Sonics From Around the World

Sonics From Around the World

Just in time for the Olympics!

When I was the director of the 2007 Sonic Amateur Gaming Expo, I had a lot of objectives to meet.  The year prior, the show was a bust.  The layout was the same as it was in 2005 and only a couple games garnered the attention of everybody, one of them including the debut demo of my fangame, Sonic Nexus.

I had to attract a new audience and fangame creators to return the show to prominence.  I went balls out  on advertising, found every fangame creator at SFGHQ, Sonic Cage Dome, and YouTube, and told them to get their ass in the show.

With that ready, I needed a layout.  I went with a simple idea that changed every day.  It would be “Sonics From Around the World.”  Sonic would change costumes on the site to suit the worldly theme of the day.  I found them while cleaning out my huge “My Documents” folder and I wanted to bring them back and share them with everybody.

The art was drawn by Steven M and colored by Phoenix Gamma.

Caesar Sonic started the show, representing the Mediterranean.
Sherlock Sonic, hailing from England. His theme was adorned with the Union Jack and Big Ben.
Red Baron Sonic. Tails' Tornado got a redesign as it flew through the German skies.
Pharoah Sonic rules over his Sandopolis in Egypt.
Speed Racer Sonic represented Japan. It was a sumo wrestler at first, but I thought Speed Racer was more appropriate.
Matador Sonic is my favorite. The best bullfighter that you've ever seen!
And representing the U.S. is Colbert Sonic. His truthiness knows no bounds.

Seven worldly Sonics for seven days of community fun.  Memories…

I hope you enjoyed these, everybody.  I’ll leave you with an alternate Caesar Sonic.  Et tu Shadow?!

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  1. Nifty. I like the expression on Pharaoh Sonic. He looks pissed.

    Also requisite: *fangirl whistle* Sonic with eyeliner liek OMG *shot*

  2. Here’s my ideas-

    Irish Sonic: Leprochan (dunno how to spell lol)
    Scottish Sonic: A piper with a kilt.
    Chinese Sonic: Samuri
    Mexico: Something with a sambriro

  3. @ Sonicophage
    Correct but u also forgot to mention China is for NINJAS xD

    pacific and atlantic ocean for pirate sonic?

  4. @ Lunar_Sonic96

    Ninjas are also from Japan!

    And thank you for not making Sonic look like a Sumo wrestler.

  5. Speed Racer Sonic was pretty clever. 🙂
    As an American, I’m not loving the last one though. Stephen Colbert? Is that the best you could come up with? Not to mention that in that pose and with those spines, he really looks more like Phoenix Wright.

  6. @needsemail1: In 2007, Colbert’s show was really taking off and his sayings and mannerisms became a running joke at SFGHQ. At the time, Colbert Sonic was the shit. The website theme looked exactly like “The Colbert Report.”

  7. @needsemail1

    indeed, I am an American and I too feel proud when Sonic emulates our favorite son…simply because he doesn’t have the shiny teeth to emulate our current president, and everything would be a negative stereotype (Rapper, Taxi Driver, Surfer, Generic Blonder Person).

    My national pride fills me in my very person, even the little person! HA-HA!! Loin!

  8. @Brad Flick: I don’t understand how calling something “the s**t” is supposed to mean something good. Quite the opposite in my mind.

    Props for coming up with the “Sonic around the world” theme before Sonic Unleashed was announced. Sonic Nexus is a much better game, BTW.

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