Notes And Warnings Regarding ASR Ryo-Forklift Pre-order Code

Notes And Warnings Regarding ASR Ryo-Forklift Pre-order Code

Alot of people in Europe will have received their copies of Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing in the post today if not tomorrow, those of you who pre-ordered the Xbox 360/PS3 versions with specific retailers e.g. in the UK GAME, Gamestation and Gameplay will have gotten their pre-order gift code to allow you to play as Ryo Hazuki in his forklift truck as his main vehicle.

I’ve received my Xbox 360 version in the post and code by e-mail so I’ve been playing as him for the past couple of hours and after my experience I thought I’d share some notes and warnings.

1. You can play as Ryo Forklift on and offline

2. Ryo forklift is treated as a seperate character so one person can be Ryo-Forklift and another as Ryo-bike, this works on and offline.

3. You’ll be given an hard time online using Ryo Forklift as barely anyone knows about this pre-order gift code, especially those in countries that didnt get this bonus so people will be accusing you of cheating and/or hacking to use your All-Star Move throughout the game but Ryo-F has his own ASM that like the other characters cant be obtained in online play. In most cases people will have a go at you over their headset, leave or cancel the session. Its been happening to me over and over for the past couple of hours, so this gift is best to be played with locally with friends and/or family.

Sorry to be a downer and this isnt me having a public rant, I just thought I should warn people and pass on the the top 2 tib-bits of info. I hope this will enlighten people who have seen Ryo-Forklift on their travels online and thought the person using him was cheating/hacking.

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  1. interesting..
    if people accused you of cheating, you really gave them a hard time following you.
    your one awesome driver then. (=

  2. E-mailed codes already released? My copy arrived today, but I’ve yet to find any of the pre-ordered codes. I’ll check later today or tomorrow. (And the game is very fun so far)

  3. This is hilarious, I hope my copy arrives soon so I can give as good as I get when these morons start moaning.

    So bloody what if the All Star Moves are not in online play, makes the game actually interesting to play then.

  4. Let me get this straight…players online quit the race just because your using a vehicle they’ve never seen before?


  5. @Eggman123
    Thanks, I’ve just given you credit in the post 😉

    @ Wil
    Yes, people complain because I’m using the Forklift throughout the race instead of the bike. They likely dont know about this pre-order code so they think I’m cheating or hacking to use Ryo’s Forklift All-Star Move throughout the race lol!

  6. Some people are like that, shame but you get it everywhere. I got my copy today, awesome game ^^, but the code wasn’t there, so I phoned gameplay about it and was told that it will be emailed out tomorrow on the actual release day.

  7. i had one race online and have had no issues over the forklift, might be an xbox thing i dont know

  8. Good point about the unknown factor (this is one of the reasons why I decided Ryo-Bike was good enough for my inner SHENMUE fan and pre-ordered from instead). Indeed, I have yet to even purchase Ryo-Bike from the Shop with my SEGA Miles… been too busy getting cool music and unlocking more tracks!

    I just have to say, though, that I adore this game thusfar! I’d been playing for all of three minutes before I burst out laughing with sheer joy: racing as Sonic the Hedgehog, I overtook Eggman and the good doctor shook his fist in rage and blurted out “Why you little…!!” It has so much more humour than the other karting franchise out there, I’m hooked already!

  9. righteo I’ve got to question it.
    How does a forklift drive that fast or even drift for that matter

  10. How is it even possible to hack something like that? God people are ignorant -_- They lose in 2nd place and automatically acuse someone for cheating.

  11. @ Will
    Ryo-bike’s All-Star Move is the forklift which gives you a speed boost and lets you bash through your opponents

    @ needsemail1
    Ryo-Forklifts All-Star Move has Ryo stomps the pedal down and gives you a speed boost and lets you smash through your opponents, so its like a power-up but is basically the same as Ryo-bike’s All-Star Move.

  12. “They triiiiied to kill me with a forklift….” XD

    It’ll be so fun to singalong to that while someone’s kicking my ass online with this thing…. lol

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