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So now we’ve all thoroughly enjoyed the Sonic the Hedgehog 4 reveal, let’s explore the other thing that was launched today – the official Sonic the Hedgehog 4 website. Sega are really milking the whole ‘drip-feed’ philosophy here, and that translates well to the official website, which has loads and loads of information sections… locked out.

Yes, the plan is to open more pages over time to maintain interest. Nothing wrong with that, really – curiously, many sections come locked with a countdown timer across where you would expect the link to be. Here are the times of the supposed reveals, and the headers they come under;

  • Game Info: Friday 5th February, 11am GMT
  • Characters: Tuesday 9th February, 11am GMT
  • Concept Art: Thursday 11th February, 10am GMT
  • Multimedia: Thursday 18th February, 11am GMT

There’s also a secret regarding a fourth platform. Sonic 4 is already confirmed for WiiWare, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. What could the fourth platform (or service be)? It could very well be a PC distribution platform such as Steam, but Sega could just as easily be planning a handheld version for the PSP or something. Looks like it’s for the Apple iPhone. Who knew?

Besides the teases, everything on the website seems to be what we know already – 9/9/09 teaser trailer, badnik concept art and all. Stick with us and have a party when each of these sections get revealed – I know we’ll all be huddled around a computer until the time. Will you?

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  1. Yeah, I thought the 4th would be the iPhone. Was really hoping it was PC, but I guess that’s too lame for Sonic 4, D;.


  2. *scratches head* COULD THEY BE DEBUTING A NEW GAME SYSTEM XD Nah seriously, Its out of three things…

    a)DSi ware


    c)PSP network

    Also, it seems that website is gonna take its tool. How? BECAUSE IM GONNA BE ON IT NON STOP xD This game is gonna own.

    2010 Mario vs Sonic Match: Needlemouse Project vs. Mario Galaxy 2

  3. @ Edge

    Shut up. Wii owners are people too. Like me. Just couse the XBOX 360 hase better graphics, or something like that doesn’t mean the Wii has to be left out.

    What about Super Smash Brothers Brawl? That was one of the best games on Wii, and It beats most fighters I’ve seen anywhere, plus the graphics were superb.

    Super Mario Galaxy, now THAT was one of the best games I’ve played, period.
    2 Will ROCK.

    … I’m getting off my point.

  4. why the iPhone? why not the DSi? anyway its good to know its going to be on XBLA and If I ever get my Wii hooked up to the internet then the Wii Ware

  5. Huh, seems as if it would be a downloaded game for your console rather than a video game itself. But it doesn’t really matter now does it? Looks great can’t wait to see more.

  6. I wonder if and when all the episodes are released, would they release them on a CD like Rockstar did with Episodes from Liberty City?

    I’m really excited for this game =D

  7. Read the profile for Sonic.


    (Well, either that, or we’re getting a midquel. I shall stick to the midquel theory since I am one of those few people who liked the Babylon Rogues, Silver and Shadow.)

    Incidentally, this information means Blaze is no longer canon. You may weep now.

  8. My poor, POOR Silver the Hedgehog…First being in the most hated game in the series, and now practically written out of the canon storyline…This sucks. Doesn’t having the best theme song count for something!?

    Oh, and I’m with you Umiyuri: I liked Silver, Shadow, and the Babylon Rogues! In fact, Silver, Shadow, and Jet are my favorite characters in the whole series (unless the Archie comics count, ’cause then Elias Acorn would be up there)!!

  9. @Umiyuri
    I very much doubt SEGA would do that to us 3D fans, i’d go with the midquel theory, as it would probably fill in some holes like how he got the homing attack and stuff like that.

  10. @Umiyuri

    I agree, I love the new characters too an not all the 3D games are bad.

    I just assumed it was a midquel.

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