Can You Beat this Bentley Jones Video Competition Entry?

Can You Beat this Bentley Jones Video Competition Entry?


I’ve been keeping my finger on the pulse and looking out for entries for the Bentley Jones Video Competition for So Much More…and to be honest, I wasn’t feeling it. There’s a couple of good entries out there, but I’ve seen the inside of far too many people’s bedrooms for my liking.

So after a long day of work I came home to find this, and my faith has been restored in humanity. This is amazing. THIS IS SO MUCH MORE. If this doesn’t place in the contest, I will personally send Sonictoast a prize because the amount of time that must have been spent on this is mind-boggling. You guys are my heroes today! Especially Mr. Foley; if they make a Sonic live action film I think we’ve found our Eggman…

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  1. OK, that’s a hell of a lot better than anything I could ever come up with!!

    I’d vote for that!! No question!

  2. That is simply fantastic. And it must have been so much fun to do, congrats. I’d say that definatly deserves to win!

  3. What an excellent find T.

    Major kudos to these fellas, I was entertained to the max with this entry. LMAO @ poor pancaked Chris…

    But yeah dude I’m going to see if I could get these guys on my next DJ Darkspeeds show as special guest to talk about the concept behind their entry and how they filmed it.

    And yeah I think I will probably donate my prize to them if I win – their entry was stunning.

  4. You said it deserves this win so I assumed it would be very good. And it is! The effort alone is pretty remarkable.

  5. Wow, I am so honored to get my work mentioned here on my favorite web site.

    This was about 3 weeks of work and many days of soar leg muscles.

    Thank you everyone for your support and kind words.

    @ Darkspeeds, I’d be very happy to be on your show.

  6. the stop motion animation is epic–
    lol @ Chris Thorndyke being trampled.

    The recorded live acting was kiiinda embarassing to watch though. @A@;

    Creative none-the-less.

  7. It is a hell of a lot better than mine (which to note isn’t a bedroom, it’s a cartoon!).

    I hope Sonic Toast gets in as well. Good luck to him and everyone!

  8. This is very very cool as a music video on its own… however, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen BJ say on his Twitter that, owing to copyright issues, some forms of using Sonic characters in the video counts as advertising or something like that, but there’s parts of this video that can be used and definitely deserve to be!

    If I can just get a camcorder SOMEWHERE I plan to submit something.

  9. Sonic Toast, this is the best fan video of ANY kind I’ve seen (and it’s very hard to beat those Abridged Series). If you don’t win than the judges have no taste at all.

  10. Aw crud, that means we’re disqualified already?

    Ah well I saw that coming. But then again BJ can use the winning entries and discard the ‘Sonic material’ on those entries for his offcial promo music vid.

    I don’t think you will get disqualified from winning the tangible prizes though… LOL! XD

  11. Winner!

    LOL, I almost fell off my chair when I saw Robotnik. Even his pose is the same as the good old doc. sonictoast, congrats for your video, good taste without the silly fanboy-ism we see in many other places. Again, congrats! 🙂

  12. Awesome, awesome. Thank you so much for the update Ben.

    Also – I still haven’t gotten a reply from Matt yet but if he’s up for it he’s going to show up as a special guest tomorrow Sunday 11am GMT on DJ Darkspeeds via SEGA Sonic Radio. I want to get him on board and talk about the production of this amazing video entry of theirs.

  13. I just got the confirmation email from saying that my video has been accepted. 🙂

  14. That’s for the added assurance Matt. I remember getting an e-mail from BJ 5 nights ago that my video was accepted and that it was being processed so it’s all good I guess.

    I’ve sent you another reply via Youtube regarding the guest spot on Sunday. Let me know if you’re cool with it buddy! *thumbs up* I’m heading off to bed soon since it’s nearly 6AM… XD

  15. Magnifique !

    Serouisly, with all the “singing or playing guitar in my bedroom” entries, I thought this contest will be so boring but when I see works that took so much time like this one or DKS’ one, well… So Much Creativity !

    I could be suprising at the begining with the Clark Kent wannabe becoming Human Sonic but the whole video is a pure video clip. The stop motion parts are truly impressive and big LOL for Eggman, especially the end when he’s in his eggmobile XD.

    I’m happy his entry is accepted even with the no-Sonic or SEGA related rules.

  16. @needsemail1: YES! I usually dn’t go for games like this, but YUUUSHH

    Maybe it’s my inner obsessive. *shrugs*



  17. that was awesome, i love how he made eggman dizzy instead of us any violence in the live action scene. plus the stop motion was great. few mess bits be still enjoyable. The who played as eggman was great love how his costume was from OVA and not from the sonic games. 😀
    This guy totally deserve to win!

  18. Sonictoast, there’s to many words i’d use to describe this video, so I’ll try to resume as much as posible…


    I swear I almost died of laugh/surprise/awesomeness when the cover of the cd sang! XDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!
    it was “WHOA!!” and “WHOA!!!” over and over again!!!
    in other words… ABSOLUTE WINNAH!!!!!
    U got all my votes, u deserve them, man!!

  19. It’ll be tough to beat, that’s for sure, but if I can finish this 3d animation I’m working on, I just might win…

  20. Well, this beats my idea of recording sonic footage….. He should win… BUT I WANT ASR SOO FREAKIN’ BADLY!!!!!!!

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