Take Your Cards For A Mega Drive

Take Your Cards For A Mega Drive

It’s unofficial Mega Drive day here at TSS because I say it is. That and because both Brad and I have found amusing Mega Drive related things for your viewing pleasure. His might literally move but mine can make you look like you mean business, literally.

It’s actually a Mega Drive Card Case which was spotted by the SEGA Twitter people earlier this week. Personally I think it looks great and sort of want one. If only I had any business cards to display. They are available at “Geek Stuff 4 U” and it’s just a guess but I don’t think English is the sites first language. For example, take a read of the description on their site:

“For every geek in you! Hold your business card with style thanks to the latest Banpresto Business card case, the Mega Drive 16-Bit Card Case! Separated in two compartment, one is dedicated to hold your own business card, and the other is design to keep the business card you got during business meeting.”

I swear I’m not making this up! If you want one they are up for pre order on the Geek Stuff 4 U website until January 27th. After than the expected shipping date is ‘March’. The price is ¥2,250.00 which is roughly $24.53 or £15.07 at the time of writing.

So who wants one?

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  1. That’s fun, and I was about to buy one (I’m a graphic designer) but that’s a ridiculous amount of money for a business card holder!

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