Final Needlemouse Challenge LIVE

Final Needlemouse Challenge LIVE

The week long Needlemouse challenge speeds into it’s fourth and final day with one last quest for the Sonic Community to complete. This time the battleground is on Twitter. Oh, and bad luck to any Amy and Shade fans as they became the most recent Sonic characters to be rejected as playable characters.

Once again, RubyEclipse from the SEGA America Blog was on hand to give us the down-low on our challenge.

Day 4: Twitter (Difficulty: High)

Final Goal: Reply @SEGA on Twitter with a total of 1,000 correct answers!

Bonus Point Earned if correct replies break 1,250 responses, ORif #SEGA or #Needlemouse become trending topics!

How to create trending topics:Trending Topics on twitter are words or phrases that are the most frequently written. Put a # just before the word (ex: #SEGA) to contribute to a it’s rank. You can keep on talking to your friends and updating with #Needlemouse or #SEGA, and you will continue to raise the chance that they become trending topics on the front page of twitter!

Trivia – Final Set (Remember, reply to @SEGA on Twitter!)

1: If you locked Sonic 3 onto Sonic and Knuckles, what was the largest amount of emeralds you could collect from special stages?

2: Yuji Naka is credited with much of Sonic’s history, but who is the man that actually designed Sonic?

3:  During his creation, what was the Japanese name originally given to Sonic?

This is it, everyone! The final chance to get that last bonus point, and the day for us to show the world that the power of fans can accomplish amazing things.

The contest ends in 24 hours – let’s roll!

The questions are harder, the answers needed higher but it can be done. If you’re not a member of Twitter it’s easy enough to sign up and now is the perfect time to join. It might also be an idea to ask friends and family to help out if need be, we’ve done so well it would be a shame to fall at the final hurdle. Good luck all.

PS, my money is on Shadow being in, but that is the subject for another story entirely. The TSS writers are at war over who should remain…

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  1. It’s all a long, drawn out way of saying that Sonic is the only one (though Tails and Knuckles will probably be in as well). No where does it say they have to take out two per day, that’s just the pattern that they’ve done so far, so they’ll take out the other four tomorrow, mark my words. They’re just playing with your emotions by doing it like this. 😛

  2. its Obviously that big and froggy will be rejected next
    Or maybe all characters will be rejected except sonic?

    i see the Trick 😀
    they are trying to reveal sonic as the only character and Eggman too [Seeing that Eggman not in the contest] or my other guess needle mouse Sonic’s new friend will have the appearance.

  3. I’d happily take Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Shadow. Shadow could be the ‘Knuckles’ of this game, by that I mean Knuckles circa Sonic 3. Stopping our heroes from progressing by order of G.U.N for some reason or other that you find out by playing him later.

  4. i can’t believe big is still there and especially froggy.
    Mr. Needlemouse (classic Sonic ) & Shadow will become unlockable characters IMO.

  5. My prediction is that Froggy and Needlemouse will get the axe and that Shadow and Big will remain.

    @Paul: Actually, I could see that working. It’d actually be pretty neat. I’d be even neater though if Shadow was a full fledged villain working for Eggy again. =\

  6. @Chao: Shadow’s character development says that ain’t happenin’, bub (the villain part. He might help the good Doctor if he’s doing something that to Shadow’s eyes would fulfill his promise to protect the humans, though… or if Eggy does something drastic and out of character like threatening Omega with something that he could actually pull off).

  7. @Umiyuri: I’m well aware our infamous emo-hog isn’t going to be a villain, but still, it would’ve been nice that way.

    I’m also rather sad Amy got the axe. I wanted to play as her again ala Sonic Adventure/Advance, minus the annoying robot stalker.

  8. I’m torn whether I want Shadow in or not.

    Seeing as Sonic’s name is centered right under the mysterious picture, I’m pretty sure that’s him and he’ll be the only name to remain and as everyone else said Tails, Knuckles, and Eggman aren’t included since they’ll be in.

  9. Please… keep Shadow… I wuvs him…

    On a side note, for some reason, I get the feeling Sonic will be blanked out… as in… for real… and/or Mr.Needlemouse won’t…

  10. an ultimate game like “Needlemouse” needs the Ulitmate Lifeform, i mean he’s gotta get some love back after a few months

  11. I’m seeing a huge number of people post #SEGA and #Needlemouse but an alarming lack of people posting answers to the questions, which is the other way of winning.

  12. I’m getting excited about this.
    Hmm, it’s just as likely for anyone to get scratched now.
    I think if Big and Froggy are in, it’ll be a Sonic Adventure 1 kind of game. If Shadow and Mr. Needlemouse are in, it’ll be a Shadow the Hedgehog or Sonic Heroes kind of game. OR, since Sonic’s name was supposed to be Mr. Needlemouse and since Shadow was sort of Sonic’s evil twin brother, it’ll be an adventure between the clone hedgehogs. I think I’ll prefer it this way.

  13. I know these answers.

    I think I’ll be glad if Amy doesn’t show up at all. Specially because of the annoying endings in which Sonic runs from her. I don’t like that joke much.

  14. “I think I’ll be glad if Amy doesn’t show up at all. Specially because of the annoying endings in which Sonic runs from her. I don’t like that joke much.”

    Yeah girls, let that be a lesson to you. Stalking guys isn’t funny or clever.

  15. If you read the post, you’d see that the bonus mark wasn’t achieved. So chances are, there was meant to be another name wiped off (three for the day). If they do the same again tomorrow, yeah, only Sonic.

  16. @Paul Street: Uh, I think a lot of girls know that, and hate Amy for it. (A lot of girls aren’t straight-shippers.)

  17. Straight-Shippers? Sorry I’m English, I’ve never heard of that before.

    As far as I was aware the bonus marks don’t have anything to do with the number of characters “rejected” in a day. All they go towards is the unspecified “bonus” we’ve been promised.

  18. Ok, I’m organizing an 11pm TWEET ATTACK peeps. If anyone cares to, at 11 PM all post a message @SEGA #Needlemouse #SEGA then whatever you want to fill out the word count. I’ll assume everyone reading this has already answered the questions for today too?

  19. If shadow is a playable character, and tails , knuckles not, is a new “fan” oriented game, and probably suck very much.

    I really wants the soul of a real sonic game, adventure, quest, speed but not all the time (rush series), that thing, that makes so great sonic1,2,3,k,cd.

  20. I would be so happy if Shadow was in a 2D game. It’d be awesome.

    I’m not actually bothered if it has a massive story to be honest, because Rush and Rush Adventure were excellent 2D Sonic games, and they both had really good stories (some of the best, in fact). Especially Rush Adventure, as it was good to not have Eggman as the main bad guy (although he actually was in the end, I enjoyed it not being him for most of it).

  21. @Casey:

    I agree. That’s totally fucked up.

    Amy’s practically the leading lady of the Sonic universe – HELLO! She DESERVES to be in here!

    Oh well…let me predict the next outcome: EVERYONE ELSE BUT SONIC IS REJECTED.

  22. Maybe Shadow WILL make a playable appearance. I mean, the next thing would be this: Big and Froggy get cut!

    And the storyline goes like this: A Typical fight in the struggle between Sonic and Shadow leads them to go into a Chaos Control that sends them flying into another dimension, where they meet the strangely familiar Mr. Needlemouse. And to get back to their own dimension, Sonic and Shadow, and Needlemouse have to play through 2D Stages!

    Of course, The true shocker is that Needlemouse turns out to be YOUNG SONIC, and that the dimension they’re in is actually The PAST! And Dr. Eggman decides to eradicate Needlemouse, releasing an erasing of the Sonic Multiverse! And you thought The One TRUE Shredder (Ch’rell, Oroku Saki, Duke Acureds) was crazy!

  23. @ Casey & SSV

    Why is Amy Rose so essential? She hasn’t really done anything for the franchise as a whole and her only noteworthy achievement was convincing Shadow to save the Earth in SA2. Bar that she’s a total nuciense with a annoying voice and a barmy sense of determenation.

    Maybe coz she’s pink?

    Like I said before cut Big and Froggy and the story will at least be saved from obsurdity.

  24. pleaaasse God Keep shadow from S.A.2(without out vehicles)!!!!! it’s been such a long time since he’s been in a decent game and i really really miss skating! sonic needs a rival and the only ones that are close enough to his status are shadow and knuckles. all the new people really arent necessary, they have enough classic characters already to make one of the greatest games ever created!

  25. I love that people actually get mad about characters being crossed off this list, as if any of these characters would ever be playable before Tails or Knuckles, who aren’t even listed (hint: Sonic’s the only playable character).

    It’s a joke, and I almost feel like Sega is hurting themselves by doing this, because so much of the fanbase seems to be so incredibly gullible, and quick to anger.

  26. I bet YoshiAngemon is right about the story and ProjectZuel is right about Amy! and I’m glad she’s not in it! I’d take bets Big and Froggy are next.

  27. I broke down and …. ugh.. signed up for Tw…Tw.. don’t make me say it.
    Doesn’t sound like they needed anymore help thou 🙂

  28. It’s just Sonic people… just like “Sonic and the secret Rings”… they think that’s “revolutionary”… and “clever”… but it’s not….

    I have no confidence in SEGA or Sonic Team anymore, folks….

    You know what they say; “If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself”, so stay frosty, and I’ll give you guys something to look forward to.

  29. @Jix Hedgehog: Same here. Although I feel a little guilty since I know the answers to all of these questions… Can I post them here, or would that be against the rules?

  30. Alright, I bit the bullet and joined Twitter… and found out they had all the responses they needed. Oh, well.

  31. Looks like Shadow’s in. Damnit…

    Ah well. Could still be too cool for this planet. Just have to have some confidence… Is it blind hope with these guys?

  32. Both Rush and Rush Adventure were great and the 2D bits of Unleashed were good too. I’m not expecting “Sonic 4” out of this, I just want a good Sonic experience with no stupid gimmicks and playable characters who make sense in a “Sonic” game.

  33. @ needsemail1

    You can post the answers, its not against any rules, but the contest is pretty much over.. back to wearing my shirt with the twitter bird saying nobody cares.
    Big and Froggy cut today? Bonus point goes to cutting Shadow? Guess they need him to draw in the newer fans..

  34. Obviously its going to be Sonic there no doubt about this at all.

    And what I find interesting is that Tails and Knuckles arnt even in this list.

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