Can You Beat this Bentley Jones Video Competition Entry? Part 2!

Can You Beat this Bentley Jones Video Competition Entry? Part 2!

OK, so a few weeks ago I saw an entry for the Bentley Jones So Much More Video Contest by Sonictoast that blew my hat off my head, with live action, stop motion, and a bloke dressed as Eggman. Well, today I spotted a nifty bit of art appear on BJ’s facebook page. Perousing facetube following a series of links turned up this cover of So Much more by a band called “Freen In Green”, which gives the track an Indie makeover – percussion, bass, rhythm and melody guitars, and of course some vocalz. 75% of band appear to be hiding off camera / behind hair, but I guess that’s forgiven because there’s a pretty good attempt at the solo! Anyway, this is another spiffing example of what you can do to really sweep away the competition and do something original, as well as have fun with your mateys (because it’ cool to show you have friends!). Anyway, I think this has made it onto my list of entries where “if it doesn’t place I will bear my backside in Fenwick’s window. I like to put my money where my mouth is, so Yamino, if you don’t place in the winners, I will send you a consolation prize!

Check out the video!:


Oh, and they also have an account on facebook too!

You’ve only have until Friday (5th of March 2010) to get your entries in, so if you haven’t done so yet, you’ve got a busy couple of days ahead of you! If you spot any good entries, lets us know in the comments!

[Bentley Jones Official Site]

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  1. Are we going to get any sort of confirmation when our videos have been received? I want to make sure I did everything correctly.

  2. Hi! Thanks for posting about our video, my band is really flattered! I checked out Sonictoast’s entry too thanks to this post- it’s awesome! =)

    By the way, Edwinshy and Shadowzac: I’m the artist of Sister Claire too, that’s so cool that you recognized the style. XD But I’m a GIRL. Can’t you tell by my voice?! LOL (I’m the one wearing a Gabrielle t-shirt!)

  3. He? HE?!?!? Yamino is a girl guys. Go get your eyes checked. Oh, and first prize for sure.

  4. I agree with L.E., too. Sure, that vocalist is okay for someone with no experience, but for someone in a professional band, I’d expect so much more. (LOL) She is using totally improper vocal technique. Seriously, I’d rather have my eardrums bruised by Neil Diamond vocals (yuck!) than this singing.
    But on a positive note, I do love the album art, though. If that was the only thing being considered here, I’d same they would have won.

    Sadly, though, I don’t see with my ears.

  5. I’ll give this a sideways thumb. The vocals need more work and the video itself is too plain jane. Also is the singer is a dude or a dudette? Hard to say.. *insert awkward moment here*
    Anyways sonictoast’s video is still king of the emerald hill (do ho ho) and I’m looking forward to more awesome entries to watch ^_^

  6. Thanks for the coverage, but I’m a glory hog, and I have to mention that it’s not Yamino that entered, but me, NSIYusuke/Aptiva from the forums. T’was my idea, and I arranged everything, except for the video editing, which was Yamino’s doing. xP Nyeh, and I’ve been spamming the link to this forever! But yes! We ARE NOT a professional band; We’re a ragtag bunch of people that just randomly thought to start a band not too long ago, so don’t go judging us with our 3 months of being together, as a “pro-band.”

    Anyway, Thanks for the uh… support? And yeah, YAMINO/ELENA IS A FEMALE. FEMAALEEE. xP

  7. Wow the ignorance in this fanbase is astounding, it will jizz over shitty fanfiction and Crush 40, but when a fan does something out of the norm that took a lot of effort people shit all over it. To the person complaining about this being a professional band, no this is definitely not a professional band (and don’t take that the wrong way guys) because they don’t have access to all the same facilities as a professional band would, not to mention most pros have started out somewhere and end up amazing as time goes on as they gel together to become something more than an amateur band. As for it being ear gratingly bad, fuck no, it wasn’t even close to being on that level. The singing was fairly decent. I don’t care about the people saying they don’t like it but some of the really rude comments in here are making my blood boil.

    Anyway, good on you guys for making a cover, its a unique way to enter the contest and -I- appreciate the work that went into this, as well as the work in the other entries. Its a shame you couldn’t do the full scope of what you were going to do for the video…but hey, life gets in the way. Don’t let the assholes get to you and just keep doing your thing.

  8. You can’t sh*t on us for not liking something, DesertPunk, and then be a complete and total hypocrite by bashing fanfiction and Crush 40. It’s some of our’s opinion. I appreciate that they made the attempt, but I simply find it unappealing to my ears. Mostly because of the singer, who IS ear gratingly bad, in my opinion. And the facilities part of your argument is bull; it’s not the sound QUALITY that is bad, it’s the cover itself. Music video I never even focused on, other than it didn’t keep my attention.

    So yeah, I said it perfectly right the first time, “Do Not Want”.

  9. I don’t care that you don’t like it, I said so myself. Its the manner in which you guys crap over fans who were doing something outside of the norm that not just anyone can do, and offered up a different take on a song from the franchise that otherwise will probably one day be covered by Crush 40, and when that day comes people will spaz out at how great they are for everyone lolol. Whatever. I was pissed off and gave back some of the negativity.

    This argument is pointless.

  10. I hope it doesn’t either! I imagine that probably also took ages to render out too. Rendering is a pain in the butt, but good luck in the competition!

  11. I really like the style and the talent behind this video. It kind of reminds me of the movie, “The rocker” except without the naked drummer. 🙂

  12. @Sonikkuforever – Good luck! Awesome entry!

    @Sonictoast – Why Thank you ^^ We like your entry as well! Very much win! And…HOW DO YOU KNOW THE DRUMMER WASN’T NAKED? ;D All you see is his hands. He could be!

    @Flaming – Lol. This is exactly why I have no faith in the Sonic community anymore. Baseless flaming ftw.

  13. Sure, a few folks were a bit critical, but criticism isn’t flaming. That is, as long as the criticism is directed at the work and not the individual. Then, it is constructive. I absolutely love the artwork, but the singing needs a little work. That’s one reason why I don’t watch American Idol–lack of proper vocal technique. I’ve definitely heard much worse singing, but I’ve also heard much better. No, not Barbara Streisand quality. Or even the quality found in uncredited studio vocalists. I just wish the vocals had a bit more pitch and dynamic control.

    And so I hope you take no offense from this. I wouldn’t if I was opening my work to the general public. Just understand that I would expect to see this sort of performance at a karaoke stand at Summer of Sonic–not in a TSS post claiming a possible contest finalist for a highly-exposed contest.

  14. The vocals were not horrible, but, they can be improved. But, I can obviously see effort put into the video, so good job. I like the cover art, and I liked the Sonic games behind the drummer, and the whole video is original. Hope you place in the competition!

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