Sonic 4: Rotating Maze Special Stages Returning?

Sonic 4: Rotating Maze Special Stages Returning?

Watch the trailer over and over at this point.  Look at the video that’s coming through the squares here.  You can see the famous “rotating maze” special stage from the original Sonic the Hedgehog, but with a “Sonic 4” twist!

Brilliant?  Or lazy?  You be the judge.

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  1. That’s one thing that made the old games special. Each one had it’s own unique special stage. Now they ruined that trend…

  2. Hope thats just a bonus stage and not a special one,
    Like the pinball from sonic 3.
    The stages from sonic 1 pissed me off haha

  3. im sure for each episode they have and old special stage
    ep1- sonic spinning special stage
    ep2- sonic 2 halfpipe
    ep3- sonic 3/and knuckles orb collection
    ep-4-…….something new i suppose?
    but this is just a guess, obviously

  4. That’s a point, it could be a bonus stage like the Sonic 3 slot machine one.
    I get a feeling it’ll be the special stage though.

  5. I’d prefer a brand new special stage, but it’ll still be cool if they did take the original one and updated it a little. Either way I’m expecting to be amazed.

  6. umm…where is the Trailer? all I see is a still image of Sonic running in front of the words “in 2010 the Adventure Continues!” and there is a play icon/button in the middle of that text and I’m clicking on it and nothing is happening. So please post the trailer that you speak of.

  7. Well, it’s fair to say that I see precisely fuck all…

    … although the rotating special stages were confirmed by a recent press release, so I guess I don’t really need to see anything.

  8. I hope they have a combination of stages from Sonic 1 and 2, I was bad at the orb collecting stages in 3..

  9. That was my theory after waching the .mov file from SEGA’s FTP website, but apparantly, according to retro, sonics on a zip line if you look close at him as he’s jumping. Strange stuff. I think its this games carnival/casino zone personally.

  10. Blue Spheres was the special stages i liked. plus if you notice the ring sonic collects at the end of the trailler, he goes into the ring, he doesn’t collect it. that means he’s going into a special stage so to speak. if you get me. If you don’t, I don’t care, it’s late and i have only a vague idea of what i’m typing, i know what i’m saying but i’m having trouble saying it.

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