Sonic 3D Blast & Other MD Titles Coming To PC Download

Sonic 3D Blast & Other MD Titles Coming To PC Download

SEGA have today announced yet another collection of their 16 Bit library, this time in the form of SEGA Mega Drive Classics. This collection is a part of their recently announced focus on digital distribution and will be released for the PC Download market via online store Steam among others. Eleven games are currently known to be on the way with all of them releasing June 1st 2010 priced at £1.99/€2.49/ AUS$3.49, check out the list and their product pages below:
Sonic 3D Blast
Ecco the Dolphin
Golden Axe
Comix Zone
Gain Ground
Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master
Crack Down
Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi
Altered Beast
Space Harrier II

Press release

LONDON & SAN FRANCISCO (May 21st, 2010) –SEGA® Europe Ltd. and SEGA® of America, Inc. are proud to announce that a wide selection of evergreen games from the legendary SEGA Mega Drive™ platform are making their way on to PC via digital distribution.

The initial group of titles being made available consists of fan favourites such as Golden Axe™, Ecco the Dolphin™, Comix Zone™ and VectorMan™. All these classic SEGA titles will be available from £1.99/€2.49/ AUS$3.49, but for a full list of all available titles and features, please visit

“It’s exciting to be able to offer these classic games to a new audience” said Nick Pili, Network Business Director at SEGA Europe. “Delivered via our digital partners, every PC owner can now enjoy these timeless masterpieces whenever they want!”

The first set of SEGA Mega Drive games for PC are set to release 1st June on STEAM and other digital distribution networks.

Source: SEGA Europe

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  1. Good titles. Good price. Give me a nice filter and a save feature and I’ll have a great reason to buy these from Steam rather then emulate them.

  2. Why 3D Blast? That’s the one Genesis Sonic game that no one liked.

    (I actually liked it, but no one else did)

  3. The same games that are in every SEGA compilation ever, I see.

    You have many more great games than the handful of 20 you keep putting out, SEGA =P

  4. @Espy

    Well to be fair, I think pretty much every other Sega game have all appeared in at least ONE compilation at some point in it’s history.

  5. Come to think of it… People have emulators all over thier PC’s. So i’ll stick with the free stuff. But its good Sega nonthless

  6. But, but i don’t want the MD version of Sonic 3D! I want the Saturn version with the kickass soundtrack!


  7. Even better than the rather questionable game list is that 4 of these titles (possibly more) are already available in a superior form legally on the PC. The Sega CD version of Ecco the Dolphin was ported to the PC around the same time that Sonic CD was, with all of the stuff the Sega CD version had along with helpful mini-movie tutorials that were actually the history glyphs from Ecco II (which, similar to the PC port of Sonic CD, look much better than they ever did on the Sega CD), a save feature and very nicely redrawn graphics. Sonic 3D Blast was also ported to the PC pretty much intact (give or take a feature) from the Saturn version. And Golden Axe and Altered Beast can rather easily be played in their better-than-the-MD-port original arcade incarnations.
    All this news seems to do is confirm once again that Sega completely forgot that they made games both before and after the Genesis. Though it is nice to see Comix Zone getting some more love.

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