of his life.

    Bring all those fans together, and you could easily have differentiating views on that one Sonic game everyone could agree on. Try to fuse all those ideas together and you would be stuck with either a ridiculous jumble of ideas or the possibility that that kind of game just couldn’t be made due to all the ideas contradicting each other.

    So could it slightly be SEGA’s fault for all of this happening, since they’re the ones that made all these contradicting games? I don’t believe so, as Mario has been able to have this huge variety of games he and co-stars have showed up in and still have a very big support for him. (I’m not quite sure how the Mario fanbase is today, but I’m pretty sure the public still supports him quite well) It could all be just in the fans who are part of the community. After all, the fans do make up the fanbase and in the end represent what it is they’re supporting.

  18. Funny how the detractors in your report have behaved exactly like Brad Flick.

    Nice report Dread.

  19. I like the idea of Sonic 4 being delayed as long as they are truely fixing and patching up the game; they shouldn’t be afraid to make some large changes if they help make the game more fun. Enemy placement for example seems like it could use patching up from what I’ve seen on one of the later stages.

    In regards to critical response when the games released I’ll just stick with GAMEStm as they aren’t biased and not coloured by blatent favourism. I think that the fans are the biggest problem and they should understand that just because this game LOOKS like it will be a return to form doesn’t mean it will be. A game is a game and even a strong development team (which Sega haven’t seemed to have been lately) can muck up a winning formula.

  20. Fans often whine and moan about how SEGA never takes their time with Sonic games, and that’s why they suck. SEGA listens, and delays Sonic 4. What do fans do? Whine and moan about how terrible SEGA is for delaying it. This fanbase man, this fanbase. It makes me real sad. But then there are people like you Dreadknux, who make me have faith that not every Sonic fan is an over-critical raging ball of hatred.

    Love and Peace, people!

  21. Wicked piece Dread. I’m actually kinda happy that they delayed it. It breaks the vicious cycle that we as Sonic fans have suffered for a long time.

    “So if Sonic 4 is disappointing, I know there will be a long list of stuff that the team will work on and fix. And for my part, I’ll get on with my life and play some Sonic the Hedgehog 2 instead. No big hassle.”

    That line made my day lol. No matter what happens, one should never give up hope. I think that’s something the fanbase really needs to realize, IMO.

  22. Well said, Dread. I am glad for the delay, gives them more time to make it better. Though, I don’t know how good it was in the first place, so…

    Kits’Okami: I saw a few things wrong with your statement, you said “Sonic 4 HAD some real issues,” past tense? Since when did you join SEGA and play the game for yourself? Or are you one of those people who claims that if they see gameplay of it they can see all and know all about a game? Seriously, I hate it when people act like they know everything about a game from WATCHING people play it.

    …And I resent that Pokemon statement Dread XD

  23. Thankyou Dreadsy. Perspective is a wonderful word, isn’t it? It’s nice to be reminded that some people still have it. You’re right on the money.

  24. I also resent that Pokemon statement as well Dread, carry on bashing World of Warcraft thought lol.

    Putting that aside, i believe that not all Sonic fans are like that, well maybe just 10% of us aren’t like that. An interesting point is that what your describing the bad fans are match up to mine for trolls, whining about every little detail before it comes out, and possibly most of them never even played the game to see if their wrong about it.

    While i agree with them on only the fewest things, “Sonic X Elise”, Loading times ect, i actually enjoyed Sonic 06. That was the only game i played that i found faults with, but trivial faults in my books really. A shame the storyline in Sonic 06 effectively reset itself so it never happen, but do i “rage” about it, no, really, I just think “I’ve had fun” and that’s what keeps me, and possibly every other good fan happy here still. Sonic Team and SEGA may have had a bumpy road with Sonic so far, and could have dropped the series after these “failures” but their stick with it, and possible will for many years to come, just so we, the fans, can enjoy the series. The fact that Sega stuck to the series for nearly 19 years now is proof of that.

    So all you “bad” fans out there. Either zip it and enjoy the games, or go and play something else and not bother the rest of us.

  25. I agree with you so much about that, but… I always wondered what it was people didn’t like about Sonic Unleashed. It’s one of my favorite games for my 360 and I honestly don’t see anything wrong with it.

  26. These are pretty much the reasons I stopped bothering with the forum. Everybody hates everything these days. Even when they love something it turns to hate within a month.

  27. Well written piece Dread.

    It’s a pity it had to be written actually, because this sort of thing shouldn’t happen. I don’t understand how so many Sonic fans (“fan” being something you enjoy) seem to spend their time not enjoying Sonic – it’s some kind of mind bender that doesn’t make any sense to me! I simply don’t understand it – most Sonic fans I know are well minded individuals and everybody I met at SoS were wonderful.

    So who are these bitching people?

    Don’t get me wrong, I tell people it’s hard to be a Sonic fan in the last few years, because I haven’t enjoyed the games that much, but man i’m truly excited about Sonic 4. Do you know why? I’m finding myself surprised with it – i’m not actively looking out for leaked footage. When I play the game, I want to play it the way I used to play it – not knowing every single bit and piece about the game.

    Yes – there will be good games and bad games. In a way, Sonic reminds me about the band REM. REM have done brilliant albums and they’ve done pretty poor albums (though I do like Around The Sun which everybody hates…), but all-in-all, I still know why I love them. The same thing applies with Sonic. At the end of the day, we’re here because we love Sonic. I can’t blindly love everything, because I have other interests in life. I think some people should take a step back and take a good hard look at themselves, because at the end of the day i’m going to take more stock in somebody’s opinion that is calm and measured then someone going “OMFG SOniK fuKinG SUX Kunt yet Iz love SoniK”!!!

    Sorry it was so long…

  28. I’d just like to add that I’m currently addicted to Pokemon Soul Silver. 🙂

    Interesting thoughts and counter-points from all of you, it’s good to see!

  29. Hm..Well, they’re releasing the game way later than expected due the fans being very positive about the game… This is what they had to do with Sonic the hedgehog 06. I don’t really care if Sega will take more time, at least they are going to do their best.
    I seriously wish they did that with Sonic the Hedgehog 06.

  30. Maybe we should lure all the haters into the front door of SoS only to be faced with tazers and angry bees <3 problem solved. Then SoS could do a WORLD TOUR. SEGA would totaly fund this.

    But then people might complain the tazers weren't strong enough and the bees didn't move with proper physics.

    ;____; olordy.

  31. a bucket..

    Dodgy jokes aside, I agree whole heartedly.
    Sure Sonic has had some awesome games, and at the same time so really horrible ones, but they’re all Sonic, Sonic whether hes running up walls or sitting in a shiny blue car is always a win to me, and a real joy.

  32. I agree 🙂 100%

    although I did enjoy the past 3D Sonic games (yes that includes Sonic ’06).
    What makes me mad that people don’t even try the games themselves.
    I’ve had people claiming that they played a game…for ex. Sonic Unleashed.
    As soon as there is a werehog, they didn’t bother. Yet they say, “Oh I played it…it sucked.”
    Well…can they tell me at least what they didn’t like?
    their responses always comes out really vague, then come up with random hoopla that never happened…

    Also… I complained at the Sonic ‘fans’ that complained about the delay…
    If they keep saying, “Sonic 4 will suck” yet they cry that it was delayed…wait….they said it would suck…why did they care all of a sudden?
    Weren’t they the same people who complained about Sonic’s green eyes, long legs and Eggman not being called Robotnik?
    Didn’t they say they would “boycott” and purchase Sonic 1 instead?
    They are the same who were excited to see the leaks then clear their throats and say, “Oh it sucked.”
    They are the same who were excited for the game leak and been looking for it throughout the internet. They can’t find it, BAM, it sucks…

    ANYWAY…instead of repeating what you all know.
    There is one thing I do want to say to all of you ‘bad’ fans out there…


    JUST SHUT IT. Don’t ruin the game for those who really want to play it.
    You are all entitled to your ‘blind complaining’, like Dread said, and that’s fine. As long as if it isn’t my problem…actually the rest of us’ problem.
    Don’t try to be all superior just because you all played your little Genesis when you were little kids and blagh blagh blagh at the new generation of fans. No one cares if you played Sonic The Hedgehog games since ’91. Good for you? Congrats. 😕
    There is really no point of starting petitions, starting riots in front of Sega Corp., and so on. It’s a waste of time. Why?
    Because there are fans who WILL support the game. Same way they supported Sonic ’06, Shadow The Hedgehog, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic and the Black Knight and etc. Even Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2.
    yes…it’s NORMAL for a franchise to have it’s ups and downs. It’s NORMAL for franchises to go for a change (here we go again).
    Like others say, it’s how gaming industries work.
    I bet whoever reads this will chuckle (I meant the ‘bad’ fans) but whatever. Not my fault you turn Sonic into some religion (Sonic Bible lol where he lives in…Minnesota or something?) and try to force convert people into hating Sega and all… er…whatever.

    Anyway…I’m done ranting here ><;
    I am a bit disappointed that I have to wait longer 🙁
    I was excited for the game!! T_T
    but if Sega says it is needed, then I will accept it. 🙂

  33. You know what, your right. I mean if Ive said it once, Ive said it 1000 time: 85% of the fan base is screwed up with morons who dont know a good game, and 15% are playing sonic for the fun and adventure. And after you look at it, sonic stadium has brought that 15% together > > and some of the 85% worked there way in.

  34. I agree 100% with this, even if I am not so happy with the current build of Sonic 4 (I love the game, but it’s far away of being considered “one more of the classic saga” ) I still appreciate the effort DIMPS (because AFAIK only 2 members of Sonic Team are working in Sonic 4) is putting behind this game…

    Also, I am sad because I am the only one who liked the cart level. 🙁 (but I find that gif hilarious 😀 )

  35. @TheHumbleFellow

    No, it’s going to be on all available consoles/ the iPad. You can tell from the leaked video especially (which the .gif has its origins in) that it will be on the Xbox 360 – it refers to the triggers LT and RT.

    With that said, I think it’s for one Act only – not even the entire Zone. A small gimmick, at best.

  36. It is official that you read my mind, because for a while i felt,”Ya know, the world doesnt hate sonic, its just all the real fans are too busy playing sonic games to get on the internet and blog about how bad it isnt…”.

  37. Now it seems it´s not the game´s problem, is the fan´s one. Don´t make me laugh:

    The only ones above 75 are the Sonic Rush series. Do you know another thing? Sonic the Hedgehog (X360 PS3) was liked in the previews, and look how it ended. You are literally telling that we shouldn´t trust a leaked video, but you know, that´s the ONLY REAL SOURCE about how the gameplay is. And even if the player is pathetic, physics or jumps don´t break because you are bad, maybe it´s safer to assume that they aren´t as good as the classics (as Sega says, we have been waiting 16 years).

    It could be good or it could be bad, but I´m totally sure if it would have launched in Summer it would have been mediocre at best. It has been pushed not because there are many paranoid fans, but because the game needs more time.

  38. i agree i mean i realy enjoyd sonic 0’6(here in holland its sonic 0’7 XDD)even with glitches and maby sonic 4 wil suck but will always have faith in sonic since if seen a realy sad serie’s of pictures on dA about sonic and classic sonic but i mean the only ting i hate about sonic unleashed was the ting that you cud walk on the skinny ways (i suck at that thats why) but still a awesome game even with the werehog sure sonic 1 2 3 and knuckles were good games but that dosen’t mean that you dont like the 3D games and i tink more peapol tink of that (sorry for my bad english)so if sonic 4 is good im happy if it sucks im happy i will still have faith in sonic and i will enjoy the game and i have seen some pictures of super sonic in episode 2 yeah maby that was a part of the unleashed sprites what dose it matter i know its going to be good.

  39. stuhp: Well maybe the reason they’re delaying the game is because they’re taking the level out because they saw that everyone hates it.

  40. Completely agree with everything, the fanbase can’t seem to get that its just a game, but all of a sudden they have to burst out with anger when replying “THIS IZNT JUS A GAME!!11!! I WUZ TEH 1st FAN EVAR!!” anyway enjoyed reading.

  41. KMetalmind: Correct. Those games are rubbish. But you know what’s not helping? Whinging about it. Especially years after the games’ original releases.

    It’s not the fans’ problem that the games suck. But it’s the fans’ problem when they take it to heart and start bashing games before they’re even out yet; based on leaked video ‘evidence’ that doesn’t really reveal anything anyway.

    Get perspective. Go outside. Have a beer.

  42. Excellent article, Dreadknux :]

    I felt great when I saw some of my friends who barely knew that there were Sonic games on the PS2 and 3, and they when they saw the news that there’ going to be Sonic 4, they were all “wow, I used to play Sonic a lot! It’s good to see him back”.

    They might not be hardcore fans. But I’m pretty sure they’ve had the same fun back then, and are very likely to enjoy Sonic 4 much more when it’s released.

    More or less what happened to me when I saw the new Rocket Knight game. It felt so fresh, cool and… and awesome!

    But whan can I do, the Internet is a place for hate ;]

  43. @Dreadknux

    Well, I don´t think it that way, although I get your point. Personally, complaining before the game´s launch is something good. If we hadn´t complained, the game could have been launched before time (like has happened many times before) and ended the same way. The sad thing about recent Sonic games, is that with little effort and some more time, they could have ended being a lot better. I don´t want the same with Sonic 4, and the only thing I can do is complain when I see something wrong.

    Personally I´ll end up being happy with the game just by having a great gameplay in it. You know, I actually enjoyed Shadow the Hedgehog (although I would agree anytime that it´s mediocre and I can´t play through it again without quitting), and I really liked Sonic Unleashed (although again, it wasn´t as polished as it should and had some serious problems), but if there´s any chance Sonic 4 can escape the same fate, I´m all for it.

    And yeah, leaked gameplay isn´t something that just won´t change, but so far it didn´t look so promising, both in level design and core gameplay. And someone at Sega must think the same, it wouldn´t have been delayed at all if they were sure it was fine. They knew they could improve it. And if they get it right with the first episode, they won´t have any trouble doing the following episodes with the same gameplay.

    At the end, there are some people who will complain no matter what, but you know, there are many too that just want a damned good Sonic game to come out at once, and will stop complaining once that game gets released. Let´s all hope that will be Sonic 4.

  44. A very well written article Dreadknux, those are my thoughts too on how the fanbase continues to rape Sonic these days..

    The vast majority of the fanbase is so close minded and will find ANYTHING at all to complain about. I don’t get why they are so nitpicky in the first place.
    I never feel too strongly opposed to anything in the Sonic universe and I don’t know where all this hate comes from myself. Sure if you don’t like a few games or characters or whatever, that’s fair, but it’s not like you have to go around ruining it for anyone else who does.

    It’s been ages now since 06, and the fans will still go on about it like it was last week. Most of them don’t know the reason why it is the way it is. I knew it was a half finished game, but I still found whatever enjoyment I could out of it because that’s what a real fan does.

    The fact that they are already whining about whatever they can before this game is released is just hilarious. The retro fanboys who can’t pull their heads out of their asses and face facts that the classic 16bit era is behind them are the worst.

    I really feel sorry for Sega sometimes. I wish them all the best with Sonic 4.

  45. the games done. i dont why they pushed it back. heck the final level and final boss and evening ending credits with the leadup to the sequel are online.

  46. Im not gonna point a single finger at anyone, but why should we all say we agree with what this little statement says? I actually agree 100%, but just because i say that through this text means nothing. Who is to say we all just agree because the sonic stadium said it? Caz a couple of sonic 4 posts ago, and even this one, stupid complaints are out when the game is not.

    If you want a rushed game with glitches then go ahead and keep whining, but sega is actually trying, and has been. Maybe so called sonic fans are too busy bitching on the computer instead of mowing the lawn, OR WAIT, PLAYING SONIC GAMES! I love the 3d sonic games as much as the old ones, yup, even 2006 and shadow.

    Ya know what i like about sonic? His variety. Sure mario is popular, but he has been doing the same shit for years, sonic switches it up every year, and keeps up my thrill. Look at mario galaxy 2, perfect score and is the exact same as the first, even less story line. In fact, sonic has a story line to it and it still gets bashed for reasons that dont stop a sonic fan from buying the game, but the constant bickering is a lame ass shortcut to an easy answer decided for them. Its like digimon and pokemon, why did digimon have to die if digimon was better? It had a plot, it didnt need no team rocket blasting off 200000000 times to stay alive as long as it did, it just took hard work. This is just an example and my opinion, and i hate ranting, but when i come to a sonic site and look at news for a new sonic game, and everyone else who talks about how much it will suck, how can they call themselves a true sonic fan?

    I dont care if u played the old sonic games, so did everyone else! Why cant we make our own assumptions instead of following the majority peer pressure group. I agree with this article, and i also agree with what “BlueChaos” says, but just saying it does nothing for me or anyone, and neither does this article or my statement right now. Maybe i will just get one person to turn off all the media around them and “THINK”. Don’t like the next new sonic game? well heh heh heh, shove a ring around your cock, eat a shroom, and go bash your hear into bricks until coins come out, you will take rings for granted.

  47. Sonic and SEGA are not at fault for the badness of previous games. It is XBOX and Playstation. Notice, everyone loved Sonic until the games started being released on multiple platforms. Then Sonic ’06 came along, a ps3/ 360 exclusive and it’s the biggest piece of garbage in the world. I’d say if the earth were to do away with XBOX and PlayStation, Sonic would get back on top.

  48. @sonictoast Well have you tried Unleashed for the 360? It’s pretty awesome. I’d say Sega should make their own console again though.

  49. @ thewafflefactory

    “Look at mario galaxy 2, perfect score and is the exact same as the first, even less story line. In fact, sonic has a story line to it and it still gets bashed for reasons that dont stop a sonic fan from buying the game”

    Your response is so tainted with biased opinion that I couldn’t help but respond. Firstly Mario Galaxy was a masterpiece (there I said it) and it’s sequel simply refiened those qualities BUT this was not relatable to a good story. This is where Mario games differ, the story is unimportant because it is not needed; we appriciate and relate to it only as an excuse for why you are playing. That is fine even if it is shallow.

    Sonic games get bashed in reltation to story because they are generally awful, due to the fact that they try to put in a story; not guranteed to be good in any way. Mediocre acting, ridiculous growing cast, gimmicky additions have all tainted the story of Sonic, where trying to be complex has just dampened the atmosphere Simple going by the numbers doe does not result in a good narrative nor a good game. If you believe any story of a Sonic game was largely entertaining on it’s own merits then I am dissapointed.

    That said, I will wait until I play any Sonic game before I go about painting opinion, an opinion open to debate because it’s a analysis of the qualities of the game, not just the character on the box.

  50. @ProjectZuel Actually, I think Sonic Unleashed had a good story compared with most, it was solid and the voice acting had improved a great deal. The werehog was a gimmick sure, but I think it was an okay one once you got used to it. But that’s just me. They really only added that in because it would just be 8 levels of boosting otherwise.

  51. @ BlueChaos

    That’s easily debateable mate, though I’d have to rent the game again to hear the voices……….wait…..goes on youtube…..

    Nope, the voices are still pretty awful, with Chip being a huge problem, Sonic is scrapping the average, the icecream guy is lame, Tails sounds younger than ever. (shame coz the music is actually decent). Sega really needs to hire some decent voice actors and a script writer coz it seems they make this shit up on the spot; as if it was made by, say, someone who codes the game and even then it’s absurd, non-sensical and crude.

    On the Werehog, it’s true you do get used to him but it only leads to an average experience; not exactly exciting. It’s hard to have any kind of engaging narrative when the concept is not only absurd but populated with annoying characters such as Professor Pickle (plz don’t tell me anyone liked this guy). In fact it would of been better if said characters, including the Werehog were just abandoned, the story wouldn’t be great but then I could at least say it was ‘solid’.

    If I want engaging narrative I’d turn to Bioshock, Mass Effect or Final Fantasy but not a Sonic game because it is clear that Sega have gone a bit mental these days. Just concentate on the gameplay Sega and leave the narrative for an experienced action fantasy writer

  52. Well I didn’t look into the voice acting myself with such scope, I thought it was improved compared with 06, though I never analysed it that much becuase it’s not an important issue to me.
    I think Chip’s Japanese voice was better, but his english one was okay. I think Tails sounded more male this time around. Well, I have heard that 4Kids may be going bankrupt soon so that may leave the current voice actors in a questionable position. You can always listen to the Japanese voice actors anyway.

    The Werehog sometimes got annoying, but I don’t think it was the worst experience. It was more the levels and too many enemies for me.
    I thought the Professor was good enough for a supporting character. There wouldn’t really be much story to call solid if those characters were scrapped.

    If you focus too much on issues like narrative and voice acting you won’t enjoy the game as much.

  53. @ BlueChaos

    I pay attention to narrative like Sonic because it’s “in your face”. It bases the gameplay off the story basically; if the story is bad of course I’m going to notice it.

    I would of been happy with “Robotnik used the power of the emeralds to split the planet into pieces and Sonic has to collect said 7 coloured magic emeralds which have been scattered around the planet to save the day”. Something along those lines. A Werehog was never needed at all and any other stuff feels like unnessary padding, which unfotunatly extends to the gameplay.

    Sega needs to realise that less is often more and focus on the gameplay, then I can say said games could be great.

  54. I am near certain that no matter how good SEGA does it will be hated. My love for Sonic makes me enjoy myself playing any of his games, even the worst games are the best for me as long as a certain hedgehog is on screen.

    As for the “Sonic fans” who hate new games good or bad, only like the classics, and hang around just to say Sonic sucks… they will never be pleased. (I desperately hope I’m wrong) This is not to say that I think you should only by Sonic games if your loyal to the hedgehog however.

  55. No matter how fans throw an immature complaint, I will accept Sonic the Hedgehog 4 as a great game whenever it comes out. It is currently looking great so far, but I want to have a chance to play it someday.

  56. @ dirupti

    “My love for Sonic makes me enjoy myself playing any of his games, even the worst games […]”

    So your not in it for the games……..?

  57. @thewafflefactory
    I got two words for ya. A.MEN.
    Your comment is so true. I thought Black Knight was a pretty fun game, despite poeple bashing it all the time.

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