Pre-Orders for AoSTH Volume 3 DVD Now Being Taken

Pre-Orders for AoSTH Volume 3 DVD Now Being Taken

In the U.S., Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Vol. 3 is now up for pre-order over at Shout!  As mentioned in a previous post, it will only be sold online through Shout’s online store.

The price is $29.99 + S&H, and the release date is March 16, 2010.

Beyond the final 22 episodes, the set will include “Sonic Christmas Blast,” and a bonus featurette, “How To Draw Tails.”

Pre-Order AoSTH Volume 3 at Shout! Factory

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  1. In the UK, the entire 65 episode 8 DVD bumper pack is available. It’s well worth the price!!

    When I was much younger, I preferred the darker Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon, but now I’m older, this one seems a lot funnier and more enjoyable. I also liked, and supported, Sonic Underground too! *proud*

  2. Funny thing is, UK beat Shout to both releases of Sonic Underground and Adventures. I imported the Anchor Bay Sonic Underground box set a few years before Shout’s was released (and before it was announced). I also imported the Delta Adventures of Sonic after Shout’s Vol2 came out and Vol3 was considered hopeless (also own the Sonic Christmas Blast re-release by N-Circle). The problem now is, does this warrant a double dip as I already own he entire series. The reason I doubled dip for Underground is the Anchor Bay boxset is region 2 and is a pia to play as I only have on region free dvd player in the whole house. As for the Delta Adventures box set, that one is region 0 so is easier to play as 0 means region free. So, is the extra how to draw featurette really an incentive to double dip?

  3. @MilesDX

    In all depends if you care about picture and sound. The Shout! boxsets are vastly better. The Delta set, for Adventures anyway, had horrible ghosting and interlacing issues. In terms of the extras, again for Adventures, all you’ll get is a 2 min extra of Milton Knight drawing Tails, not a whole lot, but a nice addition.

    I’ll be picking this up, if only so I know I’ll be getting the best picture there is for AoStH on DVD.

  4. I bought the whole series for £16 a while back, worth every penny. 😀

    I also got the whole series of both Sonic Underground and SatAM for a tenner each, bargain!

  5. I’m so glad they are including Christmas Blast, it would be a bummer to not have it on the box set.

  6. I’ve got the UK boxset of AoSTH but the Christmas episode isn’t included. I too have Sonic Underground which is OK and SatAM which is one of my favourites.

  7. You’re forgetting about the Epic Quest for the Chaos Emeralds Saga, where Sonic tries to stop Dr. Robotnik from becoming… THE SUPREME HIGH ROBOTNIK, RULER OF THE UNIVERSE!!

    Unfortunately, I’ll have to put money into the bank, if I want that DVD Boxset, because they never sell this stuff in the stores, and I was lucky enough to find Volume 2 when I did. I just hope it’s still not too late.

    “NAH! We still got a few minutes!”

  8. As a strange person who, despite from the UK, started buying the US releases and stuck with them, I can confirm that they are not shipping to the UK =(

  9. It’s weird to think that America is still releasing volumes of Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog, when here in the UK, we’ve have the entire series boxset since about 2007/08.

  10. US AoStH DVDs > UK AoStH DVDs

    Okay, so the US took longer to come out, but the video quality and packaging is better, not to mention in total there are four bonus features: How to Draw Sonic, Tails and Robotnik plus a lengthy interview with Milton Knight.

  11. @Barry the Nomad
    But the covers for all 3 volumes have THE SAME ARTWORK (With a different background colour).

  12. Jason, it’s been that way, ever since Volume 1. They basically use the same stock artwork for the boxart. That’s why they’re not expensive enough to hold another fanart contest, like with SatAM. I mean, the last thing we’d want to see is an awesome piece of work that symbolizes the Quest for the Chaos Emeralds Saga, with Sonic and Tails in front of the Supreme High Robotnik, with representations of the past events to the side.

  13. @Will
    Did you look inside volume 2? The massive concept art shot of all the recurring characters more than makes up for the repeated covers. Besides, it’s all about the video quality and extra features 😉

  14. Also worth mentioning that the Shout! Sonic Underground DVDs also had simular box covers between the two volumes, as opposed to the cheaper NCircle releases which I tend to prefer (although I have the Shout! sets of the other DiC Sonic shows!).

    I have also seen pre-orders being taken for AoStH v3 at as well.

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