Sonic the Polish Pickle

Sonic the Polish Pickle

[via Destructoid]

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  1. I just found that, made an SSMB topic and I was just going to front page it but then noticed you’ve done it XD

  2. What the hell? Thats awesome

    Poland is an hour away. Maybe I’ll go buy those xD. Too bad I hate pickles >_> My Step Dad’ll eat them, though..

  3. Looks like Jet the Hawk with his beak ripped off…

    Has anybody over at SEGA heard of the word “lawsuit”?!

  4. this guy is even more kickass than “Evil the Hedgehog”
    Sega really don’t give a sh** how their mascot is used

  5. That’s even more scary than that weirdass Sonic/Tails hybrid on that Chinese toothbrush packet (Look at page three of the bootleg section on “Sonic Gear” to see for yourself)

  6. I guess this would make him an answer to all those Chimera creatures created by the Pork Army.

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