Newtron Revealed at Sonic 4 Site

Newtron Revealed at Sonic 4 Site

The official Sonic the Hedgehog 4 website has revealed Sonic 1 badnik Newtron in motion, we’ve seen him before in the leaked footage but now we have a bit of text with him and some concept art –

Newtron surprises Sonic again using optical camouflage to try and blast Sonic. He can also transform into a rocket and charge towards Sonic.

So unlike Motobug it appears he doesnt do anything new but its still cool to see him make an appearance again.

Concept art and animation at the official Sonic 4 site

Thanks to Eggman123 for the heads up!

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  1. finally i’m useful for something.
    anyway i hated this guy more than buzz bomber.
    time to have REVENGE!!

  2. Strangely enough, I think it looks better in-game than in the concept art. By the way, I don’t know if this was mentioned somewhere else, but another thing of note is that some grammar mistakes have been corrected in the site’s intro section.

  3. I never got that those things were supposed to be lizards in Sonic 1. I was like “why are there penis-shaped rockets flying towards Sonic?”

  4. Not exactly new information because of the video, but here’s a badnik I’m happy to see returning. I’m glad to that they have as many badniks per zone as Green Hill, which I think actually has a bigger variety of badniks than any other old Sonic zone.

  5. I may not have been the first to notice this, But the badnik boxes are gone. So you can’t tell how many are gonna be in the game! Sorry if tis is old news.

  6. I know Sega knows that 70-85% of all Sonic fans have seen the leaked video already and this isn’t really exciting for them haha. They need to step up their “reveal” game.

  7. I it ironic that I thought he was a useless enemy. I would run, look up at the wall. He randomly fires and flys away, and Im standing there as sonic like….wtf kind of invention is that robotnik. Hopefully this one attacks with a more accurate aim XD I wonder who else is in the game. Maybe those useless spikes the fire but u can use them as springs. Eggman should be smacked for something that useless xD

    @Dan: Do use a favor. shhh ^^

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