Eggman In Financial Crisis Claims Latest Sonic 4 Webpage Update

Eggman In Financial Crisis Claims Latest Sonic 4 Webpage Update

It’s Thursday and it’s 7PM GMT so what does that mean? You’re right, it’s the official Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 webpage content unlock. What goodies do SEGA have in store for us this time? More in game Badnik art and Concept art? Correct again. This time it’s a “new” version of Marble Garden’s floating spiky fish thing; Bubbles. So yeah, it looks like the dude from Sonic 3 but more so. The description seemingly reveals the global recession has also hit Eggman so “budget cuts” mean some versions of the Badnik don’t even have spikes. I swear I’m not making that up. We are warned about the “Red Ones” though, which sounds like a more vicious variant. Check out the website for full sized images and hold on tight for next weeks update of, you got it, more Badnik and Concept art!

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  1. true the budget cuts mean that sonic will have to go back to advertising soap shoes to help afford episode 2

  2. Must have spent it all on the development of the Egg Carrier…or lots and lots of medical insurance.

    Hey, how does he excape from all the explosions and burning wreckage all the time?

  3. Hehe, I guess the Egg Carrier came after Sonic 4, so it seems that the Doc has survived the Financial Crisis rather well! =3

  4. Wow I can’t believe people thought the whole budget cut thing was gonna be part of the story. Honestly Sega can’t make a joke without fans taking it seriously

  5. Losing the whole Death Egg would probably put *anyone* in financial crisis. ‘Sides, this is the Eggman who didn’t even bother maintaining his badniks in Sonic CD despite having conquered an entire planet; he seems to be pretty cheap about his minions.

  6. I don’t get it.

    In the orginal games Sonic was on a totally different planet. Mobius if I recall so how the hell is Robotnik affected by the recession? I know Sega’s writing department has been dead for the last 10 years but really, what the hell?

    Well as long as I ignore the story I should be fine. Hopefully.

  7. Yeah, that wasn’t meant to be taken seriously…

    Now, actually, on the topic of badniks.
    If they are rehashing old badniks, this is the way they should be doing it, by making variants of them so it isn’t exactly the same old, same old. Maybe the red ones will be more threatening.
    And, also, I find the animation for Bubbles hilarious. XD

  8. Great; the timer reads zero, but it freezes half way through revealing the image underneath…


  9. Before commenting you guys should at least read what’s on the actual website 😀

    Well, it would be funny indeed. What next, diesel-powered badniks with better MPG numbers? XD

  10. lol I smell a starwars movie xD
    Half Buit Death Egg = Half Buit Death Star
    Sonic = Luke and Eggman=Dark Vader……Sonic I am your father *fans are shocked*
    Who the hell is lord sith. *takes off hood* BIG *faints* FROGGY. Ill destroy the universe to find you MUHAHAHAHA xD
    Hmm i wonder if I could come up with a cast…
    nah I got nothing

    xD Its funny how eggmans budget goes downhill. Coming on Episode 2:Attack of the Garbage Cans
    *runs to wii shop and buys* =D I approve xD I luv a good sonic joke.

    @ Casanov & ProjectZuel: STFU For us plz ^^ Its just some comedy. Cant we make a joke now and days without having fans take it seriously.

  11. I thought that budget-cut thing was hilarious. If you’re one of the people who actually took it seriously, there’s a fun game for you called “what does the bottom of the swimming pool smell like?”.

  12. I can take a joke, I really can but I hadn’t actually gone to the Sonic 4 site to read the whole deal – basically which part was a joke. So yeah I guess I can see Robotnik being a cheap skate.

    Alas the joke is laid out for me to see and feels like humour pumped into my bloodstream.

  13. Given his world domination plans and the recent outbreak of do-gooder heroes, I imagine Robotnik’s health insurance is through the roof!
    He hates that hedgehoOoOog.

  14. @ Lunar_Sonic96 Sod off buster if I think it’s a crap idea I’m going to say it’s a crap idea. That was EA’s excuse for C&C 3 when fans pointed out that GDI didn’t seem as advanced as they were some 20 years prior in C&C 2, I thought it was a crap excuse then and I still think that now when people say that.

  15. @Casanova

    Did you bother reading most of the other comments? Eggman’s budget cut thing is a JOKE. J-O-K-E. It’s NOT meant to be taken seriously and has nothing to do with whatever you just said.

    Back on topic, I got a good laugh from reading this. As for the actual badnik attack style, it seems pretty interesting. I don’t think I’m gonna want to make the red version mad…

  16. @Lunar_Sonic96:

    You made me think of this poster:

    Just think: with George Lucas’s knack for subtle political commentary, if the Star Wars prequels had been made just a few years later Episode III would have been about the Galactic Recession and Chancellor Palpatine’s attempts to filibuster health care reform in the Senate (because anyone who opposes socialized medicine is clearly a Sith Lord).

  17. Well, y’know, Eggman, if you didn’t keep insisting on this world-domination thing, maybe you could stay out the red. <.<
    Really, who the heck is funding this guy? Once you start seeing mechanical creatures ransacking your front yard, you have to wonder if you've made a good investment. And Lord only knows how much fuel all those various airships/spacestations are eating up.

    Of course, this could be why ol' Eggy's switch to more organic forms of wreaking havoc in recent years. Though messing around with ancient deities has worked out about as well as one would expect. 😛

  18. How much you wanna bet the red Bubbles either shoots out ots spikes or explodes like the star robots in metropolis zone?

  19. well eggman might have to go green this time becs back then he wasted his money on stuff now, his minions are cut back. good mix of diffrent badniks from the other games, i hope they use badniks from sonic cd or chaotix.

  20. Actually where does Robotnik get all the flippin steel is what I’m wondering…

    Mobius (plz say it’s set on Mobius) only has Robotnik to gather and manufacture the materials needed for his army. Wouldn’t Sonic just come along and stomp on it all before he can make any?

  21. Lol Eggman’s gotta get a good 3, 4, 5 jobs on the side…lol I kno his resume sucks!!!
    also on another note, the games didn’t take place on Mobius, that was the comics and tv shows, the games are simply South Island, West Side Island and Angel Island

  22. I very much doubt it’ll be set on Mobius, due to the fact that it was a miss-translation (even though i myself would love all Sonic games to be set on another world other than Earth)

    I love the fact that it’s not just Sonic 1 Badniks, was getting bored of those turning up.
    Also loved the joke about the credit crunch affecting production, gotta love those Sega guys =D

    As for the Badguy variants, i think they should take that approach in future games too. we had it a bit in Shadow the Hedgehog with Eggpawns and various weapons, and then there was Unleashed with swords, shields and cannons. It would certainly be more visually interesting as well as more strategic =)

  23. ProjectZuel… I hate to burst your bubble. But Mobius was never canon to begin with. Mobius was just bs made up for the comic books. Sonic has always lived in Australia on Christmas Island. This was stated in Sonic 1’s manual. May have been the Japanese manual, but it was stated.

  24. @BlazeFaia: I’m pretty sure the American manuals said the games took place on Planet Mobius. Although I realize the American manuals often took names and artwork from the American shows and comics, like calling Amy Rose “Princess Sally” and using the American Robotnik art. Still, I’m curious as to how “Christmas Island” could be mistranslated as “Planet Mobius”. Also, why the hell does Sonic live in a place called “Christmas Island”? I thought he lived on South Island?

  25. I actually ROFL’d at the ‘Recession’ quip. Guess Robotnik’s gonna back David Cameron this year, eh?!

  26. @SonicNKnux: He was born on Christmas Island but lived on South Island. Sonic’s world actually was dubbed Mobius after an interview for Sonic 2 in which Naka called the levels ‘Mobius levels’. What he meant was actually corkscrews, I think, but the translation came out as this and afterwards, the guys writing the manuals, and then the TV shows and comics, just went with it. I think even Sonic X ended up calling Sonic’s home Mobius in the English dub.

    When Sonic Adventure came out the English game continuity was scrapped and replaced with the Japanese continuity, where Sonic has always lived on Earth as a drifter. This is the official version used all over the world today.

    It’s not your fault you didn’t know, though – fans everywhere still use the name Mobius to distinguish between our world and Sonic’s; probably since, with all the anthropomorphs, the weird geography and f’ed up world order, it just really strains your suspencion of disbelief to think they’re meant to be the same place. Also, we needed something to call the Mobians, didn’t we? Since Sonic’s clearly not an Earth hedgehog. XD

    @ProjectZuel: I doubt Eggman produces basic things like nuts or bolts or gears. He probably gets them from a supplier for convenience. Same with food and junk. I’m guessing a lot of materials also come from scrap heaps (cheap, after all, or maybe he steals it quickly in order to avoid being spotted at these places).

    And I don’t think Eggman could possibly have been the only human on Mobius. He just seems to have invaded areas without much human or Mobian habitation, that’s all.

    …Wait, why are we all discussing this anyway? We’re talking about a superfast blue alien creature fighting a fat guy who builds robots for a living. It’s like being those reviewers who flipped out at Sonic being kissed by another sentient creature who had feelings for him (Elise) – they didn’t look around at the scenery and stop to realise they were talking about a game where shiny rocks have the ability to stop time and the main character has one eyeball and two pupils, and neither of which actually had as much decent explanation.

  27. I guess that’s what happens when you buy a house you can’t afford with money you don’t have from banks that weren’t paying attention.

    Rurouni Sonic: *Leaps a mile high with joy* YYYYYEEEEESSSSS!!!!!

  28. @ Umiyuri

    Unfortunatly that was the entire (well in terms of story and narrative) problem with Sonic 06 is that it went further away from the established Sonic canon and more into abserd over the top ideas; as if it was trying to be cinimatic or something. The kiss with Elise wasn’t just cliche it was part of an absurd romance story between a blue catoony hedgehog and a human princess. Weird.

    On the Sonic 4 front I’m thinking maybe Robotnik could mine the resouses in secret or something.

  29. @ Rurouni Sonic

    AND Splash Hill and E.G.G Station Zones have both been Confirmed.

    First and Last Levels, Check!

  30. @Umiyiri:

    Ah, that makes sense. A mobius is a two-dimensional sheet with only one surface, so necessarily it looks like a twisted loop and would look right at home among the topography of Sonic’s world.

    *Leaps a mile high and high-fives TheHumbleFellow* I’ve been wondering why they left out the “turn Super Sonic anywhere” mechanic ever since I got all the chaos emeralds in the first Sonic Advance.

  31. Actually, the English continuity was not “scrapped”: The plot of Sonic Adventure 2 makes a fairly large point of Eggman being the grandson of Gerald Robotnik, after all. In both the English AND Japanese versions.

  32. Is it me or is this forum branching into multiple topics and everyone’s just rambling on?

    P.S. I would REALLY like to see Coconuts, Caterkiller and Crabmeat make a triumphant return for this game. And you know what, why not SOMETHING to conect to that explains just WHEN THE HECK CD took place?

  33. Wow, complaining over a joke SEGA made? I don’t know if that’s worse than complaining over Sonic’s eye color or funnier than that.

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