Animation: Taco-Man Game Master Sonic Episode

Animation: Taco-Man Game Master Sonic Episode

Legendary Newgrounds animator Sam T of Ebolaworld releases another installment of his Taco-man Game Master comedy animation series, this time Taco-man and the gang try to get a severely depressed Sonic back to his former glory.

Click here to watch [NSFW!]

Props to Sonic Yoda for the find!

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  1. I just saw this a few days ago. Sonic seems to be a real easy target to attack these days, mainly because of ’06, the werehog and the Black Knight. But it is still funny.

  2. Saw it a couple days ago, and still love it! ^^

    Have they tried swords?


    Then I´m out of ideas! lolz

    Oh and I thought he gave him “speed” at the end.
    Seriously would have fitted much more.
    I also didn’t know that Sonic had a cousin XD

  4. That was brilliant. Just hilarious. Really good.
    I was cracking up at the Casino Level, and the Weegee part.

  5. I just got back from a graveyard shift, it’s 6:30AM in the morning and I’m just about to hit the hay… WHEN I SAW THIS! *Ka-SHING!*

    *Elson eats a bag of white powder and goes nutty and wild and gets no sleep*

    So the lesson here kiddies? Drugs are good for you! *SHOT* XXD

    Alright, alright enough with the jokes… Wow this is refreshing! I was thoroughly entertained by this that I watched it twice in a row – it was that bloody good.

    Poor Sonic… I guess you can say that he’s faced with dark days, hope it all goes well for him soon!

    Can’t help but laugh at: *After Sonic rolls to his doom* “Is that how his leg suppose to be?”…. “Err… That’s not his leg…”

    Thanks for sharin’ this T-Bird and SonicYoda! Much appreciated! Now it’s off to bed! ZzzzzzZzzzz…..

  6. This video is sad, but true, and funny! XD now lets see if Sonic 4 will help his rep out any…..

  7. I lol’d at blast processing as an antidepressant. That and the “Have they tried swords?” part were by far my favorite bits

  8. I really didn’t find it that funny either.
    Kinda odd for me really.
    Animation was amazing still

  9. Those were some of the funniest ideas I’ve seen in a while. The only problem I had with this is that Sonic had a neck. Other than that, this was awesome.

  10. Mama Luigi :/ Nearly died with laughter. And f course you cant make a vid with mentioning his friends xDD But I did learn something, apparently I should do drugs xDDD Lesson learned.

  11. Saw this about a week ago and it’s still funny. People may complain on how easy it is to poke fun at Sonic but isn’t that the entire point? The redundent games are like a goldmine of jokes and this flash animation was hardly offensive in it’s humour.

    Kudos to the voice acting as well which was hilarious.

  12. While funny I really hate the general idea that Sonic always sucked in 3D, Sa1,2 (and in my opnion Heroes), where all freat games.

    People have been taking cracks at Sonic for years, so yeah its TOOOTALLY not getting redundant or anything.

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